Simplilearn Review (2024) Is it Really Worth Your Money?

Last Updated on June, 2024

The Simplilearn Review includes an unbiased review considering every perspective of Simplilearn, including course materials, course outline, structure, type of learning method used, accreditations, certification training, instructors, and more!

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 Overall: 4.8/5
simplilearn learning platform logo
  • Certification preparation
  • Expert instructors
  • 24/7 learning assistance
  • Career support services
  • Hands-on project experience
  • Offers a wide range of courses
Brand Information
  • Founded in 2009
  • Founder of Simplilearn is Krishna Kumar.
  • Headquarters is in Bangalore, India
  • Targets Professionals and enterprises Audience
  • Prepares for globally recognized certifications
Product Benefits
  • Improves professional skills in high-demand areas
  • Courses designed with input from industry experts
  •  Regularly updated courses to reflect the latest industry trends
  • Some courses include career support like interview prep
  • Offers the convenience of learning at your own pace and schedule

Simplilearn Summary

a screenshot of the simplilearn online learning platform homepage

Simplilearn is an online learning platform founded in 2010 in Bengaluru, India. The founder is Krishna Kumar. Simplilearn has offices across California, San Francisco, and Bangalore, India. 

Over 1 million professionals use Simplilearn to land a job, and 150+ countries train their employees. 40+ global training organizations have recognized Simplilearn as an official provider of certificate training.

How Does Simplilearn Work?

about simplilearn online learning platform

You can follow the steps to get started with Simplilearn:

  • First, complete the sign-up process (discussed below) to browse the courses. 
  • After signing up, click the “All courses” button and browse the courses. 
  • You will notice the categories of courses are displayed. Pick the right category and filter your choices. 
  • Next, start browsing the courses in the selected category. 
  • You can view each course separately to narrow down your choices.

You can also choose between the type of courses you require, such as self-paced or live classes. 

Who is Simplilearn for?

Simplilearn is one of the special online learning platforms designed for professional needs. Therefore, depending on your requirements, you will be able to decide whether Simplilearn fits you or not. 

To identify whether Simplilearn fits your requirements, check out the questions below:

  • Are you a professional or a student willing to enhance your skills to set up your professional background?
  • Do you prefer the blended learning method? (includes both videos and instructor-led training)
  • Do you want a custom package for corporate training?
  • Are you looking for a course related to technology or digital fields?
  • Do you want experience from hands-on projects?

If you have a “Yes” to any of the above questions, Simplilearn is curated for you! Now, it’s time for you to learn more about Simplilearn and start your professional journey. 

How Much Are Simplilearn Courses?

a screenshot of the simplilearn course catalog

Simplilearn courses may range between $600 to $3000. Therefore, the course’s cost depends on your chosen course type and requirements. 

You can break down the Simplilearn courses into three main categories to differentiate the cost as follows:

The content gives a brief overview, including the following details:

  • Self-Paced Learning: Self-paced learning courses start from $600. The features of this category are lifetime access to the course materials, hands-on project experience, video content, practice exams, and 24/7 learning assistance.
  • Corporate Training: The pricing of corporate training is a custom quote that must be obtained from Simplilearn. The organization can choose between online or instructor-led sessions to train the company’s employees. Therefore, the package can be customized based on the organization’s goals.
  • Blended Learning: Blended learning courses start at $800. This category includes all the features of Self-paced learning, 90 days of unlimited access to live sessions, and 180 days of unlimited access to self-paced learning. 

The live sessions are a batch of 8 to 10 sessions offered during different days of the week.

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Overview of Simplilearn’s Features 

Before finding the right course, you must understand the main Simplilearn features (discussed below).

Available Platforms

  • Criteria Assessed: Includes the types of platforms Simplilearn is available and the technical issues. 
  • Rating: 2.5/5

Simplilearn is available on a desktop, laptop, or mobile application. Thus, it makes it easy to learn the courses at your convenience. However, students have complained about the technical issues faced. These technical issues have not yet been resolved either!


