Neil Gaiman MasterClass Review: Is His Course Worth it?

Last Updated on June, 2024

If you are an aspiring writer looking to understand the value of the Neil Gaiman MasterClass, you have come to the RIGHT place.

In this Neil Gaiman MasterClass REVIEW, we will unveil the TRUTH regarding the TRUE value of this MasterClass. 

You can TRUST ScoreBeyond only to recommend the BEST, taking into consideration EVERYTHING!

So, let’s get this review underway.

 Overall: 4.9/5
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Product Effectivenes
Brand Reputation
  • Engaging video lectures by Neil Gaiman on storytelling and writing
  • Interactive Assignments
  • A comprehensive workbook with summaries 
  • Access to an online community
  • Learn at your own pace, with access on different devices
Brand Information
  • MasterClass was founded in 2015 by David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen
  • Has a global reach, with students from over 100 countries
  • Offers interactive assignments and access to a community of learners
  • Based in San Francisco, California
  • All-access subscription costs $180 per year
Product Benefits
  • Gain insight into Neil Gaiman’s writing process.
  • Understand the thought process of a renowned author.
  • Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass offers unparalleled expertise in creative writing.
  • Valuable knowledge for aspiring writers and authors.
  • Learn techniques for writing bestsellers.
  • Extensive lessons with Neil Gaiman’s engaging style.
  • A comprehensive 94-page workbook to enhance storytelling skills.

What is the Neil Gaiman Masterclass?

neil gaimen storytelling masterclass course banner

This STORY of a MasterClass is a GREAT start for young writers and perfect for those looking to start or improve a writing career!

Gaiman’s class is perfect for those who want to narrate in written form. They are a set of lessons accessed through MasterClass. 

These lessons are served as videos that can be watched, rewinded, and studied. The Gaiman MasterClass will teach YOU everything you need to learn to WRITE AMAZING Graphic Novels. 

Writing Graphic Novels can be a GREAT way to pitch ideas for the BIG SCREEN!

Gaiman is not only known for his books and literature; he is a well-recognized FACE in the FILM INDUSTRY!

In this MasterClass, Gaiman teaches the ART of LITERARY CREATIVE EXPRESSION! Gaiman’s writing is one that has captured the HEARTS of MILLIONS of PEOPLE!

Not only will this MasterClass provide you access to the writing process that Gaiman follows; Gaiman also has included practical writing exercises that can be used to IMPROVE your writing process!

Hence, this MASTERCLASS can be a VALUABLE tool for any aspiring writer, filled with GREAT writing advice!

What’s Included in the Neil Gaiman MasterClass?

This MasterClass has a TOTAL of 19 PRECIOUS video lessons!

These lessons will not only teach you how to write GREAT short stories, but Gaiman’s class also gives you the opportunity as a YOUNG WRITER to dive into GREAT depth into tales such as The October Tale or The Graveyard Book. 

This writing course also comes with a 94-page WORKBOOK!

The workbook contains exercises through which you can IMPROVE your ability to tell a GREAT STORY!

The stories of Gaiman, as Gaiman talks to you, TEACHING you everything you NEED to KNOW to improve your ability to tell a COMPLETE and BEAUTIFUL STORY!

neil gaiman masterclass course content

To learn from somehow what has written works of wonders such as The Graveyard Book, this writing course will help you draw insight into works such as American Gods, with each video lesson intended to help an aspiring WRITER write a beautiful tale such as that of March Tale.

This short story is a BEAUTIFUL work of words, coiled together as Gaiman discusses the elements of a good story. 

Who is Gaiman’s MasterClass Most Suited for?

a picture of neil gaiman explaining about his course

Neil teaches you how to NARRATE beautifully through words.

In the lesson on EDITING, Gaiman begins by telling how important of a tool editing can be in finishing the FINAL draft!

Not only is this book intended for writers, but it is also open for editors and general ART Enthusiasts.

The Gaiman MasterClass is one of the more POPULAR writing courses that can EVEN help you BATTLE writer’s block.

Neil spends a good amount of time giving GREAT advice on what to do when faced with writer’s block. We all know that as a writer, nothing is more painful than writer’s block!

Once you hit that BRICK WALL, it is so DIFFICULT to get back up!

It is important that you remember it is DIFFICULT, but not IMPOSSIBLE!

This MasterClass is for those who want to FINE TUNE the art of telling their own stories as a fiction writer or FILM enthusiast. 

Neil’s lessons are PERFECT for those trying to improve their creative writing process because Neil’s advice is a PRICELESS work of ART, as other writers agree!

