LinkedIn Learning Review (2024 Upd.) Is it Really Worth it?

Last Updated on June, 2024

The digital age has made learning so much more accessible than our ancestors could have dreamed possible. You can learn everything from rocket science to Greek to psychopharmacology, all from the comfort of your room with online learning platforms.

The only problem you would have with learning something new these days is having WAY TOO MANY learning platforms to choose from. But even that is not a pressing problem thanks to all the reviews you can find from people on the internet! 

LinkedIn is the face of professional development, so unsurprisingly, they have an online learning platform geared towards teaching students many handy skills.

But is LinkedIn Learning actually worth it?

Good thing I’m here to tell you! 

Find out what LinkedIn Learning is like, what I love about it, how much it costs, and more in this LinkedIn Learning review!

 Overall: 4.8/5
linkedin learning logo image
  • Courses available in several languages
  • Access courses anytime, anywhere
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Courses are taught by industry professionals and experts
  •  Clear visualsProvides certificates upon course completion and audio for an enhanced experience
Brand Information
  • Evolved from after LinkedIn’s acquisition in 2015
  • Focuses on professional skill development
  • Targets professionals, students, and lifelong learners
  • Offers courses in business, technology, and creative fields
  • Enables showcasing learning on LinkedIn profiles
Product Benefits
  • Well-produced courses
  • Is relatively affordable compared to other MOOCs
  • There is a ginormous selection of courses available
  • User-friendly platform
  • The courses can function as continuing education unit

What is LinkedIn Learning?

linkedin learning logo

Everyone’s heard of LinkedIn, the go-to social media for professionals, but what exactly is LinkedIn Learning? LinkedIn Learning is a MOOC provider, and MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course.

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform boasting 16,000+ online courses on business, technology, and creative skills.

The LinkedIn platform has video courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level learners and has over 27 million registered users. The LinkedIn Learning platform has both in-depth online courses and quick video lessons.

True to form, all LinkedIn courses aim to improve individuals’ skills and expertise, thus improving their employability. LinkedIn Learning previously used to be known as was one of the first online learning platforms, and it was established in 1995. It offered classes on creative skills, business, and technology until LinkedIn acquired the site in 2015. 

While the site is still up, all classes on Lynda have been transferred onto LinkedIn Learning, and you are directed to visit the LinkedIn Learning site.

How Does LinkedIn Learning Work?

a screenshot of the linkedin learning website homepage

LinkedIn Learning works much like other e-learning platforms.

You can take LinkedIn Learning courses by either:

  • Buying the individual courses you want to take,
  • Watching the sample classes available,
  • Purchasing a monthly or annual subscription plan or
  • Buying the LinkedIn Learning team plan.

If you haven’t used LinkedIn Learning before, you should first sign up for a LinkedIn Learning free trial. If you already have a LinkedIn profile, use the same details to use LinkedIn Learning.

Suppose you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, though. In that case, you can sign up for LinkedIn Learning using your name and email address.

By signing in to LinkedIn Learning, you can gain access to newly released lessons, progress charts, top picks, and recommended lessons. 

The following are the broad range of specific skills you can expect lessons on LinkedIn Learning to cover:

  • Computer Skills
  • Data Analysis
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Job hunting
  • Graphic design
  • Music
  • Animation and Illustration
  • Photography
  • Security Management
  • Software Development
  • CRM Software

Do you think you won’t be able to pick what to learn because of how many options are available? That is not remotely an issue with LinkedIn Learning! 

With this platform, you don’t need to commit to learning a single area. LinkedIn Learning will analyze your interests and recommend all the courses you need to receive a well-rounded education in in-demand skills.

You can also check course ratings and reviews to determine whether the course quality meets your standards. You can view the list of top-performing LinkedIn Learning courses each week!

a screenshot of linkedin learning website page containing roles guides to improve skills involved in trending industries

Who Are the LinkedIn Learning Instructors?

LinkedIn Learning keeps up with its goal of uplifting the standards of its students’ skills by employing only the most qualified instructors.

You can expect to see courses taught by:

  • Best-selling authors
  • CEOs from top firms
  • Internationally renowned speakers
  • Academics 

How Much Does LinkedIn Learning Cost?