  • Criteria Assessed: Includes the different variations of courses offered.
  • Rating: 2.5/5

Simplilearn offers courses under many categories, such as digital marketing, cloud computing, data analytics, project management, data science, and more! However, before enrolling, you must check the course structure, content, reviews, and quality. 


a screenshot of a skillshare certifcation
  • Criteria assessed: Includes the accreditation offered by the university or organizations. 
  • Rating: 5/5

Reputable organizations accredit Simplilearn courses. However, the accreditation organization varies based on your course type. 

Therefore, you must research the university or organization offering the accreditation before enrolling in the course. Also, make sure to find out whether the accreditation has recognition among the employers. 

Content Quality

  • Criteria assessed: Includes the quality of content and up-to-date content. 
  • Rating: 2/5

Is the Simplilearn content quality good? Well, students complain that the course contents are out of date. 

Therefore, specific courses need improvements based on the current professional changes and requirements. Make sure to go through the content thoroughly beforehand. 


  • Criteria assessed: Includes the learning methods and approaches, the course structure based on the learning method, the money-back guarantee policy, and the prevalence of a mobile application. 
  • Rating: 2/5

Simplilearn has both self-paced and blended learning methods. Therefore, you can choose the most preferred choice and get ahead. Also, these options include lifetime access and a 7-day money-back guarantee. 

However, many users complain that a refund has yet to be given. Simplilearn offers a mobile app that you can download. It makes it convenient to use from anywhere and anytime. 

Course Requirements

  • Criteria assessed: Includes the formal requirements for the courses
  • Rating: 2.5/5

The course requirements depend on the type of course you pick. Specific courses require you to have some knowledge or qualifications. However, the course expands for about 4 to 6 weeks. 

Course Structure

  • Criteria assessed: Includes the outline and the overview of the course. 
  • Rating: 2.5/5

The available course structure is well organized on the platform. 2000+ industry experts design these course structures. Therefore, the courses blend video content, live classes, real-world projects, quizzes, graded assessments, and 24/7 learning assistance.

Ease of Use

  • Criteria assessed: Includes ease of interface use, course access, and registration process. 
  • Rating: 2/5

Simplilearn offers an overall user-friendly interface. However, when browsing and picking a course, the user interface may need to be more apparent. Therefore, choosing the right online course may take a lot of work. 

You can easily open a Simplilearn account in just a few steps. All you need to do is add your name, email, phone number, and password, and there you go! Apart from that, you can also sign in via your LinkedIn account.

Free Courses

a screenshot of academy solutions by simplilearn
  • Criteria assessed: Includes whether free courses are offered. 
  • Rating: N/A

Simplilearn doesn’t offer any free courses. Therefore, go for it if you are ready to pay and learn!


  • Criteria assessed: Includes the instructors’ type, experience, and expertise. 
  • Rating: 3/5

There are more than 2000+ industry experts and instructors teaching Simplilearn. Therefore, the courses are taught by well-experienced individuals.


  • Criteria assessed: Includes the languages offered, translations, and subtitles. 
  • Rating: 2/5

Simplilearn is only available in English language and without subtitles. But, their courses are available across 176+ countries. We’ll hope Simplilearn expands its languages and introduces subtitles. 

Payments and Refunds

  • Criteria assessed: Includes the type of payments, convenience of payments, and the refund policy. 
  • Rating: 3/5

Simplilearn accepts payments from Credit and Debit cards and PayPal. If you use debit cards, you can pay with Visa or Mastercard. 

Simplilearn offers a 7-day money-back guarantee policy. However, there are some considerations for this policy. A refund would not be given if the user had accessed more than 25% of the content or downloaded the e-book. 

Therefore, there are transparency issues here, as when users ask for a refund, Simplilearn refuses to pay if the conditions are unmet. 

Quizzes and Tests

  • Criteria assessed: Includes the quizzes and type of tests
  • Rating: 3/5

Since Simplilearn offers a blended learning method, they have quizzes and tests for practice. Some tests are considered as final official exams and graded. 