Not only will this MasterClass help you OVERCOME writer’s block, but it will also help you be better informed about dealing with WRITER’S BLOCK! OH, THE HORROR!

Gaiman stresses a few IMPORTANT points, which should be GENERAL information for ANY WRITER looking to write a GRAPHIC NOVEL!

Hence, this MasterClass is considered ABSOLUTE GOLD for any aspiring storyteller!

How Much Does Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass Cost?

For anyone who has READ Neil Gaiman’s books such as March Tale, this MasterClass will give you access to BETTER UNDERSTANDING the March Tale Dialogue, as Gaiman’s work is discussed by him, making this one of the MOST VALUABLE writing classes!

What is Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass worth you ASK? It, in ACTUALITY, is PRICELESS!

You can ACCESS this MasterClass through MasterClass, which offers subscriptions starting at $10 a MONTH! If you need more devices, there are subscriptions for $15 and $20 too which will be billed annually. (Learn more about Masterclass in this review.)

This is considered AFFORDABLE in most books considering how the VALUE of Neil Gaiman’s writing course is MUCH HIGHER!

neil gaiman masterclass course lessons

Not just that, a SUBSCRIPTION to MasterClass will give you ACCESS to 180+ other courses from well-recognized faces and names such as Christina Aguilera!

MasterClass can help you Master various skills in various industries, from cooking to photography to filmmaking. 

How Long Does it Take to Complete the Neil Gaiman MasterClass?

Now, this isn’t a REALLY LONG course. Neil does a GREAT job of explaining how to write GREAT short stories in a rather short period of time. 

The time that it would take you to MASTER YOUR WRITING and get an UPPER HAND on those short stories which you may have started or only thought about yet. To FINISH the MasterClass in one sitting, it will take you 4 HOURS and 50 MINUTES!

These video lessons are all kept at great length, making it EASY for you to WATCH and LEARN from this MasterClass at YOUR OWN PACE!

Hence, how long it could take you to FINISH this MASTERCLASS depends on you. Also, remember that there is a 93 PAGE WORKBOOK, which is also a PART of this MASTERCLASS!

Neil Gaiman explains everything in SHORT video lessons. Nail Gaiman’s course is not only EASILY digestible but ENTERTAINING to WATCH!

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Neil Gaiman MasterClass
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Details on the Structure of the Class

details of the neil gaimen masterclass

When it comes to writing courses, this MasterClass review is intended to compare the VALUE of the Gaiman MasterClass! Now through a MasterClass subscription, you can ACCESS some GREAT resources for writers from various well-recognized faces. 

A LOOK into the DETAILS of the STRUCTURE of the MasterClass will help you BETTER understand if the Gaiman MasterClass is the BEST resource for aspiring writers!

This writing MasterClass is composed of 19 LESSONS!

  • Introduction
  • Truth in Fiction
  • Sources of Inspiration
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Developing The Story
  • Story Case Study: The Graveyard Book
  • Short Fiction
  • Short Fiction Case Study: March Tale
  • Dialogue and Character
  • Character Case Study: October Tale
  • Worldbuilding
  • Descriptions
  • Humor
  • Genre
  • Comics
  • Dealing with Writer’s Block
  • Editing
  • Rules for Writers
  • The Writer’s Responsibilities

Neil Gaiman’s course is structured nicely with a BEAUTIFUL flow of LANGUAGE!

This MasterClass considered the aesthetic beauty of the FIGURE, which portrays a GLOWING aura of EXCELLENCE through mentions of works such as The Good Omens. Gaiman’s MasterClass is full of fascinating insight and facts. 

Good Omens, co-written with Terry Pratchett, this MasterClass is structured to FINE TUNE YOU in the ART of STORYTELLING!

Is the Content in Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass Unique?

a screenshot of the neil gaimen masterclass course

Gaiman spends a GREAT deal of TIME AND EFFORT to explain to YOU the components of a finely knitted STORY!

This MasterClass will better explain a writer’s responsibilities when considering a piece of FICTION!

Fiction writers around the WORLD would like to know whether this MASTERCLASS is UNIQUE. There is only ONE Neil Gaiman who has Mastered the ART of writing to the STANCE where he has managed to take his LEGACY!

Hence, this MASTERCLASS is a UNIQUE work of ART, which is MARVELED at by fiction writers around the WORLD!

This 100% UNIQUE MASTERCLASS is a writing class that will GO DOWN IN HISTORY as a much-treasured RESOURCE in the writing community!

The MasterClass community is full of AMAZING faces and people! More and more people are joining the MasterClass community to get a UNIQUE perspective on skills only on OFFER at MasterClass!

You will also find writing courses by other UNIQUE names, such as James Patterson!

