Pluralsight Review (2024 Upd.) Is the Platform Worth it?

Last Updated on June, 2024

Ensuring easy access to resources is crucial for a stress-free learning experience, especially if you’re a programmer trying to keep up with the constant evolution of technologies. 

Pluralsight, a technology skills platform focused on developing future-ready skills, stands out.

In the world of online learning platforms, Pluralsight stands out as the top choice for those seeking to improve their tech skills. 

Choosing the right platform from many options can be an overwhelming task, and that’s why I have made this review for you to guide you to kickstart your online learning journey with Pluralsight.

So stick with me till the end of this article. 

 Overall: 4.7/5
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Brand Reputation
  • Curated learning paths
  • Skill assessments
  • Hands-on labs and projects
  • Role and Skill IQ evaluations
  • Customizable learning channels
  • Mobile and TV app access
  • Certificates of completion
  • Expert-led webinars and events
Brand Information
  • Pluralsight was founded in 2004 as an e-learning company specializing in technology skills
  • Was co-founded by Aaron Skonnard, Keith Brown, Fritz Onion, and Bill Williams. Aaron Skonnard
  • The platform focuses on courses for software development, IT, and creative skills
  • Courses on Pluralsight are taught by industry experts and professionals
Product Benefits
  • 7000+ high-quality courses in tech.
  • Issuance of certificates upon course completion
  • Reasonably priced subscription rates for individual plans
  • It provides an organized and well-structured learning path where you will learn all the related skills
  • Recognized as an authorized continuing learning platform, validating many certificates for CEU/CPU credits

What is Pluralsight?

pluralsight logo

Before coming into this article, you may have already known what Pluralsight is all about. 

But after reading this, you will learn everything about Pluralsight and why the platform is trendy among tech nerds. 

Over the years, Pluralsight has evolved into a leading online learning training platform, boasting over 7500 courses instructed by a vast network of 1500+ expert instructors.

Like CartoonNetwork for cartoons, Pluralsight is the hub for tech skills, dedicated to shaping the skills needed for the future.

Specializing in tech-related subjects such as software development, data science, and web development, Pluralsight provides on-demand video courses, hands-on projects, and more. 

Keep reading to learn more about the platform review…

How Pluralsight Works?

First and foremost, you have to get yourself registered on Pluralsight. It’s a very straightforward process. 

Sign up, add a payment method, and choose your plan, or you can also opt for a free trial. If you’re doubtful about the program you must select, Pluralsight will do that for you. 

Once that’s done, you will be granted access to their platform, and you can check out all the courses offered. (The extent of access is based on the subscription plan you choose.)

Pluralsight’s premium subscription provides unrestricted access to top-notch practice tests and the opportunity to engage in real-world projects. 

You can complete the course at your own pace, and if you need to download courses for offline viewing, you will need a premium subscription. 

While you may not obtain an accredited certificate upon course completion, it allows you to bridge knowledge gaps, transforming you into a valuable team player and being a master within your job role. 

Who is Pluralsight for?

a screenshot of the popular programming languages and topics taught at pluralsight

Pluralsight is a learning platform providing worldwide access and technological skill development opportunities. 

This versatile learning platform caters to anyone seeking new tech-related skills, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking personal growth and businesses aiming to enhance their team’s capabilities.

Whether you’re;

  • Preparing for a professional certification
  • Seeking guided preparation and practice exams
  • Leveraging certifications for CEU credits

Pluralsight STANDS OUT as an excellent choice. 

Pluralsight Instructors

Now, let’s talk about the heroes who work behind the screen to bring you the courses you see on your screen.

Pluralsight’s instructors, numbering over 1500 experts, bring extensive industry experience to the platform. 

These instructors are crucial in delivering over 7500+ courses, ensuring you receive high-quality content and up-to-date courses in various tech-related subjects.

With diverse expertise and commitment, they contribute significantly to the platform’s reputation as a leading technology-driven online learning platform. 

How to Open an Account?

Opening an account on Pluralsight is as easy as anything can get. It’s only a matter of seconds, literally. 

