How Often Does Udemy Have Sales? When is the Next One?

Last Updated on June, 2024

Why spend so much money when you can buy a Udemy course for half price or even lower? Udemy is well-known for offering sales and discounts. 

But how often does Udemy have sales? Let’s find out!

Quick Summary

Udemy holds sales throughout the year, focusing on specific holidays, events, and seasonal campaigns.

The platform offers various types of sales, including site-wide, category-specific, country-specific, and course-specific discounts.

The strategy behind continuous sales is to create urgency, motivate users and instructors, differentiate from competitors, and ultimately drive profits.

About Udemy

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Udemy is a major online learning platform that is popular worldwide. This platform is renowned for offering many courses. These courses are on-demand so that you can work at your own pace.

Udemy offers over 213,000 courses on every possible topic, from Business to Finance to music and many more! 

At the same time, it has over 64 million users along with over 75,000 instructors. Yes, this is a massive learning network that provides knowledge on new skills. 

Besides, Udemy courses come in 75 languages, so if English is not your first language, don’t worry; Udemy courses got you! 

How Often Does Udemy Have Sales? 

Most people who are interested in online courses are keen on Udemy sales and wonder how often Udemy has sales! Well, believe it or not, Udemy courses go on sale all year! 

Most of the time, they focus on specific holidays or events and seasonal campaigns. It means you can buy courses for affordable prices every time of the year! 

The dynamic and continuous sales that Udemy offers are given below:

  • January – New Year sale, End of the Month sale
  • February – Valentine’s Day sale
  • March – Buy More, Save More sale
  • April – Easter sale, Own Your Education sale
  • May – Mothers’ Day Special Sale
  • June and July – Summer Sales
  • August and September – Back to School sale
  • October and November – Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, Halloween, and Black Friday sale
  • December – Christmas sale

Types of Udemy Sales

Udemy sales come in four main types: 

  • Site-wide sales
  • This happens once a month. The course prices are as low as $11.99 for almost all the courses on Udemy. You can buy online courses for low prices without paying the full price. But there is yet to be a specific date in the month for this sale. 
  • Category-specific sale
  • You can get category-specific sales for a particular category of course that Udemy offers. For instance, if Udemy chooses a specific type, such as computer science, you can get deals for the desired course in the computer science category. 
  • Country-specific sale
  • Udemy offers sales for certain countries they choose. If you are interested in a course and live in the selected country, you can enjoy this Udemy sale. 
  • Course-specific sale
  • Udemy offers huge discounts on particular courses on Udemy. Sometimes they offer discounts of up to 95%.

Other than under these major categories, Udemy offers discounts for new platform students. If you are new to Udemy, you will be showered with various course sales.

You can purchase popular courses for low prices once you create a Udemy account for the first time.

Are Udemy Sales Legit? If So, How Much Can You Save?

Since Udemy courses are always on sale, people wonder whether these sales are legit! Well, Udemy sales are 100% legit, and you do not have to hesitate to purchase them. 

The discount range depends on the time of the year and according to the type of the sale. If you are eyeing a particular course for sale, you can find the same course for a low price when the courses are on sale. 

At the same time, Udemy’s courses get special offers during certain times of the year. These offers are the most significant sales; you can get 90% off on the best online courses. 

Does Udemy Always Have Sales?

As Udemy is well-known for its sales, people wonder whether Udemy has sales 24/7. Yes, Udemy always has sales!

You can see a sale or promotional discount on their official website. Yet, note that no matter how many deals they have, not every course is on sale.

Why Does Udemy Always Have Sales?

Udemy organizes hundreds of sales as a part of its marketing strategy. You might wonder whether they profit due to the high sales load. Believe it or not, they make tons of profit out of these Udemy sales.

Below are the reasons why Udemy always has sales. 

Urgency Marketing

Urgency marketing is the main reason behind a Udemy sale. They use this marketing strategy to attract learners to their platform. They display that the sale will end soon and compel them to purchase a Udemy course.

Motivate Existing Customers

This is similar to the fact we discussed above. Another reason Udemy has sales is to motivate the current users to purchase more.

They believe that frequent sales make the existing students stay on the platform. Udemy sales and discounts trigger them to explore more Udemy courses and purchase more courses. 

Motivate Instructors

Udemy instructors get benefits from increased course enrollments according to Udemy’s revenue-sharing model. Hence, sales and discounts motivate instructors to promote their courses. This is beneficial for both instructors and Udemy. 