The Gaiman MasterClass, The Malcolm Gladwell MasterClass, and the James Patterson MasterClass are considered the MOST VALUABLE assets in the MasterClass library for aspiring writers!

Key Things I Learned After Taking the MasterClass

neil gaiman explaining storytelling tips in his masterclass

There are GREAT things I picked up on through the review process of this MasterClass. For instance, the Truth in Fiction chapter provides access to exercises or homework assignments!

These assignments will help you ask questions such as, what is the direction of the character? It will help you better understand whether your descriptive details are SPECIFIC to ensure a NICE and TIGHT knit!

It is also advised to make the words as SENSORY as possible! Make a CLOSE CONNECTION to as many senses as possible; if you know more than FIVE, hit them ALL!

You also NEED to consider whether the personality of the character you are BRINGING TO LIFE is in line with YOUR PERSONALITY!

Neil Gaiman is known to blend and combine GENRES, which is transparent in his works, such as the fantasy novel American Gods and his young adult novel Coraline. 

I also LEARNED that Neil Gaiman has been professing at Bard College in New York’s Hudson Valley for several years!

Neil’s videos are a GREAT way to understand his literary writing process. There is MUCH you can LEARN from a literary GIANT such as Neil Gaiman! Neil also offers GREAT strategies for finding and building your own “COMPOST HEAP!

He teaches you how to DRAW from your own experiences to make the story that you are writing 100% UNIQUE!

If you didn’t understand what Neil means by a Compost Heap, this is what he meant!

“I think it’s really important for a writer to have a compost heap. Everything you read, things that you write, things that you listen to, and people you encounter can all go on the compost heap. And they will rot down. And out of them grow beautiful stories.”

Neil Gaiman MasterClass: Pros & Cons Analysis

This Gaiman MasterClass review would not be complete without a GOOD pros and cons analysis to understand the merit of subscribing to MasterClass to enroll.

Let’s look at the various Pros this MasterClass brings to the table. 


First, it brings you inside Neil Gaiman’s WRITING PROCESS!
This is the BIGGEST pro. You get to UNDERSTAND the components of consideration of a GREAT writer who has ATTAINED much by way of RECOGNITION as an Author!
This Gaiman MasterClass review makes it CLEAR that you will NOT find another professional in the world of creative writing more suited than Neil Gaiman to fine-tune your writing. 
Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass is a VALUABLE asset, a knowledgebase of information, that is SURE to be very valuable for anyone looking to Master the ranks of a WRITER and AUTHOR!
Another GREAT pro is how you will LEARN to MASTER the UNIQUE writing perspective needed to write a BESTSELLER!
The lessons are also at GREAT length, and the language and charisma of Neil Gaiman are BEAUTIFUL, to state the least!
The WORKBOOK, a 94 PAGE document, is intended to be a very USEFUL tool in helping any writer IMPROVE their abilities to TELL a FINE STORY!


The only downside I could think of was the inability to have our work assessed by Neil Gaiman. If that had been possible, it would have MADE THIS MASTERCLASS MORE THOUSAND times MORE VALUABLE!

However, in actuality, the VALUE of this MASTERCLASS is PRICELESS for any aspiring writer looking to LEARN from one of the GREATEST WRITERS in the HISTORY of HUMAN LITERATURE!

Things I Liked and Didn’t Like About the Neil Gaiman MasterClass

When it comes to this MasterClass by Neil Gaiman, I loved how accessible Neil Gaiman’s course is, was, and will be for young writers WORLDWIDE!

I appreciated the TIME AND EFFORT Neil Gaiman took to TEACH aspiring writers the ART of HOW TO TELL A GREAT STORY!

Gainman’s MasterClass is GEARED for anyone SERIOUS in the ART of writing and storytelling. Maybe you are a YOUTUBER and want to write better stories and scripts; this MASTERCLASS could be very valuable!

There were many things I loved about the Gaiman MasterClass. The tips and tricks Neil offers are not found ANYWHERE ELSE other than in this MasterClass!

I LOVED how Neil approached writer’s block and helps young writers better understand writer’s block and how to combat and overcome it!

If you want to LEARN the means to CRAFT a beautiful story, practically everything you NEED to know is found with the Gaiman MasterClass.

I particularly liked how COMPREHENSIVE and DETAILED this MasterClass is. Neil Gaiman does a GREAT job diving into GREAT depths to better explain the ART of knitting a beautiful story!

On the LIST of things I didn’t like about this MasterClass, I didn’t get ACCESS to Neil Gaiman for him to analyze and critically evaluate MY work!

