Daniel Pink Sales MasterClass Review (2024 Upd.) Worth it?

Last Updated on June, 2024

When it comes to success, you know that MOTIVATION and SELF-BELIEF are very important!

This MasterClass by Daniel Pink will help you Master the Art of Persuasion and Selling.

In the words of Daniel, we are all salespeople, and it is important that we all learn and master the means of becoming EXCELLENT salespeople. 

This MasterClass review will dive into great depth to help you better understand whether this MasterClass is worth the investment cost.

After careful consideration, ScoreBeyond will provide a VERDICT on whether the MasterClass by Daniel is recommendable or NOT.

You can TRUST ScoreBeyond ONLY to recommend the BEST!

 Overall: 4.9/5
Daniel Pink MasterClass program front page screenshot
Product Effectivenes
Brand Reputation
  • Consists of 16 video lessons with an average runtime of 11 minutes each
  • Introduces the concept of a “Discussion Map”
  • Ideal for mastering interviews, job acquisition, and persuasion skills
  • Flexible learning pace; can easily be completed within a week
  • Provides a 16-step process to understand sales and persuasion
Brand Information
  • MasterClass was founded in 2015 by David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen
  • Based in San Francisco, California
  • Has a global reach, with students from over 100 countries
  • All-access subscription costs $180 per year
  • Offers interactive assignments and access to a community of learners
  • MasterClass offers over 100 courses
Product Benefits
  • This online course focuses on effective learning
  • MasterClass provides useful techniques which can have a real impact
  • This MasterClass also guides you to self-motivate yourself
  • Access to new ideas when it comes to increasing sales as an Author.
  • This online course will help you improve your communication skills.
  • The online course is NOT too long, and the video content is entertaining

What is the Daniel Pink Masterclass?

Daniel Pink MasterClass front page

This MasterClass is one of the BEST online courses for mastering the Art of SALES and PERSUASION.

This MasterClass will not only help you master interviews and the process of getting a job, but it will also teach you various PERSUASION skills, which allow you to be the MASTER of your destiny!

Primarily speaking, Daniel Pink is an AMERICAN AUTHOR who brings you his MasterClass on sales and persuasion.

As you can tell, a proper understanding of persuasive framing is very important for any writer or author in dialogue and general life.

This MasterClass will help you better define and understand persuasive framing, allowing you to become a BETTER more SKILLED individual!

You may ask yourself, do I really NEED a PERSUASION MasterClass?

Well, the answer to this question rests on whether you benefit from persuading someone to consider your opinion or product.

So whether it is the sale of a piece of ART or a BOOK, this MasterClass will help you better understand how to persuade the general audience to entertain YOUR work!

So, for any writer, this MasterClass by Daniel on Sales and Persuasion is one that could provide to be EXTREMELY VALUABLE!

What’s Included in the Daniel Pink MasterClass?

This MasterClass is composed primarily of 16 VIDEO lessons. In the video lessons, Daniel uses the ART of persuasion to capture YOUR attention to teach and inspire you to better understand the ART of persuasion and sales.

The average runtime of these video lessons is around 11 minutes. This means these videos are NOT too long and are EASY to digest and understand, not to mention VERYENTERTAINING!

Daniel talks about his time as a political speechwriter for people like Vice President Al Gore. FACTS like this make him a VALUABLE resource when understanding how to write PERSUASIVE and REVOLUTIONARY dialogue!

The lesson on CREATING a Discussion Map is one that is PARTICULARLY impressive. 

Using a discussion map allows you to familiarize yourself with the broader topics within a title; this allows you to expand on perspective, considering the depth of the practical tips.

In this MasterClass, Daniel explains why it is important that you stay decent in the selling process. You don’t want to adopt unfair means and techniques in persuading someone to do something.

Think of this MasterClass as an interrogative self-talk. I’m sure you have your reasons for considering this MasterClass. What I can tell you after viewing and absorbing the content, this MasterClass can have a HUGE impact on your everyday life.

This MasterClass could contain just the tip you need as Daniel shares secret insider insight, which could be VERY valuable to ANY business owner!

Daniel Pink MasterClass program front page screenshot
Daniel Pink MasterClass
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Who is Daniel Pink’s MasterClass Most Suited for?