  • Criteria assessed: Include the cooperation of the support team, assistance, and convenience
  • Rating: 2/5

There are both ups and downs in Simplilearn customer support. The users claim that they always call and inquire. This may be irritating for some individuals. Their regular phone calls had also happened with individuals who had yet to sign up for courses. 

Therefore, it could also be a marketing approach. However, many users find it frustrating and prefer email communications. 

Overall Rating

  • Criteria assessed: Includes the assessment of all the above-discussed criteria and considering the past student’s feedback and analysis
  • Rating: 3/5

Even though Simplilearn offers many technology-based courses in high demand, such as machine learning, digital marketing, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and more, most course fees are expensive. 

Also, this online platform has few positive reviews compared to other platforms such as Coursera and Skillshare. 

However, it is one of the best platforms for professional development. But do your thorough analysis before enrolling in any of the courses. 

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How to Open a Simplilearn Account?

You can follow the below steps to open a Simplilearn account:

a screenshot of the simplilearn log in option
a screenshot of the simplilearn sign up window

The content gives a brief overview, including the following details:

  • Open a new browser and visit the Simplilearn official website ( 
  • Next, click the “Sign up now” button. 
  • You will be directed to a form to fill out your details, such as full name, email, phone number, and password. Once you enter them, you can sign up and enjoy your learning journey. 
  • Alternatively, you can log in through your LinkedIn account and sign up for Simplilearn. 

What Are the Most Popular Simplilearn Courses?

The following are some of the most popular courses Simplilearn is known for:

  • CISSP Certification: It is a course for IT architecture, design, and building professionals. The course instructor is Dean Pompilio, who has 20+ IT certifications and is an industry expert. The course covers the best industry practices in this field. 
  • Certified ScrumMaster (CSM): It is a course focusing on polishing up the knowledge of the Scrum methodology, techniques, use cases, and their implementations. The course is conducted by an experienced trainer with 20+ years of work experience. It is also certified by the Scrum Alliance. 
  • Machine Learning: It is a course covering machine learning concepts, real-time data, algorithms, and the ways to use Python to make predictions based on data sets. This course includes instructor-led training, professional certification, and four real-life industry projects. Therefore, the course molds the individual into an expert with all the essential skills to ace this field. 
  • Project management professional (PMP): It is a course that includes PM practices, core competencies, business strategies, covers trends, emerging practices, and more! The course instructor is Tim Jerome, who has 15+ years of work experience and has worked with leading companies such as Intel and Digital Network. 
  • TOGAF 9 Training: It is a course covering the concepts related to terminology, structure, architecture development, and more! The course instructor is John Ghostley, who has 30 years of world experience. It is an accredited course with 54 hours of blended learning approach. 

How to Find the Perfect Simplilearn Course?

You can use the following key metrics to find the best Simplilearn course!

Use the Selector

The selector is one of the valuable features of Simplilearn. You can navigate the bars such as Overview, Course Curriculum, Course Advisor, Reviews, FAQs, and more.

You can open a couple of courses that you have selected in different tabs and compare and contrast each section. It is helpful to narrow your choices and find each course’s unique features. 

Preview Content

When you pick a specific course, each course’s content is displayed based on each lesson and the time duration allocated for each lesson. Generally, the free previews are displayed on the right side below the course. 

The previews help you understand the topics discussed, and based on the duration, you can decide the depth of each topic. 

Download the Syllabus

a screenshot of a simplilearn course

When you view the course content of each course, you will notice a “Download Syllabus” button at the bottom left side. You can easily click and download the content to look at it. 

The content gives a brief overview, including the following details:

  • Program features
  • Target audience
  • Key learning outcomes
  • The type of content and course resources 
  • Course Syllabus
  • And more!

Course Reviews

a screenshot of the simplilearn platform reviews

All the Simplilearn courses have reviews from the enrolled students. Carefully review the positive and negative feedback for your chosen course.