So though that was the inevitable REALITY of the moment, I LOVED how NEIL GAIMAN spoke of the ART OF STORYTELLING, something considered VITAL for ANY WRITER!

Other Customer Testimonials

If you look through the INTERNET, you will notice one thing – there aren’t alot of PEOPLE saying anything bad about this MasterClass.

It is GOOD to see humanity sane enough to recognize a BEAUTIFUL WORDSMITH such as Neil Gaiman!

I used to write a lot of short stories, and I was fascinated to hear how Gaiman’s writing process. He says the stories we write today are formed by the short stories we read two years ago. Gaiman also describes a good story as like a close-up magic trick rather than a grand illusion.

Most testimonials left by people admire Neil Gaiman for providing access to his process, which has been EXPRESSED on NUMEROUS occasions as an IMMENSELY VALUABLE asset in the world of literature.

With LOVE to Neil Gaiman from the writing community, any odd comment on the length or value of this MasterClass is made by those who have no interest in Mastering the ART of TELLING a GREAT STORY!

All in all, this MasterClass is considered one of the most valuable resources for aspiring and young writers, if not the BEST!

Gaiman writes a lot of stories for young adults. He says stories should reveal some people on the world wish us harm no matter the audience’s age. That’s a valuable lesson for readers, even in kid’s stories. I also like Gaiman’s approach to writer’s block. He advises listeners or students to do something else, chop wood, go for a walk, a run, or a swim.

Many, many testimonials across the internet profess to the QUALITY and CLARITY of Neil Gaiman, with this MasterClass providing you ACCESS to Mastering the said QUALITY and CLARITY!

Is the Neil Gaiman MasterClass Worth the Money?

Considering how Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass can be accessed through MasterClass on a subscription starting at ONLY $10 a month, this MasterClass alone is WELL WORTH the money of subscribing to MasterClass.

Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass is WORTH a LOT more than what you are expected to PAY as a subscriber to MasterClass.

You will NOT learn these things at your local ART SCHOOL! For crying out loud, he is a PROFESSOR at BARD, so best to LEARN from him!

This course is easily accessible, and I don’t think the MasterClass subscription can be more affordable.

neil gaiman course poster

Oh, it is also worth noting that with a subscription to MasterClass, YOU get access to 180+ other courses by industry professionals intended to help you Master various SKILLS!

neil gaiman storytelling masterclass program image
Neil Gaiman MasterClass
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Is the Neil Gaiman MasterClass Recommended?

The Gaiman MasterClass is one of the ONLY online resources that can provide you insight into the works of a GREAT AUTHOR such as Neil Gaiman!

So to conclude this REVIEW, is the Neil Gaiman MasterClass recommended? In the WORLD of STORYTELLING and creative writing, this MasterClass is considered the BEST resource available for aspiring writers looking for direction and guidance in producing a beautiful work of ART!

Gaiman is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for anyone looking to take the ranks of writing more seriously and for those looking at creative writing as a PROFESSION!

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Final Thoughts

The art of writing takes time and patience, and practice to Master. Along your writing journey, you will find the opportunity such as this to LEARN atleast one thing of VALUE to help you IMPROVE your writing SKILLS!

This MasterClass by Gaiman is a VERY VALUABLE inclusion in the MasterClass library, admired and treasured by writers around the WORLD!

If YOU want to take the ART of creative writing more seriously, you should LEARN from the BEST!

The Gaiman MasterClass is considered the BEST resource for young and aspiring writers! (or ANY writer in fact!)


Yes, the Gaiman MasterClass provides an excellent learning experience for beginner writers looking for guidance and direction on their writing journey.

Through the Gaiman MasterClass, you can learn techniques to overcome and prevent writer’s block, as well as other creative writing tips and strategies.

The Gaiman MasterClass costs $10 per month when accessed through a subscription to MasterClass.

Neil Gaiman MasterClass
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Brand Reputation




Overall Score


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Another GREAT pro is how you will LEARN to MASTER the UNIQUE writing perspective needed to write a BESTSELLER!
This is the BIGGEST pro. You get to UNDERSTAND the components of consideration of a GREAT writer who has ATTAINED much by way of RECOGNITION as an Author!
The WORKBOOK, a 94 PAGE document, is intended to be a very USEFUL tool in helping any writer IMPROVE their abilities to TELL a FINE STORY!
Another GREAT pro is how you will LEARN to MASTER the UNIQUE writing perspective needed to write a BESTSELLER!
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
The only downside I could think of was the inability to have our work assessed by Neil Gaiman. If that had been possible, it would have MADE THIS MASTERCLASS MORE THOUSAND times MORE VALUABLE!

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