Daniel Pink MasterClass lesson 1 screenshot

Maybe you want to write the NEXT Pixar movie, or maybe you are just looking for self-motivation to help you better manage bad news, which can be common in the creative industry. 

This MasterClass is for anyone making essential questions about human psychology with regard to sales. This MasterClass is the right course if you want to learn from a sales guru such as Daniel and raise money for whatever you NEED!

This MasterClass gives you an ALL-ACCESS PASS to insight from the AUTHOR of great BOOKS such as FREE AGENT NATION!

You will be provided social proof of pitching better, and Daniel’s recommendations could also help you LAND that PIXAR pitch!

This MasterClass is also good for those looking to understand how the brain work to get a better idea of how to persuade in group settings.

Now, this does not mean tricking people; Daniel puts it simply as possible; it is IMPORTANT that you remain a decent human being!

This MasterClass is great for those looking to self-motivate themselves or people they know. This MasterClass is PERFECT for those looking to Master the means to self-motivate themselves.

This MasterClass offered in video format is Daniel’s instruction on what you NEED to know when it comes to being BETTER at selling and convincing people to go with your ideas!

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How Much Does Daniel Pink’s MasterClass Cost?

MasterClass is an online learning platform with 180+ courses from LEADERS in various industries. Hence, through ACCESS to the MasterClass, you will get access to 180+ other courses which can TEACH YOU various SKILLS from writing to photography.

This online learning platform provides you access to an online course presented by a RECOGNIZED face (CELEBRITY), with the online course intending to help you Master a specific skill set.

So, how much does ACCESS to this MasterClass cost? MasterClass works on a subscription model, and you can gain access to MasterClass for the remedial amount of $10 a MONTH (subscription model, billed annually).

There are subscriptions for $15 and $20, allowing more people access to the same account through various devices. 

Remember, this single subscription will give you ACCESS to ALL MasterClass courses; hence when it comes to online sales courses, I don’t think you would FIND a more affordable DEAL! (Learn more this platform here.)

How Long Does it Take to Complete the Daniel Pink MasterClass?

When reviewing this source by Daniel Pink, it was necessary that I absorb the content first; Otherwise, this MasterClass review would be unjust!

Now, if you watch ALL the video lessons on this MasterClass in one stretch, you can FINISH this MasterClass in 2 HOURS 57 Minutes!

Daniel Pink’s MasterClass isn’t too long for you to drag it out for weeks to finish the course. 

You can EASILY finish this course within a WEEK, even with a TIGHT schedule.

I didn’t watch this WHOLE MasterClass at a stretch. Some people prefer taking their time during the learning process. This is an online course, and as with any online course, everyone has their own pace of learning.

Daniel Pink MasterClass lessons

What is GREAT about MasterClass is how it gives you complete AUTONOMY to decide on the learning schedule. You can LEARN at your own pace, on your own time, at your own WILL!

It took me two days to finish this MasterClass because I didn’t want to rush through it.

Details on the Structure of the Course

In this MasterClass, Daniel Pink teaches sales and how to perfect your sales techniques. 

The structure of the course allows you to get a BETTER perspective taking into consideration what is important in the act of persuasion.

Sales and persuasion do not come easily for EVERYONE. Some people struggle with the Art of persuasion and selling just about anything.

Pink explains sales and persuasion through a 16-step process, which is a breakdown of information as Daniel Pink explains his views and opinions with regard to sales and persuasion. 

MasterClass courses are known to be PACKED with information, and this course is NODIFFERENT!

Daniel Pink explains things in this MasterClass that only Daniel Pink had previously known. 

In the section on Common Ground, Daniel Pink considers the importance of establishing common ground when it comes to selling or persuasion. The more common ground you can establish, the more TRUST.

This MasterClass provides insight into Daniel Pinks’s perspective, considering the factors necessary for consideration when it comes to REALLY selling YOURSELF!

This MasterClass will teach you NOT to sell yourself short and only EXPECT the MOST out of everything you are capable of!

Further to concepts such as developing a discussion map so you have a framework of ideas that you can explore in a group setting, this MasterClass will also TEACH you how to REALLY make your MESSAGE count!

It is important, regardless of what you are doing, the audience gets the message that you are trying to get across. It is important that you make the message count.