Stand Out Within the Market Competition

Since many online learning platforms exist, standing out takes a lot of work. Regular sales grab the users’ attention and attract them to the platform. It makes Udemy stand high within the crowd.

To Gain Profit

Udemy makes more profits out of frequent sales than you ever think. They earn quite a lot as their user engagement is noticeably high. 

How Do You Get the Best Price for Udemy Sales?

As Udemy has on-demand and on-element courses, make sure you make the most out of it. 

When you log into Udemy, you must have noticed that they use banners to inform you that certain sales will end soon or that you missed a sale on a few courses. 

However, they have not increased the price or ended the sale; they only show the particular banner to your device. Flabbergasted but creepy, right?!

Here are some tips to get the best price for sales on Udemy. 

Sign up for the first time.

  • When you sign up for a Udemy course, the new students will get special discounts and sales. You can start a particular course with deals even though you are new to the platform. 

Use Incognito mode or private browsing to log in.

  • If you have already signed up for Udemy, the first trick does not work. Alternatively, you can use the incognito mode or private browsing to browse for Udemy courses that go on sale. 

Clear cache and cookies

  • When you clear your cache and cookies, they cannot track your device using the cookies. So they have no clue whether you have seen a particular sale. Clear the cache and refresh the course page. Then, the website will show you the actual sales and price drops available. 


  • You can also use a VPN to get the best prices on Udemy courses. 

Why Do Some Udemy Courses Never Go on Sale?

Some Udemy Courses never go on sale, no matter how much you wait. These courses are not even included in site-wide sales. 

The reason is that the instructors can decide whether their courses go on sale. Some instructors choose not to have their specific course on sale. 

You can check this for sure by checking the site-wide sale. If the specific course you seek is not there, it never goes on sale. 

Otherwise, you can check by messaging the instructor using the messaging system on Udemy. 

When is the Next Udemy Sale? 

The ‘next’ sale on Udemy always depends on when you check the website. As sales are going on all the time, we assure you the ‘next sale’ is always available. 

Check on the major holidays or events and seasonal campaigns to enjoy the sales. 

For instance, there are Valentine’s Day sales in February and Buy More, Save More sales in March..

What are the Most Popular Udemy Courses?

Udemy offers over 213,000 courses on its platform in various categories. Those categories, along with the most popular Udemy courses, are listed below. 

Are There Free Courses on Udemy?

Indeed, Udemy offers free courses! You can follow a free online course on Udemy according to your preferences. 

There are a lot and all you have to do is search for free courses on Udemy.

How Much Does Udemy Courses Cost? 

a screenshot of udemy business pricing plans

Udemy Pricing is more straightforward than other learning platforms. Udemy courses are individually priced, and you can singly purchase them. 

The paid courses range from $12.99 to $199.99. You get lifetime access to the courses, including the video, audio, textual resources, and other course material. 

Udemy also has a subscription service called Personal Plans. It comes with a 7-day free trial. You get access to over 10,500 courses. 

Get to know more about the pricing of Udemy Platform.

Are Udemy Courses Worth Buying During the Sales?

Udemy courses worth buying during the sales! Udemy provides courses for 75% to 95% off during the sales. 

Note that the quality of a Udemy course does not depend on the price. It always depends on the type of Udemy course you choose and the credentials of the course instructor. 

The best thing is that you get a certificate of completion after you finish the Udemy courses. 

Even though Udemy runs sales throughout the year, it is incompatible with some people. There are alternatives to Udemy for those who do not prefer this platform. 

For instance, Skillshare, LinkedIn Learning, and MasterClass are a few Udemy alternatives. All three platforms offer free trials. 

If you are looking at the fields of Maths and Science, Brilliant is the best for you. They offer free trials as well. 

If you want to take creative classes, Domestika is good for you. At the same time, Udacity

provides the best software and technology courses. Besides, sign up for Learn from Fiverr to master your Freelance skills. 

If the online course you seek is off Udemy, you can check these alternatives for better online courses. 

You can also choose between a paid course and a free course on these platforms


Yes, Udemy frequently offers sales.

Udemy has sales throughout the year.

Yes, Udemy offers a Cyber Monday Sale.

Udemy is not expensive; it offers courses starting at around $10.

Yes, some people do buy Udemy courses at full price, although many wait for frequent sales or use coupons to get discounts.


Sales on Udemy are a great deal to enhance your skills in different fields. Sign up for their Email list to stay updated about their new sales and discounts. Also, keep an eye on their website to see ongoing sales, promotions, and discounts! 

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