In short, the LinkedIn Learning monthly subscription costs $39.99 per month, while the annual subscription costs $24.99 per month.

Purchasing individual courses can cost you between $35 and $40 because the prices of each individual course vary. Keep reading to take a more in-depth look at the LinkedIn Learning cost.  

LinkedIn Learning Subscription

a screenshot of the linkedin subscription plans for individuals

A LinkedIn Learning subscription would give you access to unlimited courses and LinkedIn Premium, offline viewing, course recommendations, and certificates. You will be able to display these course certificates on your LinkedIn profile.

A monthly LinkedIn Premium subscription costs $39.99 per month

On the other hand, an annual LinkedIn Premium subscription costs $24.99 per month. A yearly subscription would save you 38% over the year compared to a monthly subscription. 

Purchase of Individual Courses

Purchasing an individual course will give you access to one course, course recommendations, offline viewing, the course certificate, and a 30-day refund guarantee.

You can preview courses before purchasing them so that you will have an idea of whether the course will work for you or not.

Occasionally, LinkedIn Learning makes some of their shorter courses available for free. These are generally limited-time offers, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Individual courses vary in price but generally cost between $35 and $45

Team Plans

a screenshot of the linkedin subscription plans for teams and organizations

A LinkedIn Learning team plan provides you with the same benefits as a monthly or annual subscription for the most part. However, it also includes benefits catered to your specific business areas!

And with over 13,000 organizations using LinkedIn Learning, you can bet your bottom dollar that this platform is effective for companies.

You must first submit a consultation request to use the LinkedIn Learning team plan. This request should include your company’s name, size, and area of specialization. Then, LinkedIn Learning will consult to determine your specific needs and budget.

Once that is complete, you will be given a free demonstration and a personalized quotation, and you and your organization can get started on your online learning path.

Free Trials and Refund Policy

You can access LinkedIn Learning for free in a few different ways. Firstly, you can enjoy a 1-month free trial if you choose to go for a LinkedIn Learning subscription. 

Or, if you’re purchasing an individual course, you can always preview or sample it before buying it. LinkedIn Learning also makes short courses available for free as a sign of goodwill. So, keep an eye out for that!

LinkedIn Learning offers a 30-day refund guarantee if you purchase an individual online course online. Regarding subscriptions, you won’t be refunded if you cancel. Still, you can cancel whenever you want (even during your free trial!).

However, you will continue to have access to the platform until the next billing period, even after you cancel. 

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LinkedIn Learning
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What is a LinkedIn Learning Lesson Like?

 a screenshot of a linkedin learning course lesson

In general, each LinkedIn Learning course will begin with an introduction to the topic and a look at what you will cover within the online course. The platform’s video courses are super high-quality, including Q&A segments to help you clear doubts.

Their personal notebook feature allows you to take notes as you learn, and the learning groups that accompany various courses are a great way to supplement your learning. You will also find plenty of exercise files and quizzes to test yourself. 

AND following classes is beyond easy because, with LinkedIn Learning, you can access the transcripts! Of course, this is a quick overview of what you can expect from LinkedIn Learning courses. I will take a closer look into a few specific courses in just a bit!

LinkedIn Learning for Business

In addition to their usual subscription-based service, LinkedIn Learning also offers Team Plans for businesses. Regardless of the size of your business, LinkedIn Learning has got you covered. 

Their team plan is designed for smaller companies with 20 or fewer employees, while their plan for organizations is for businesses with 21 or more employees.

LinkedIn Learning for businesses focuses on improving employees’ professional skills through team training and promoting personal development.

To obtain a LinkedIn Learning Team Plan, you must first submit a consultation request with details regarding your business. Then, LinkedIn Learning will consult, determine your organization’s needs, and present you with a personalized quotation.

With the Team Plan, your employees will gain unlimited access to 18,000+ courses, offline viewing, and certificates.

Additionally, here are some extra benefits you can expect from the LinkedIn Learning Team Plan:

  • Personalized technical business content
  • Instruction on highly demanded skills
  • Certification preparation programs
  • Customized education for employee training.