In order to understand how to make YOUR message count, you MUST consider the various things Daniel Pink talks about in this MasterClass!

Daniel Pink MasterClass lessons and total duration

This course is FULL of practical advice from the contributing editor of the Sunday Telegraph! 

If you know anything about Daniel Pink, you would know that he believes there is an inverse relationship between feelings and power and perspective-taking.

This he talks to GREATER depths in this MasterClass, which truly is an INSIGHTFUL window into the beautiful BRAIN of Daniel Pink!

Is the Content in Daniel Pink’s MasterClass Unique?

Nowhere else will you find the ART of self-motivation that Daniel Pink teaches! In this MasterClass, Daniel Pink teaches various things that are only particular to this specific MasterClass!

Hence, when considering the originality of this MasterClass, you MUST understand that it is only through this MasterClass that you could probably gain insight into what Daniel Pink teaches!

Daniel Pink has a very UNIQUE personality, with a unique writing style that he is known for as an author. Hence, obviously, to state this, MasterClass is a ONE-OF-A-KIND ORIGINAL work of ART!

This MasterClass could remain in the relics of humanity and the resources of knowledge.

Though Daniel Pink may go off-ramp during his rants on this MasterClass, there is true value to EVERYTHING he says, and there is MUCH you can learn from this 100% UNIQUE online course that is SURE to help you MASTER the ART of Persuasion and Sales!

Key Things I Learned After Taking the MasterClass

Daniel Pink MasterClass lesson 3 screenshot

There were some very specific things that I managed to pick up on while completing this MasterClass. 

First of all, I love how Daniel Pink describes how we are all salespeople. Since the dawn of man, since the departure from the times of hunting and gathering, sales have become an important aspect of furtherance and well-being. 

It dawned upon me how true Daniel Pink was to consider practically everyone in the human civilization to be amongst the term salespeople. At some point or the other in our lives, we all sell something or the other.

While some sell more than others, the Art of selling and persuasion can be acquired, as Daniel explains in this MasterClass!

Another thing that I learned was that, regardless of what you do, add a LITTLE personal touch when and where appropriate and possible. Adding a personal touch will help you make any PITCH more attractive. (YOU KNOW IT!)

I also picked up on some AMAZING persuasion tips, such as only offering three arguments in support of the cause that you are fighting for. You don’t want to be too opinionated and over-argumentative.

Another thing that I picked up on was the need to narrow options when trying to persuade someone. The problem with broad options during persuasion is simple.

Humans, in general, have the tendency to wonder. So the more options you give them, the more freedom they have to wonder and wander. 

Hence, you must stick to a narrow set of options, amongst which your job will be to persuade the audience to LEAN towards the option that YOU NEED them to stand for, believe, or, in other words, BUY!

MasterClass: Pros & Cons Analysis

This MasterClass by Daniel Pink comes with a BEAUTIFUL set of pros that are in no way outweighed by what looks to be a SINGLE con.

So, let’s start with the Pros of this MasterClass. 


This online course focuses on effective learning
MasterClass provides useful techniques which can have a real impact
This MasterClass also guides you to self-motivate yourself
Access to new ideas when it comes to increasing sales as an Author.
This online course will help you improve your communication skills.
The lesson in making the RIGHT decision
Making the most use of TIME!
The online course is NOT too long, and the video content is entertaining
Daniel Pink makes it a point to make the online course interesting and entertaining for the viewer!


Some people were left craving for more Daniel Pink.
Too short
Too brief

Hence, the only Con that could even be considered was that the course was only about 3 hours long. If this course had been longer and more in-depth, it would have been more USEFUL!

Things I Liked and Didn’t Like About the MasterClass

Daniel Pink MasterClass lesson 6 screenshot

I liked that Daniel Pink made it a point to ensure that humanity was ensured in the process of perfecting the Art of Persuasion. At the end of the day, it is important that you NOT sell your soul or do anything unethical to convince or persuade. 

This firm standing on the ground of ethics made it easy for me to TRUST Daniel in learning to better the Art of Persuasion and selling.

I really liked how the course was broken down and the various segmentation of the 16 video lessons.

The narration was easy to understand, and Daniel was not only very entertaining to watch, but his words surely captured the viewer’s interest throughout the journey of this MasterClass!