However, only some courses have negative reviews, and a balanced overview of reviews is needed here! The other platforms have an unbiased review section, including positive and negative reviews.

Course Advisor

Each course has a course advisor section. The instructor will lead the course throughout the learning time. 

The course advisor has a title, description, and social media handles. Therefore, you can view the description and analyze their social media handle to get to know their experience and expertise. 

Course FAQs

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section is beneficial to solve your doubts and queries related to the specific course. But they include only the most asked and sorted out questions. You can also check out the FAQ section to learn about the course loopholes!

Customer Support

If you have queries or require any information about Simplilearn courses, you can extend your request to customer support.

Their customer support would reach you timely to help you out. However, they can be pushy, hassle-free, and persistent, as they may call you even after your problem is sorted.

Customer support uses less email communication and more phone calls. Therefore, it can be very troublesome at one point!

Will Simplilearn Support My Career?

Yes, Simplilearn will help you to build your career. The primary motive of Simplilearn is to gear professionals with the required skills and qualifications.

Therefore, if you pick the right course, get the certification training, and learn the essentials, you will likely land the perfect job! Also, ensure the courses are accredited and led by expert instructors for the best experiences.

Is Simplilearn Recognized and Accredited?

a screenshot of the simplilearn partners

Yes, Simplilearn is recognized and accredited as it offers courses certified by reliable organizations, universities, and institutes. These accreditations are not acceptable to credit for college or graduate education. 

However, Simplilearn is recognized as an official certification training provider by 40+ organizations and employers. It partners with global organizations such as IASSC, PMI, and Exin to curate course curricula. 

Next, the Simplilearn instructors are experienced and industry-led individuals. However, you can view each course instructor’s details and social handles under each course.

It helps to give you an in-depth idea about their title, expertise, experience, and qualifications. 

Is Simplilearn Legit?

Yes, Simplilearn is a legitimate platform. They have branches in California, San Francisco, and Bangalore, India. They have a reputable and strong profile in the public audience, as discussed in the Simplilearn Summary (check above). 

Even though Simplilearn is legit, it has received many negative feedback from the audience. Therefore, be aware when you take paid courses and Simplilearn certificate training from Simplilearn. 

Customer Testimonials of Simplilearn

Let’s check out some customer testimonials of Simplilearn!

Here’s a 4-star review by Debsmita posted on Trustpilot:

The trainer was good and knowledgeable. Only thing I want to improve here is the content of the course. I felt very less amount of content was shared for each topic. In one module we have completed git, jenkins, docker, kubernetes, ansible, nagios, EC2 instance and a lot of other things. This should have been done slowly.For people with no knowledge of all these technologies might face issue to catch up.

Based on Debsmita’s experience, she expects the course to cover more in-depth topics and the need to protect the content smoothly. Since this is a technical subject, the content must be covered slowly, diving deep into every concept.

Here’s a 5-star review by Rahul Sharma on Trustpilot:

About the Training:
Explained all topics and gave H/W every week. None of the questions are unanswered or unattended. He is very helpful and shared the course content on the forum. Questions are answered with great patience and guided throughout the training. Loved DS’s out-of-the-box thinking, life lessons, and real-time examples of problems.

Based on the above review, Rahul appreciates the training and instructor. He compliments the course materials, the way the course was held smoothly, and the proper planning. Therefore, he has had a fantastic experience!

Here’s a 2-star review by Vinod Kumar on TrustPilot:

The feedback pertains to the training approach of Trainer Jigar Pathak, Despite providing a feedback during the trainings on his approach specifically highlighting a lack of clarity in outlining the topics to be covered during the day, weekend, or upcoming sessions, there was no change/improvement. This absence of a structured agenda indicates a deficiency in planning. It is recommended that the trainer proactively publishes a comprehensive agenda for all classes in advance.

Based on Vinot’s review, we can see that he has used the Simplilearn training sessions. He complains about the need for more planning by the instructor about the topic outlines and agendas. 

Live Instructor-led training plays a crucial role; therefore, instructors must be keen on properly planning the meetings. 