Examples of Popular LinkedIn Learning Courses

LinkedIn Learning displays its most loved courses on its landing page. You can find the trending courses, the new releases, and the shorter-than-30-minute courses all conveniently highlighted. 

a screenshot of linkedin learning courses webpage

Going through these courses is a good idea if you need help figuring out where to start. Look at some of LinkedIn Learning’s most popular courses here! 

Finance for Non-Finance Managers

a screenshot of a popular linkedin course named finance for non financial managers

LinkedIn Learning offers this fantastic finance course with a 4.7 rating. This course is mainly aimed at students who don’t have a strong background in finance.

Instructors: The course is taught by Jim and Katy Stice, both professors of Accounting at Brigham Young University.

They have a combined experience of 60 years in the realm of finance. Jim Stice has co-authored three textbooks on accounting, and Katy Stice has been presented with awards from three universities for top-notch teaching.

Course Content: This course covers how to apply accounting principles to the daily workings of your business, the importance of financial ratio analysis, and the differences between different kinds of taxes, among other areas. 

Course Materials: 33 video lessons, chapter quizzes, exercise files, an end-of-course exam, a LinkedIn Learning certificate, and a continuing education unit.

Brand and Marketing Integration

a screenshot of a popular linkedin course named brand and marketing integration my dina shapiro

This is one of LinkedIn Learning’s most popular marketing courses, with a 4.6 rating. 

It’s excellent for individuals working in marketing who want to push their potential and include integration strategies in the running of their businesses.

Instructor: This course is taught by brand strategist and marketing executive Dina Shapiro. She is the founder of Yorkville Consulting, and she teaches at the ANA School of Marketing. Her extensive background in both marketing and teaching makes her a perfect instructor!

Course Content: Learn all about the different types of integration and how to fit marketing objectives within these frameworks.

Course Materials: 24 video lessons, chapter quizzes, exercise files, an end-of-course examination and certificate, continuing education units, and learning groups.

Creating and Managing a YouTube Channel

a screenshot of a popular linkedin course named creating and managing a youtube channel

Have you always wanted to become a YouTuber? 

Well, now’s your chance because this course will help you grasp the ins and outs of YouTube and make content creation a piece of cake.

Creating and Managing a YouTube Channel course has a 4.7 rating, so you know you’re in good hands.

Instructor: The course is taught by Richard Harrington, a Digital Video Expert and certified instructor for both Adobe and Apple. He is the founder of RHED Pixel, a visual communications company, and a National Association of Photoshop Professionals Instructor Dream Team member.

Course Content: Find out the secrets to creating and monetizing content, building a dedicated subscriber base, and boosting engagement.

Course Materials: 58 video classes, exercise files, and a LinkedIn Learning certificate.

How to Find the Best LinkedIn Learning Course for You?

a screenshot of linkedin learning containing all technology courses offered

What if I told you I could read your mind?

Right now, you’re thinking, “How can I find the right course on LinkedIn Learning out of the thousands of courses on there??”

That task sure sounds like a needle in a haystack situation. At least, that’s what I thought it would be like until I actually tried the platform out for myself.

The main concerns I had before using the platform were whether there would be a lot of courses covering the same exact topics and whether there would be outdated information I would have to weed out on my learning path.

And YES. Many courses covered the same areas; some classes were published in 2014. However, while my concerns were realized, they were not as big of an issue as I had envisioned.

This is because the LinkedIn Learning subscription gives you unlimited access to all LinkedIn Learning courses, so you can test out classes to your heart’s content. If you’re not vibing with a course, you can jump ship and pick a different course at no extra cost.

So, my biggest tip for finding the perfect learning path for you is to be open to trying out the available courses. The right course for you may not be the first one you choose to try, but soon enough, you will hit the jackpot.

Trying a lot of courses will also boost the platform’s algorithm to cater better to your interests. 

You can speed up this process by looking up the instructors’ profiles before starting each course. You can look at your instructor’s LinkedIn profile, conveniently linked to each course page.

LinkedIn Learning is also constantly updated with new content, increasing the catalog of skills covered. This means you will always have brand-new, accurate information, even though the platform has older courses.

Aside from these tips, add your interests and industry when you sign up for a free trial so that it becomes infinitely more straightforward for you to find relevant courses. Additionally, you can use the search bar to filter for course length, topic, rating, etc.