Just follow these steps:

  • Visit Pluralsight and click on ‘Skills’ on top.
  • Then click on ‘For individuals’, and you can opt for the free trial by clicking on ‘Try for free’ or directly opt for the paid subscription by clicking ‘View plans.’
  • Provide your account details, including your name, email, and country.
  • Then, fill in your card details as your payment method. And no, you won’t be charged until the free trial ends. (Feel free to cancel at any point during the trial period to avoid being charged.)
  • Finally, review and confirm your account details. 

Now you are all set and ready to go!

App’s Mobile Friendliness and Accessibility

A screenshot of the user interface of the pluralsight online learning platform

No matter how good the website is, if I had the option to use Pluralsight through the app on my phone, I’d go with that. 

Any day. Any time. 

Pluralsight’s mobile app offers a user-friendly and accessible learning experience, allowing you to access courses seamlessly across all your devices. It’s designed to ensure easy navigation, providing convenient learning opportunities. 

With mobile-friendly features and accessibility considerations, Pluralsight allows you to engage with your course content conveniently anytime, anywhere. 

Pluralsight Courses

A screenshot of the course topics on pluralsight organized by category

Software Development

Pluralsight’s software development courses are designed to provide comprehensive and up-to-date training.

You learn the most prominent programming languages, frameworks, and development tools today. 

The “Microsoft Azure Developer: Configuring CORS Access for Storage” by Kamran Ayub is the highest-rated course in this subject. 

a screenshot of the microsoft azure developer configuring cors access for storage course by pluralsight

Learn how CORS empowers you to control cross-origin requests for Azure Storage services and automate rule configuration using a variety of Azure SDKs and tools. 

Range of courses

  • Databases
  • Game development
  • Mobile development
  • Programming languages 
  • Web development


Cybersecurity courses currently have a very high demand, so if you want to get into this field, you’re looking for a bright future. 

Pluralsight’s security courses offer a diverse and in-depth exploration of cybersecurity topics, catering to individuals and businesses aiming to strengthen their security measures. 

With expert instructors and up-to-date content, the courses cover a wide range of subjects. 

The “Conducting Active Reconnaissance for CompTIA PenTest+” by Dale Meredith is the highest-rated course in this subject. 

a screenshot of the conducting active reconnaissance for comptia pentest course by pluralsight

Learn the proper ways for conducting active reconnaissance. It’s an essential but often unavoidable practice.

While it may occasionally trigger alerts from defense teams and systems, it serves the crucial purpose of thoroughly documenting each node on the network.

Range of courses

  • Certifications
  • Governance, risk, and compliance
  • Security architecture and engineering 
  • Security operations
  • Security testing

Data Science and Machine Learning 

Pluralsight’s Data Science and Machine Learning courses offer a comprehensive learning experience covering key concepts, tools, and techniques in these dynamic fields. 

You might want to check these courses out if you’re into data and analytics. 

The “AWS DynamoDB Deep Dive” by Ivan Mushketyk is the highest-rated course in this subject. DynamoDB stands as one of the most extensively utilized databases globally.

a screenshot of the aws dynamoDB deep dive course by pluralsight

This in-depth course begins by covering the fundamentals of DynamoDB usage and advanced subjects, including update streams, transactions, and recommended practices. 

Range of courses

  • Big data 
  • Business intelligence 
  • Data visualization
  • Databases 
  • Language and libraries 
  • Machine learning 

Cloud Computing 

Pluralsight’s Cloud Computing courses provide comprehensive training on cloud technologies, covering platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

These courses cater to individuals and businesses seeking to understand and leverage cloud services for various purposes, such as infrastructure management and application deployment. 

The “Foundations for Cloud Architecture” by James Bannan is the highest-rated course in this subject.

a screenshot of the foundations for cloud architecture by pluralsight

Are you looking to make the most out of cloud computing technology? This is the course you should take!

This course provides COMPREHENSIVE INSIGHTS into understanding cloud computing for achieving optimal results. 

