Creative Fabrica Review (2024 Upd.) Is it Really Worth it?

Last Updated on June, 2024

Creative Fabrica is a world of creativity and crafts that will teach you much.

If you are ravaging the internet looking for a place to find all your creative needs in one place, then this is definitely for you.

Once you enter the realm of Creative Fabrica, there’s no looking back. Because you can find crafting resources and tools all in one place, why would you look around anywhere else? 

Being a crafty person myself, I love crocheting. After learning it from my grandmother, I still had much to learn, but I don’t live near her. I scoured YouTube day and night. The reason was simple. 

If you know anything about crochet, you know the names of stitches get confusing for beginners. And Youtube had visual learning. So when I stumbled upon Creative Fabrica, the days of YouTube tutorials were done for me. 

Here’s my detailed review of How I Made the Best of Creative Fabrica.

What’s the Purpose Behind Creative Fabrica and How Does it Work?

a screenshot of the creative fabrica homepage

Creative Fabrica is just like Amazon. Only here do you get to purchase digital assets which you can keep or sell off. Graphic Designers can buy graphics and resell them, and crocheters can purchase patterns. 

I needed to crochet a bunny for my niece, and I couldn’t get a pattern on YouTube, or if I did find one on a website, they were selling it for far too much.

While on Creative Fabrica, I can get hundreds of crochet patterns of not only bunnies but so much more than that for the same price. 

You can find fonts, illustrations, patterns for needlework, graphics, tools to create designs, and even product mock-ups. 

Creative Fabrica works with Four different Subscriptions:

  • Crafts
  • All Access
  • Fonts
  • Graphics

Other than a monthly subscription, they have an option for Free stuff as well. You can find design elements, some graphic design, etc, to download for free. But you can’t sell it. That brings me to my next point. 

Is Creative Fabrica for You?

There’s got to be a reason you’re here for a Creative Fabrica review. It is an excellent place to start, considering it has much to offer for your next project. Be it commercial projects or just for fun. You can get a free trial if you want to do it as a hobby. 

You need licensing if you want to start a home business or sell your designs. Creative Fabrica free works for personal projects only. That’s how I started with Creative Fabrica as well. 

Seeing that getting a free trial to explore more and review Creative Fabrica couldn’t harm me, I bought an All Access Subscription. It made Creative Fabrica work for me. 

A Creative Fabrica account is free; you can sign up anytime to access free content. But to help your business with Creative Fabrica, you will need more than a personal license. Let me clear that out for you now. 

What’s the Cost of Getting Full Access to Creative Fabrica?

a screenshot of the creative fabrica subscription plans

An All Access Subscription is as it’s named. It gives you access to everything. But you don’t need an all-access subscription to get a commercial license. It comes with all four subscription models. 

So, you get to start selling or utilizing the digital assets in your content by getting any of the subscriptions. 

Whether you get an all-access subscription or something less than that, here’s a breakdown of all the membership plans.

Whatever subscription plan you start with, here is the complete breakdown of details: 

Plan NameCostCommercial License  Included In Plan
Crafts Plan$12 /3 months Yes210,370 cut files The Craft Club
All Access Plan$29 /monthYesCraft Plan + 210,370 cut files158,286 Fonts8,076,457 Graphic Assets55,428 Embroidery Designs
Fonts$19 /monthYes158,286Fonts New Fonts Daily
Graphic$19 /monthYes8,230,030DesignsNew Graphics Daily 

Free Trial

You can start with a free trial by signing up with any email address. 

That’s as easy as it gets. You can explore online classes and great resources before you get unlimited access or a monthly subscription. A free trial won’t let you see all the resources, but it will give you an idea of what you will get from a subscription service. 

Being a crafting enthusiast, I couldn’t get what I wanted from the free trial. You can get a free trial to get TEN FREE PRODUCTS, then you can decide how you want Creative Fabrica specific to your needs.

Normal Creative Fabrica Subscription Plan and Refund

a screenshot of the creative fabrica cancel subscription option

One thing about Creative Fabrica that is helpful to all its users is the distribution of resources among all subscriptions. You can get a subscription that works for you. 

a screenshot of the popup message after subscription cancellation

Any subscription plan, normal or all-access, can be canceled anytime. But you wouldn’t need to do that if you have explored the free trial.

There is no Refund Policy on Creative Fabrica. This is why I highly recommend exploring the options and the kind of subscription service you need before going for a paid plan. 

For all you know, you could be taking a leap of faith to start something exciting. When it all works out well for you. Then, you can keep an active subscription to see where it leads you. 

creative fabrica platform logo
Creative Fabrica
visa master amex paypal

What Can You Create on Creative Fabrica?


Even if you don’t have a full subscription, it will not hold you back from creating a design, a tee shirt, or a font. You can create items from scratch, or take free design elements and get creative with them. 

You can choose from the massive library of unique designs or create your own designs. It allows you to use your spare time and saves you extra costs because you are using the free trial. 

Here are some examples of what you can create on Creative Fabrica: 

  • Create Custom T-Shirts.
  • Graphic Designs to sell.
  • Logos.
  • Illustrations.
  • Crochet / Knitting.

But you wouldn’t just be able to create these. With the licenses, you will also be able to sell them on other marketplaces like Etsy

Creative Fabrica also gives you a Print-on-Demand pod license. This will allow you to sell your products as long as you have an active subscription. It’s pretty cool if you ask me. You get mock-ups from CF, add some of your magic, and sell it.

Who Are the Instructors on Creative Fabrica?

Did I mention the classes Creative Fabrica has? The teachers are experts in their field. Whether crafting artists or Design Professionals. 