What I Loved About LinkedIn Learning…

linkedin learning features

Learning is Made Convenient and Affordable

One of the most enormous benefits of LinkedIn Learning is that you can learn in your own time, at your own pace. As someone who doesn’t have the time for in-person classes, having the option to learn at my own pace is a godsend. 

And because I have full access to all lessons with my subscription, I can always go back to review previous studies and refresh my knowledge.

Additionally, the difference is glaringly obvious if you compare LinkedIn Learning pricing to the cost of a traditional university education. 

LinkedIn Learning is a highly affordable option for people looking to learn new skills but don’t have the budget for a university qualification.

And because LinkedIn Learning operates on the same platform employers scour to discover your credibility, there’s no reason LinkedIn Learning wouldn’t be your top pick!

User-Friendly Platform

LinkedIn Learning legit has an exceptionally user-friendly interface.

LinkedIn Learning’s user interface is easy to navigate and designed to consider your schedule.

The platform facilitates offline viewing and provides rankings for courses so that you can tell at a glance whether a course is well-received.

All these features and more make LinkedIn Learning a straightforward platform to use!.

downloadable offline viewing option in linkedin courses

Huge Variety of Courses to Choose From

LinkedIn Learning’s catalog of classes is HUGE. Under the Business, Technology, and Creative categories, you can find courses to help you learn anything you fancy.

For example, suppose you’re interested in learning what it takes to be a Project Manager. In that case, you only have to take the courses under that tab.

The same goes if you’re interested in business analysis, human resource management, graphic design, accounting, data analysis- the list goes on and on!

Purchasing a subscription plan means you will have full access to all these learning paths. The opportunities are truly endless!

Provides Certificates of Completion

Standing out in the job market can be challenging because competition is rough out there, man.

However, the certificates awarded to you by LinkedIn Learning after the completion of a course give you the spotlight you need.

LinkedIn Learning is backed by 78% of Fortune 100 companies, meaning the platform is well-reputed.

Their certifications, therefore, are taken into consideration by employers.

This is especially true because LinkedIn will display your LinkedIn Learning certifications on your LinkedIn profile for the easy viewing of potential employers. 

linkedin course completion certificate

Networking Opportunities

All courses on LinkedIn Learning are taught by industry experts. This means that, apart from benefiting from high-quality lessons, you can easily connect with a professional in your field.

If you need more than that, you can also connect with students in your profession. Building up such relationships is an integral part of your professional learning paths. 

Things That Could Be Improved

Completion Certificates Are Not Accredited

As great as the LinkedIn Learning certifications are, they are not provided to you by an accredited institution. The fact that it is awarded by LinkedIn may give it some credibility. However, some employers may overlook this and choose not to consider the qualification.

You cannot transfer credits from LinkedIn Learning towards a university program, either.  

Course Subjects Are Limited

Yes, there are a countless number of courses on LinkedIn Learning. However, if you want to learn skills outside the realms of Business, Creative, and Technology, you’ll be out of luck here. 

Website Design Makes Plain Bread Look Exciting

Now, this may seem like I’m complaining about the jewel placement on an intricate gold crown- BUT hear me out.

Learning is always more effective when it is made appealing. No one likes to learn in a bland classroom with just a teacher droning on for hours at a stretch.

Similarly, I would have loved it if LinkedIn Learning’s website design had a bit more pizzazz.

Their web design is made to look as professional as possible.

Still, it comes off as bland and lacking creativity in my eyes. Sure, it is highly user-friendly. But a bit of color and excitement couldn’t hurt!

a screenshot of the website design in linkedin learning

Some Courses Can Feel Overly Corporate

This may also seem very nitpicky, but I noticed that some of the courses also suffered from the overly professional nature of the site. The instructors enthusiastically deliver their rehearsed lines, but they still appear rehearsed and unnatural. 

This lack of personality in the classes takes away from their memorability. And when it comes to learning, memorability is super important. There’s a reason why the best teachers always sprinkle in personal anecdotes!   

Who is LinkedIn Learning for?