Range of courses

  • Cloud architecture and design 
  • Cloud platforms 
  • Salesforce CRM

IT Ops 

Pluralsight’s IT Ops courses offer diverse training for individuals and teams that provide valuable insights and practical skills to navigate the complexities of IT operations. 

If you’re someone in charge of enhancing the application layer of your company, this course will come in handy. 

The “Implementing Application Layer Protocols for Cisco Networks” by Ross Bagurdes is the highest-rated course in this subject.

a screenshot of the implementing application layer protocols for cisco networks by pluralsight

By covering topics like system administration and network management, learn to maintain the efficiency of your network to enhance overall business operations. 

Range of courses

  • Client operating systems 
  • Collaboration platforms 
  • Configuration management 
  • Containers
  • IT automation
  • Network architecture 
  • Virtualization 

Business Professional 

Pluralsight business professional courses cater to professionals aiming to develop a well-rounded skill set for success in the business world.

These courses cover essential topics like project management, leadership skills, and effective communication, offering valuable insights and practical skills to excel in professional environments.

The “Planning for Business Analysis” by Casey Ayers is the highest-rated course in this subject.

a screenshot of the planning for business analysis by pluralsight

This course is designed for beginners to learn to identify and categorize the stakeholders and create effective business analysis plans.

Become a pro in understanding the process of translating plans into actionable strategies. 

Range of courses

  • Office applications 
  • Security awareness 

Pluralsight Review: Plans

Now, let’s talk about money!

Pluralsight provides subscription-based pricing plans for intermediate, beginner, and advanced learners, available on individual and enterprise levels. 

Pluralsight is the PERFECT FIT for you if you’re not interested in purchasing individual courses. 

These plans offer the flexibility of monthly or yearly payments; you can pay using your credit or debit card. But if you don’t want to risk, you can check out the free trial period FIRST. 

The free trial period for any subscription lasts for ten days or 200 minutes of content, whichever comes first. 

For teams and businesses, Pluralsight provides three subscription plans catering to different sizes. 

The Starter and Professional plans accommodate teams of 2-10 employees, while the Enterprise plan is designed for teams with 11 or more employees. 

Both the Professional and Enterprise plans offer a 14-day free trial period. 

Pluralsight Individual Plans

a screenshot of the individual pricing plan in pluralsight

Pluralsight’s individual plans are for individuals looking to learn a new skill from any of the technology-based subjects. 

If you’re someone with no prior knowledge at all, don’t worry. Courses on Pluralsight are crafted for everyone, from beginner to expert-level courses.

The learning path feature on Pluralsight will help you to choose the right course based on your knowledge level under a given topic. 

So there’s no need to surf through the entire platform to select the course that will suit you best; simply take the Role IQ or Skill IQ test and let Pluralsight do the rest. 

Now let’s dig deeper to find out what the perks you get from a standard plan and a premium plan. 

Pluralsight Standard Plan

The STANDARD PLAN will be perfect if you want to explore the platform and try out the premium features and perks gained while also looking to build your career from scratch.

You get access to the core library of courses and other premium services at just $19 per month or $159 per year (annual subscription saves 30%).

The Standard package comprises:

  • A curated selection from a core library of 5000 courses
  • Skill IQ and Role IQ assessments
  • Curated learning paths and channels
  • Offline viewing

Pluralsight Premium Plan

You get all the features and perks from a standard plan in the premium plan AND MORE. 

If you have prior knowledge and experience in a given field or know their stuff, then the premium plan is for you. 

At only $29 per month or $239 per year (saving 30%), get your hands on the expanded library with over 7500+ courses and other premium services. 

The Premium package comprises:

  • Full access to a library with 7000+ courses encompassing advanced content, niche topics, and recordings of previous tech conferences
  • Engaging in hands-on content and coding projects
  • Preparation for industry-leading certification practice exams
  • Interactive coding challenges
  • Offline viewing

Pluralsight Team Plans 

a screenshot of the business plan pricings of pluralsight

Some might say that Pluralsight is a platform that serves more towards businesses looking to upskill their team over individuals looking to learn a skill or two. 