Here’s a 1-star review by Sandeep Gupta on TrustPilot about his experience:

They said once I request for exam voucher it should take 24-48hrs. It’s been a week now. First they said 24-48hrs, and they repeated this 3 times. I have called multiple times, and even submitted a complaint. I still have no response from them. I told them I need this certification for a job, still no response. STILL WAITING FOR THE VOUCHER …!!!!!

Sandeep’s review exhibits disappointment as he still needs to receive the exam voucher after waiting a week. He mentions that customer support needs to give more helpful responses. 

Considering the past students’ reviews above, there are both pros and cons of Simplilearn. But it solely depends on the type of course you choose and the instructor. 

Therefore, make a careful analysis before making your commitment to the specific course. 

What Are the Simplilearn Alternatives?

The following are the fundamental alternatives to Simplilearn:

  • Coursera: There are more than 5800+ courses in Coursera, including degrees, post graduate programs, and 100+ many free courses. Also, they partner with recognized universities and organizations such as Imperial College, Google, IBM, and Stanford University to curate the programs. Also, they allow students to learn offline by downloading the course material, making it convenient for them. 
  • Udacity: Udacity offers more than 100 nano degrees targeting building essential skills for the tech and business industry. However, their programs need to be accredited but are recognized by employers and industry experts. Udacity courses are long-term and may take 1 to 6 months to complete. They also give access to Udacity Career Services, which provides career support for students. 
  • Edx: EdX offers 4000+ online courses and partners with recognized universities and companies such as Harvard, Microsoft, and Berkeley. They also use a blended learning approach to adapt to the technology systematically. Most of their courses are specially curated for professionals, and you can look at them too! They have various program categories such as MicroBachelors, MicroMasters, XSeries, Professional certificate programs, Online Master’s Degree, and even Boot Camps. 
  • Skillshare: Skillshare has 34,000+ classes and 600K+ learnings, including creative professionals and entrepreneurs. It is affordable, and you can use its free trial to get a complete hold on its learning experience. It has an engaged community, ensuring an interactive and fun learning space for students.

Pros and Cons of Simplilearn

There are both pros and cons to Simplilearn, as follows:


Use Blended Learning Approach: Simplilearn supports many learning methodologies, such as online studies, live online classes led by the instructor, and hands-on project sessions. 
Has A Mobile Application: Simplilearn has a mobile application to download course content and attend classes anywhere in the world.


Has A Persistent Sales Team: The sales team may contact you always. They can be helpful and disturbing as well. 
The Limited Number Of Courses: Simplilearn offers about 400+ courses only. Therefore, there must be more room for choices like online learning platforms like Coursera and Udemy. 
Has Negative Feedback: It is noticed that there are many unhappy student reviews on the platform. They mainly complain about poor customer service and lack of transparency on the online platform. 
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Other Online Learning Platform reviews:

Final Thoughts

Even though Simplilearn offers a comprehensive list of courses for professionals, there are loopholes like less up-to-date content, less transparency, poor customer support, and more!

But there are pros, such as the blended study approach, mobile application, downloadable content, a 7-day money-back guarantee, instructor-led live classes, and more!

Therefore, Simplilearn can be an excellent choice for many. However, depending on your requirements, your options may vary. 

We hope reading about our experience with Simplilearn helped make the right decision for you!


No, Simplilearn does not offer courses for free.

Yes, it is worth learning in Simplilearn if you want to advance your professional career. While the cost may be higher, the accreditation and online certification make it a worthwhile opportunity.

Yes, Simplilearn is worth it in the USA because its certifications are recognized.

The better options than Simplilearn depend on your requirements. However, Coursera, Skillshare, and Udacity are some of the best alternatives.

Krishna Kumar, the founder and CEO of Simplilearn, is the person behind the company. He founded the company in Bengaluru, India and has since expanded to include branches in California and San Francisco.

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Overall Score


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Use Blended Learning Approach
Has A Mobile Application
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Has A Persistent Sales Team
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