Answers to our most common questions:

Our tutoring is extremely flexible in scheduling and logistics. Your student decides what dates and times to conduct the tutoring sessions. Our tutors arranges their schedules accordingly. The tutoring session is conducted via Skype, in a live, 1-to-1 video conferencing. This enables both sides to use parts of the day that wouldn’t be possible to use in a traditional, brick-and-mortar tutoring center setting. Our tutor uses the practice results and performance analytics from your student’s app to create the perfect lesson plan for each tutoring session.

While students have similar test scores, each student becomes unique when it comes to personal strengths and weaknesses. That is why our starting point in tutor selection is the app-based performance analytics. We don’t finalize our tutor selection until your student completes the Diagnostic Tests in our mobile apps. In most cases, a total of 50 questions practiced by your student gives us a great deal of data to evaluate what your student will need in the first 6-8 hours of tutoring. Based on your student’s diagnostic data and target score, our Tutoring Operations team will handpick the right tutor to work with your student. As our data-driven technology allows us to evaluate how big of an impact each of our tutors creates in specific subjects, we assign the right tutor to your student to maximize the learning impact in the shortest timeframe.

We have the world’s most popular test prep apps when it comes to the New SAT and the ACT exams. With millions of questions practiced every month in our mobile apps, we are able to determine the precise specifications of each question in our system. As your student practices in our apps, our system updates your students’ estimate score, strengths, weaknesses and future workout assignments continuously. In our test prep and tutoring programs, students contribute the majority of their practice efforts in these mobile apps.

Students using traditional test prep spend countless hours practicing random tests page after page from a test prep book. In our mobile apps, our Mastery Engine evaluates your student’s strengths and weaknesses in real-time, and creates the perfect test with the optimal levels of difficulty for each subject. This is one of the reasons why we have partnered with the leading Researchers in UCLA Learning Lab and developed one of the first practical applications of Desirable Difficulties paradigm.

With millions of students practicing the same questions, our technology enables a “DNA analysis” of every single question you answer. Your student can understand how long it takes for other students to answer the very same question you just practiced, see what answer choices were the most tricky, and explore the difficulty rating of the question in each subject area.

Across our two apps ACT Up and SAT Up, your student has access to more than 6,000 questions for New SAT and ACT practice. Even better, our expert tutors keep adding new ones every single day. We have more questions than 10 test prep books combined. Most of our students reach their target scores by practicing less than 25% of our question catalog.

We offer the world’s only test prep companion technology designed exclusively for the parents. In addition to all the feedback your student receives in the app, as a parent, you are able to review your student’s practice history, score improvement graphs, and many more in our web-based Parents Dashboard website. Your account is securely connected with as many students as you have, and you can seamlessly switch between each student and between ACT and SAT practice results. Parents Dashboard product features are provided free-of-charge to our parents. You just need to encourage your student to keep on practicing!

More than 20% of our parents keep track of 2+ students with our tool, as their students continue their tutoring programs with us. So, yes, you can have as many students as you have with a single Parents Dashboard account. You can use our student summary page to switch between different students and add personalized tutoring plans to each student. We even create 2-to-1 tutoring plans if you want to have your students collaborate during and outside our tutoring sessions.

With thousands of students using our apps and data-driven tutoring program, we are able to measure how tutoring sessions and practice activity create score improvement. Our data-driven tutoring technology, developed by some of the finest engineers and data scientists in Silicon Valley, California, gives us the opportunity to guarantee score improvement outcomes based on specific number of tutoring hours and practice activity.

Practice and tutoring are two indispensable components of a successful test prep plan. Tutoring is a very powerful learning experience, but the student needs to put the new learning into action after every tutoring session to internalize the teaching properly. Therefore, our guarantee requires the student to put in the regular practice activity in our apps. Most of our guaranteed plans will require the student to practice 70-150 questions in our mobile apps on a weekly basis. As long as the student’s practice activity requirements are met, our score improvement guarantee stands.

The score improvement guarantee is a downside protection to the student and the parent. Obviously, we want your student to succeed and get done with test prep. In the event that your student doesn’t get the score improvement in the official test, we offer you the same test prep package at no extra cost for the next scheduled exam date. If your student is not in a position to take any other exam due to application deadlines, we offer a full refund on your package purchase.

The short answer is “very accurate”. Because we have millions of data points on hundreds of thousands of students, we don’t merely count correct and missed questions in your student’s practice activity. Instead, each question in our system impacts our score estimations differently, based on how difficult the question is to other students and how much time students take to answer. Based on this, we are able to estimate student’s scores from the very beginning of our tutoring program.

Our Tutoring Operations team will reach out to you immediately to start designing the specifics of your test prep plan once your purchase is completed. The most important aspect of the initial experience is the first tutoring session. We help you schedule that session by making sure your student downloads our apps and completes the Diagnostic Test and by getting your student’s availability window for the next few days. Our tutoring sessions are designed around your student’s specific weaknesses and strengths. Therefore, our Tutoring Operations team strives to ensure that our tutor has enough information on your student before the first session takes place.

There are a few best practices we recommend to our parents. First and foremost, Parents Dashboard gives you the ability to get notified via email every time your student completes a practice. A solid behavior for the parent is to review the results and to share some encouraging feedback with the student while the results are fresh. Traditional test prep is a quite solitary experience but it doesn’t need to be. With our transparency, you can contribute to your student’s motivation by providing timely encouragement as he/she continues to put in practice efforts. Another great opportunity for you as a parent is to engage in active learning. When you realize that your student is missing certain questions or is weak in certain subjects, you can take the initiative and work with your student on those specific issues. Many of our parents do so time to time and report a great bonding experience with their students. Obviously, as a parent, you might not be equipped to help your student for the entire test prep challenge. In that case, you can follow the footsteps of many of our parents, and upgrade to a personalized test prep and tutoring package for your student. We will find the right tutor given your student’s goals and subject strengths, and start working towards the goal with a guaranteed and personalized test prep plan.

Unlike many other test prep companies, we only want to hold onto your money if you are absolutely sure that we are your student’s best partner in the test prep journey. Therefore, we offer First-Hour Guarantee. After you complete your package purchase, you still have the 100% risk-free provision to conduct the first tutoring session and make a final decision about our program. Our Tutoring Operations team will work with you and your student to schedule the first session. After the session is completed, you will have two clear options. Either you are 100% delighted with our system and you want to continue with us, or you are not 100% satisfied. In the case that you were not 100% satisfied, we offer a no-questions-asked full refund for your initial purchase. Regardless of how much you have paid for, you have the option to get it back after the first session.

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