And I should say even though it’s not entirely true, it’s not completely false. The perks gained by team plans are way cooler and more beneficial than Individual plans. 

Team plans get everything that comes with the Individual plan but also cooler perks like team-level reporting, user analytics, and role customization.

Cool right?

These features empower organizations to flexibly and efficiently enhance their teams’ skills and proficiency. 

Pluralsight Starter Plan

If your team is just a bunch of tech enthusiasts working on a short-term project or a small team running a small company and is looking to be more efficient while also tracking your progress with the help of analytics? 

Then, the Starter plan should be your bread and butter. 

At just $33.25 monthly or $399 annually, upskill your team and keep thriving together with Pluralsight! 

The Starter package comprises:

  • A limited core library of 5000 courses
  • Limited analytics
  • Curated learning paths and channels 

Pluralsight Professional Plan

The Professional package is also for a small team but running on a larger scale. You get everything that comes with the starter plan but with more advanced analytics and courses.

This plan comes at $48.25 a month or $579 a year; get access to this ultimate package, and you’ll be amazed by the results.

The Professional package comprises:

  • Full access to a library with 7000+ courses
  • Team-level reporting and user analytics
  • Secure hands-on content, including sandboxes, labs, and real-world projects
  • Preparation for industry-leading certification exams 

Pluralsight Enterprise Plan 

The Enterprise package, available at a custom price, includes all the professional plan features and more to access advanced content, role customization, skill development plans, Q&A sessions with subject-matter experts, and additional benefits. 

This plan suits a large-scale company interested in getting customized benefits and features. 

The Enterprise package comprises:

  • Access to advanced content, niche topics, and recordings of previous tech conferences
  • Customizable roles
  • Skill development plans and insights into skill progression 
  • Analytics for top-notch skills, roles, and channels

Are you looking to get to know more about Pluralsight costs? Here’s our complete Pluralsight Pricing guide.

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Guide to Find the Best Pluralsight Course for You

a screenshot of the courses catalog of pluralsight

If you’re new to Pluralsight and want to start learning but need help knowing where to start, or you want to find out if Pluralsight is the right platform for you, don’t worry. I have put together some ways you can start learning on Pluralsight. 

  • Creating a Free Account

To initiate your learning journey on Pluralsight, begin by creating a free account. This grants you access to a library featuring 50+ free courses, skill assessments, and guides. 

This will allow you to determine which course to take based on your preference or skill set.

  • Trying Out the Free Trial

The free account will only give you access to a limited number of Pluralsight courses.

If you want to discover more courses, it’s ideal to sign up for the free trial, where you will get access to an expanded library with 7,000+ courses, including advanced level topics and niche topics. 

The only downside is that Pluralsight’s free trial only lasts ten days, which is relatively shorter when compared to other online learning platforms

  • Taking Interactive Courses 

Pluralsight offers two important IQ tests telling you where to start your learning path. 

This offers a structured approach to acquiring skills based on your difficulty level from beginner to advanced level. But what are these IQ tests? Skill IQ and Role IQ. 

Skill IQ Pluralsight evaluates your strengths and weaknesses in a chosen technology skill. Your performance scores range from 0 to 300, categorized into intermediate, beginner, and advanced level.

It also helps you determine the right course to start your learning path and prioritize the most relevant skills. 

Pluralsight also offers Role IQ, a skill assessment similar to Skill IQ, which empowers you to assess your skills for specific roles. This allows you to measure your expertise relevant to a particular job position. 

Pluralsight offers over 50 Role IQ assessments for various roles and the flexibility to retake assessments after identifying knowledge gaps, helping you track your progress. 

  • Free Weekly Courses 

Another underrated perk offered by Pluralsight, which stands out from other platforms, is its five free weekly courses that rotate regularly, each with a distinct focus.

The schedule, highlighting the current week’s theme and upcoming topics, allows you to explore various subjects. 

This helps you to get a better idea regarding courses and enables you to make an informed decision. And the best part? You get to learn without paying a cent. 