LinkedIn Learning courses are ideal for:

  • Individuals who are passionate about learning new skills and always seeking to improve their skills
  • Anyone interested in exploring the business, creative, and technological fields of expertise.
  • Professionals looking to get on a learning path that will help boost their career and keep them in touch with their specific skill.
  • Students who are aiming to strengthen their employability.
  • People who do not have the time to commit to in-person classes.

How Can You Open a LinkedIn Learning Account?

a screenshot of the linkedin learning get started page

Opening a LinkedIn Learning account is so simple you could do it with your eyes closed!

Regardless, here is a rundown of how to open a LinkedIn Learning account:

  • Firstly, open your browser and visit
  • If you already have a LinkedIn account, sign in to LinkedIn Learning with your email/phone number and password.
  • You will be redirected to a “Join Now” page if you don’t already have a LinkedIn account.
  • Once you do that, you can sign in to LinkedIn Learning!

After you’ve signed up, you can begin browsing through all the videos available. The video lessons are separated into three main categories: Business, Technology, and Creative.

Each category also contains the subsections Subjects, Software, and Learning Paths.

Can You Buy LinkedIn Learning As a Gift?

Yes, you can buy LinkedIn Learning as a gift. However, you can only purchase and gift individual courses, not a subscription plan.

Gifting individual courses, though, is really simple to do.

Firstly, click on the “Share” arrow in the upper right corner of any video lesson. Click on “LinkedIn” from the dropdown menu.

Preview your post and select which individual/connection you want to share the lesson with. You can also share the course with your entire network, which is pretty darn cool! Once you’re ready to present the course as a gift, click “Share” once more. 

linkedin learning logo image
LinkedIn Learning
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What Other Users Have to Say?

To ensure this LinkedIn Learning review is as helpful and unbiased as possible, I went through countless forums to find out what people REALLY think about LinkedIn Learning.

In general, almost every user has found LinkedIn Learning courses and learning paths to be very helpful in picking up new skills. 

The most disputed issue among users is whether LinkedIn Learning certificates can in any way increase your chances of landing a job. Below are some comments I gathered from Reddit that summarize the sentiments expressed by most users.

The instructors are very good, and they walk you through everything from setup to finishing a project. Also they have courses for each level so beginner, intermediate and advanced. In terms of quality of teaching on LinkedIn vs Udemy, I would say LinkedIn is more consistently superior over Udemy, mainly because Udemy instructors are making their own content, and sometimes the instructor’s personalities get in the way for one reason to another. LinkedIn courses look, feel and sound professional.
I’m still on the trial month of LinkedIn Learning and so far i’m really enjoying it and i didnt really expect it but i’m learning a lot. I’m taking digital marketing related courses but since i just got a new camera ive also been enjoying the photography courses. But yes i think i’ll be subscribing monthly after the trial month ends.
As someone who sometimes takes part in the interviewing process (IT): I always look at the candidate’s linkedin profile. If there were some certifications I would notice them and I guess they might help a tiny bit. Not in the sense that I would automatically assume you know what the certification says you do, but I would probably ask some questions related to the certification and it would give you more opportunity to speak and sell yourself during the interview. So I guess it could be a double edged sword – if you have some certificate, make sure you can say something meaningful about the course.
I run a nonprofit where part of what I do is teach people to get jobs using LinkedIn, so I work with the platform a lot… I’d say no. Any courses you can buy off of a website that don’t give you a certification from some accredited institution will not land you a job, or carry any weight with recruiters. These courses can also be made by any random person online who wants to make a course, so if I make a course on CPR and I don’t even know it, so if you put that on your resume… it means nothing

Pros and Cons of the LinkedIn Learning Platform

Here is a quick overview of LinkedIn Learning pros and cons.


All courses are instructed by experts in their fields.
Well-produced courses.
Is relatively affordable compared to other MOOCs.
There is a ginormous selection of courses available.
User-friendly platform.
The courses can function as continuing education units.


Certificates are not accredited.
Website design is boring.
Some courses can feel overly corporate.
No one-on-one interaction with the instructor.

Alternatives to LinkedIn Learning

Here are some LinkedIn Learning alternatives you can check out if interested!


Skillshare is a budget-friendly learning platform like LinkedIn Learning that offers classes on all things creative.