In actuality, I liked the length of this course. I don’t usually like too long online courses that contain so much fluff that it makes the whole course useless. 

What did strike me as GREAT with this MasterClass was the lack of fluff. 

Everything Daniel talks about is on point and is relevant to everything that you will be learning through this MasterClass!

I loved that MasterClass allows you to watch, rewind and rewatch each lesson or bits of a lesson as many times as you want. This made sure that I understood everything that was being spoken during the process of completing this MasterClass!

The practical insight and tips from an industry professional such as Daniel attained through this MasterClass could prove VALUABLE to just about ANYONE!

When it comes to things that I didn’t like, in actuality, there was nothing. There were no complaints from my end with regard to the quality and delivery of this MasterClass. The quality of the content was spot on, and the delivery by Daniel was on point!

Daniel Pink MasterClass program front page screenshot
Daniel Pink MasterClass
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Other Customer Testimonials

If you take a second to look through the internet, you will find the floods of comments left by people who have completed this MasterClass by Daniel, thanking him enormously for taking the time to make this MasterClass a reality.

The greater majority of comments and testimonials with regard to this MasterClass are positive, with people praising Daniel for helping them master sales and persuasion. 

daniel pink masterclass customer testimonial 1

While this is the TRUTH of the matter, there are a few off-setting testimonials either left by haters who intentionally try to damage the reputation or by people who do not understand how to value knowledge. 

daniel pink masterclass customer testimonial 2

The only negative testimonial that can be considered as truth is that some people expressed this MasterClass to be too short. Many people were actually left craving for MORE when it came to this specific MasterClass!

Overall, testimonials from around the internet will tell you that this MasterClass by Daniel is probably the BEST resource you have at your disposal if you are trying to perfect the Art of sales and persuasion.

Is the Daniel Pink MasterClass Worth the Money?

Daniel Pink

Considering how accessing the MasterClass by Daniel will only cost a subscription to MasterClass makes this MasterClass well worth the money. 

With a subscription to a single month on MasterClass only costing $10, this MasterClass by Daniel could not be more affordable. 

When it comes to answering the question of whether the MasterClass is actually worth the money, let me put it this way; You will NOT find a BETTER resource that could prove this USEFUL in providing YOU with the skillset necessary to not only believe in YOURSELF but practically sell ANYTHING!

A subscription to MasterClass gives you ACCESS to 180+ other courses, making the monthly cost of access at $10 a worthy investment in pursuit of HIGHER skills and knowledge!

Is the Daniel Pink MasterClass Recommended?

Yes, this MasterClass is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED MasterClass considered one of the MOST Valuable courses in the MasterClass archive.

The MasterClass contains all the insight and information you need to motivate and pump yourself up and the knowledge necessary to help YOU persuade anyone. 

This MasterClass could easily help ANYONE improve their interview skills, making them better communicators. 

Overall, this MasterClass is a Valuable Recommendation for anyone looking to perfect the Art of selling and persuasion.

Final Thoughts

The MasterClass was an eye-opening online course that gave me access to a world of insight I was previously unaware of.

This MasterClass is a valuable investment that could go a LONG way in helping to improve your skillset as an individual.

Whether you have a 9 to 5 job or someone who has their own business or is looking to start their own business, this MasterClass is sure to provide GREAT guidance and direction!

With the subscription to MasterClass starting as low as $10 a MONTH, this MasterClass by Daniel could not be MORE AFFORDABLE!


Yes, the Daniel Pink MasterClass is a useful resource for beginner writers looking to improve their persuasive writing skills.

Through Daniel Pink’s MasterClass, you can gain valuable skills in selling and persuasion, perfecting the art of influencing customers and building strong relationships.

The Daniel Pink MasterClass costs $10 per month for a subscription, which gives access to his class and 180+ other online courses.

Daniel Pink Sales MasterClass
Daniel Pink MasterClass program front page screenshot




Overall Score


visa master amex paypal
This online course focuses on effective learning
MasterClass provides useful techniques which can have a real impact
This online course will help you improve your communication skills.
The online course is NOT too long, and the video content is entertaining
Daniel Pink makes it a point to make the online course interesting and entertaining for the viewer!
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
Some people were left craving for more Daniel Pink.

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