  • Authors of Pluralsight

Right now you know which course will suit you best. But is that all? What about doing a bit of digging to get to know the authors who have contributed to the course?

For that, you can click the “About” option, revealing the list of authors who have contributed to the content. Here, you can explore mini-bios of the authors and connect with them on X or LinkedIn for more insight. 

You’ll also find a list of the content they’ve authored and reviews, which I find particularly valuable. 

  • Pluralsight Resource Center

If you’re new to Pluralsight, the resource center is the place to be. You get access to engaging content like articles and customer stories. And the coolest part? You get access to podcasts featuring episodes covering popular topics.

  • Pluralsight Offers and Discounts

You wouldn’t want to miss out on the frequent offers and discounts on Pluralsight to save on monthly and annual memberships. Seize these opportunities to discover new courses and save your money!

Pluralsight Platform Review: Student Testimonials 

It’s worth checking for reviews before jumping into a new product or a service. Isn’t it? So that you get to see what other people who have already tried Pluralsight have to say about it. 

So here are a few students who love Pluralsight and think you should also give it a go.

I use to have no idea where to start learning a new technology. Hopefully Google or YouTube would pop up something useful, but it would take hours to vet and usually the results didn’t get me past beginner level. PluralSight does all that for me so I can just sit down and learn whatever I need to in as much depth as I want. As a software engineer, PluralSight has helped me quickly jump between niches.

Michael, a software engineer, praises Pluralsight for guiding him to start learning a new technology by giving him a clearly structured learning methodology to learn a new skill.

Learning to code – so interesting – very easy to follow vids and also documentation – support – certificates at the end of each course – Finally I found a learning platform which is made for even people like me, who has trouble to focus on one thing at a time. – This will be a new st

So, Carsten talks about how easily he learned to code by following videos and documentation. Plus, he emphasizes the flexibility of learning at your own pace, even amid a hectic schedule.

I’ve used Pluralsight for a Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification. The online course content was great. It was engaging and had plenty of quizzes to test my knowledge along the way. I would highly recommend!

Alisha says the online course content was excellent and engaging, with plenty of quizzes along the way. And she highly recommends it to new users looking to learn new skills. 

We’ve looked at what others think of Pluralsight; now, let’s look into some things I like about Pluralsight. 

However, If you want to know my honest opinion, keep reading…

What I Liked About Pluralsight?

a screenshot of the "a cloud guru" quality product of pluralsight
  • Video Courses and Interactive Courses 

Pluralsight offers a blend of both video courses and interactive courses with engaging learning material like hands-on projects, hands-on learning, exercise files, skill assessments, and quizzes to quickly learn a given skill or library in depth. 

  • Hands-On Projects and Hands-On Learning 

Pluralsight includes hands-on projects, a feature that might go unnoticed by many. Pluralsight supports the idea of ‘on the job training’, which is why this approach is taken. 

This excellent platform enables you to build, practice, and apply new technologies through hands-on learning. 

  • Addition of New Courses Frequently 

Pluralsight doesn’t just offer an extensive library of online video courses; they consistently introduce new courses to stay in line with the latest developments in programming and development. 

  • Covering a Wide Array of New Technologies 

The Pluralsight learning platform stands out because of its wide range of courses, spanning technologies like web development, software development, data science, cloud computing, machine learning, and more. 

  • Certification Practice Exams 

Not widely known, Pluralsight also includes courses dedicated to preparing well-known IT certifications such as Google Cloud and AWS certifications. 

  • Learning Paths 

Pluralsight provides learning paths, offering a systematic approach to learning new skills from beginner to advanced levels, unlike other online learning platforms where you have to choose your courses. 

pluralsight learning platform logo image
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What Could Be Improved on Pluralsight?

  • Courses Are Only Related to the Technology Niche 

Pluralsight mainly caters to businesses that are looking to upskill their workforces.

But it is also an excellent platform for individuals looking to upgrade their resume or get better at their job role by enhancing their skill set. Nevertheless, courses on Pluralsight focus only on technology-based subjects.

So, if you’re a student looking to learn arts or any creativity-based subjects, you might want to look into other learning platforms like Domestika. 