Their learning paths can take you on journeys to master productivity, singing, animation, Adobe Lightroom- you name it! 

Skillshare content is presented well, making it easily digestible.A yearly subscription to Skillshare costs $168, which converts to $14 per month.

However, the main difference between Skillshare and LinkedIn Learning is that anyone can upload lessons onto Skillshare. 

This can put the quality of lessons on the platform at stake. 

Interested in learning more about Skillshare? Check it out here.

Skillshare logo


Udemy is another excellent alternative for LinkedIn Learning.

Their platform has a jaw-dropping 180,000+ courses on topics ranging from arts and crafts to technology and business.

They are affordably priced, and they also offer around 500 classes for free! However, like with Skillshare, anyone can upload their classes on Udemy.

This causes the quality of their lessons to be inconsistent.

Content layout and content can differ significantly across the platform because no team overlooks it.

udemy logo


Coursera was founded in 2012 and now has over 92 million users.

The platform has partnered up with over 275 leading universities to bring quality online education into the homes of countless individuals.

Coursera covers various topics, including history, music, art, humanities, business, computer science, health, engineering, etc.

You can also take several of their classes completely free of charge!

The main difference between LinkedIn Learning and Coursera is that Coursera will not give you the networking opportunities that LinkedIn Learning does.

You can also read our detailed comparison of Coursera vs LinkedIn Learning.

coursera logo


MasterClass is an incredible platform that offers courses in writing, cooking, decorating, singing, and more, all taught by celebrities!

Some examples of courses include Leadership with Bill Clinton, Tennis by Serena Williams, Filmmaking by James Cameron, and The Art Of Storytelling by Neil Gaiman.

The quality of their video lessons is beyond this world, and their course structures are exceptionally well thought out.

Their plans start at $120 per year, which is excellent if you consider how unique their content is. 

masterclass logo

However, unlike LinkedIn Learning, they don’t offer a free trial or a monthly subscription plan. 

Learn more about this platform here.

Other e-learning platforms reviewed:

Bottomline: Is LinkedIn Learning Worth it?

And now it’s time for me to answer the BIGGEST question of this LinkedIn Learning review.

Is LinkedIn Learning worth it?

And the answer is…

*Drumroll please*

Yes, LinkedIn Learning is worth it!

The platform has thousands of high-quality courses taught by vetted professionals, and the website is super user-friendly. A subscription plan gives you unlimited access to all the courses on the platform so you can try classes out to your heart’s content. 

Being able to go for a free trial to try out the platform is also a great plus point! Overall, LinkedIn Learning is a wonderful way to learn new skills required for your current job or a different one altogether. 

I hope you found this LinkedIn Learning review helpful, and I wish you only the best in your learning journey!


Yes, LinkedIn Learning can significantly increase your chances of getting hired. According to LinkedIn, job seekers with their Learning certificates have a 9% higher chance of getting hired compared to those without them. With the high-quality learning material provided by LinkedIn Learning, you can improve your skill set and boost your career prospects. Whether you’re planning a career change or seeking to enhance your professional development, LinkedIn Learning is a great resource to support your job search.

A monthly subscription costs $39.99 and an annual subscription costs $24.99 per month. Individual courses can range from $35 to $45. Team Plans have personalized pricing quotes available.

Yes, LinkedIn Certificates are worth it! They can boost your resume and serve as continuing education units to maintain official certifications and stay updated with valuable skills.

Yes, a LinkedIn Learning app is available on the Apple and Google App Stores. It has a 4.8 star rating on the Apple App Store and 4.7 on the Google Play Store. This app offers all of the main features from the browser version and also allows for downloading videos for offline viewing on mobile devices.

You can definitely add it to your resume as a way of demonstrating your new skills and expertise. It will also be displayed on your LinkedIn profile for peers and potential employers to view.

LinkedIn Learning can be used in 7 languages, which are English, German, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish. This may vary depending on the course.

LinkedIn Learning
linkedin learning logo image




Overall Score


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All courses are instructed by experts in their fields.
User-friendly platform.
Well-produced courses.
There is a ginormous selection of courses available.
Is relatively affordable compared to other MOOCs.
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
Certificates are not accredited.
Website design is boring.

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