  • Limited to Subscription-Based Model

Pluralsight offers great subscription plans at a reasonable price, but it is not for you if you’re a student who prefers purchasing courses individually over subscription-based payment plans. 

  • Short Free Trial Period

Similar to many other learning platforms, Pluralsight offers a 10-day free trial. However, compared to other learning platforms, the free trial period provided by Pluralsight is relatively shorter. 

Is Pluralsight Worth?

Now, let’s address the crucial question. Is Pluralsight worth it? Yes, it is!

Pluralsight is the place to be for tech nerds constantly looking to stay updated with the latest technologies in this rapidly developing era.

Pluralsight offers high-quality content in over ten languages while providing certificates exclusively for video courses. Rest assured, you will receive excellent training to enhance your skill set. 

All Pluralsight courses are designed to prepare you for the challenges posed by tech giants. This assurance of skill development is the main reason for Pluralsight’s popularity, making it a highly recommended learning platform among students and experts. 

Pluralsight Vs. Other Online Learning Platforms 

  • Pluralsight Vs. Coursera

Coursera, a renowned learning platform with over 129 million students and 7000+ courses, provides full bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in specific academic fields. 

Like Pluralsight, Coursera is another learning platform with a subscription-based price model. But Coursera also provides the facility of purchasing courses individually. 

A notable advantage of Coursera is its ability to provide accredited certificates, a feature that Pluralsight does not currently offer. 

In contrast, Pluralsight’s primary focus is to help you gain the necessary skills required for particular job roles. 

  • Pluralsight Vs. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning, another top gun in the online learning industry, offers a wide range of structured business, technology, and more courses. 

LinkedIn Learning also provides the options of a subscription-based model and purchasing courses individually. Both LinkedIn Learning and Pluralsight primarily focus on professional and career development. 

Another common feature is that they provide quizzes and assessments to measure your skills and help you learn better. 

  • Pluralsight Vs. Udemy

Udemy is another popular learning platform with over 200,000 courses. Unlike Pluralsight, which only focuses on technology-based subjects, Udemy offers courses covering various academic subjects. 

Udemy also offers a subscription-based model and the ability to purchase courses individually. But Udemy falls short in being consistent when it comes to their quality of courses. 

You might find some great courses and many courses that may fall short of your expectations. 

If you want a detailed comparison between Pluralsight vs Udemy, checkout this article.

Pluralsight Review: Pros and Cons 


It provides an organized and well-structured learning path where you will learn all the related skills. 
Diverse plan options.
7000+ high-quality courses in tech.
Reasonably priced subscription rates for individual plans. 
Recognized as an authorized continuing learning platform, validating many certificates for CEU/CPU credits. 
Courses crafted by industry professionals. 
Issuance of certificates upon course completion. 


The free trial is really short when compared with other learning platforms. 
Courses are mostly tech-related. 
Limited hours of phone support. 

Other e-learning platforms reviewed:

Pluralsight Review: Final Thoughts

Pluralsight has impressed me so much that it stands out from other prominent learning platforms. It is beginner-friendly and welcomes learners of all skill levels.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, completing a Pluralsight course will boost your confidence to upgrade your resume, preparing you to showcase your skills in the real world.

Its exceptional qualities will help you acquire and enhance the crucial skills needed to advance your career.

So what are you waiting for? Go get started!!!


Yes, Pluralsight offers a limited free plan that provides access to a small selection of courses.

Yes, Pluralsight has free content for high school students through its partnership with

The free trial for Pluralsight is 10 days or 200 minutes of access to all courses and the expanded library, whichever comes first.

pluralsight learning platform logo image
Brand Reputation




Overall Score


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It provides an organized and well-structured learning path where you will learn all the related skills. 
7000+ high-quality courses in tech.
Recognized as an authorized continuing learning platform, validating many certificates for CEU/CPU credits. 
Courses crafted by industry professionals. 
Issuance of certificates upon course completion. 
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
The free trial is really short when compared with other learning platforms. 
Courses are mostly tech-related. 

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