The classes are not only for tutorials of how-to-do stuff. I have been watching so many classes on how to start a home business, and I don’t even have one (yet, who knows). 

These experienced crafting enthusiasts are active on the platform. They respond to your queries in comments, and it helps, especially when you are following their unique designs. 

Find the Best Course for You on Creative Fabrica

Now that you know who the designers are and how you can find graphics or make a t-shirt design and use it for commercial purposes, How do you decide the best course for you on Creative Fabrica?

When the platform offers many new skills, AI tools, an extensive library of fonts, and the opportunity to open your online store, you can use this great resource in many ways. It mainly depends on what you want to do.

It is a vast library of options. You can also take inspiration from blog post items for your blogs. 

With a purpose in mind, you can search for a class on Creative Fabrica. You will know what the class is for from the icon and who the teacher is. It is best to use filters to choose the course you want to start with. 

For an overview of your options, here are some ideas on which category you should go for. 


a screenshot of the the font types available in creative fabrica

Fonts can be used for a lot of business ideas. You can pick from the vast library of fonts and use them for mugs, t-shirts, and even cards. You can add your personal touch to already available display fonts.

You also use the fonts for print-on-demand products of your choice. Make them unique and attractive so you can build a small business. 


a screenshot of the graphics available in creative fabrica

You can find various graphics with a lot of variety on Creative Fabrica. You can use these graphics for personal projects or even for your work. Illustrations and graphics are the categories with the most options on Creative Fabrica. 

With a commercial license, you can even create custom graphics from the source downloaded from Creative Fabrica. Tools like Shapecloud allow you to use fonts in graphical shapes. 

Needle Work

a screenshot of the the needle art designs available in creative fabrica

I made Creative Fabrica work for my small business through all the needlework patterns I found. I mainly crochet, but if that is not your thing, you can choose embroidery or knitting. 

You can create items by taking the classes depending on your skill level. You can follow the lessons with your favourite instructor. Where you could lose hours trawling through the internet, this site has everything in one place. 

Once your finished product benefits your business, you will return to find more crafting projects.


a screenshot of the tools available in creative fabrica

There are AI tools that are a part of Creative Fabrica. These tools include FontCloud, ShapeCloud, Web Font Converter, and The Craft Club. None of these AI tools require any additional costs. 

Products created with the help of these tools will make them stand out among others. The best part is that you get them no matter what access subscription you purchase. 


a screenshot of the online classes offered in creative fabrica

Classes will help you choose what kind of course you should do. Exploring the classes will give you an idea of how much help you will get from an all-access subscription. You can look into as many classes as possible in the free trial. 

Before committing to an annual subscription, use the free trial the best you can so you know what you want to get out of it. The teaching materials provided in these classes alone are enough to get an idea. 

How to Use Creative Fabrica According to Your Needs?

Creative Fabrica has a vast library with hundreds of thousands of content.

You can be as creative as you want with the craft club. Their craft club has designers who will help you realize your vision. You can create and sell almost anything with a POD license and subscription. 

As someone who is also not a professional, I have experimented with creating a design with shapecloud for a custom t-shirt and successfully sold it online. 

This is your sign to take that leap of faith.

This Creative Fabrica review is for everyone, whether you are a professional crafter or a rookie playing around with options. But here is how other artists, designers, and professionals have used it. 

As a Homeschooler

The design resources are suitable for creating lesson plans, especially for homeschoolers who need digital planners for weeks ahead. 

Creative Fabrica can be used to create arts and crafts projects. The massive graphic and needlework library includes multiple ideas for homeschoolers. 

Another effective way of using it for homeschoolers is to make handwriting practice sheets from the fonts available.

You can also use Creative Fabrica to get creative with subjects that are difficult to teach or understand. Use the graphics and fonts to tailor your teaching materials for a music or foreign language class.

As a Teacher 

As a teacher, there is no better way to keep students interested in coming to your class than with customized class decor. Explore the libraries, including illustrations that would help you make your lessons interactive. 

The illustrations and graphics can help create visual aids for students who struggle with understanding complex concepts. Teachers especially use Creative Fabrica to bring life into historical projects that need more help with maps and geographical concepts. 

Visually appealing presentations created with Creative Fabrica have a professional and creative touch. You can do this with older students to inspire them to explore the graphics and fonts for their projects, too. 

As a Professional

Professionals from various fields use Creative Fabrica for fonts and graphics.

Web designers can use hundreds of thousands of fonts and graphics to enhance their websites. Branding your work with customized logos and fonts will make your business stand out. 

There are many options for Marketing Professionals to make creative brochures and flyers using Creative Fabrica’s fonts and graphics. 

Illustration Library includes many designs for interior designers to add to their mood boards to present their design concepts to potential clients. 

Can You Use Creative Fabrica for Your Business?

YES, with a Commercial License. 

You can create anything; a t-shirt, a mug, a graphic card, or illustrations for wedding invitations.

Whatever your idea is, you can sell your design for your business with the license. 

It is a marketplace from which designers can get raw materials. You can use other resources, but most don’t allow you to sell.

You have to get creative with the raw design from Creative Fabrica. 

a screenshot of the license summary

As long as you have commercial access, you can use Creative Fabrica to make the best for your business. 

How to Start Using Creative Fabrica Commercially?

With any of the subscriptions, artists can start using Creative Fabrica to make their designs more attractive to their customers. When you sign up and get a subscription, you can use it commercially. 

The only thing you have to ensure is to keep the subscription to Creative Fabrica active.

As long as it is active:

  • You can download any design from Creative Fabrica.
  • You can use the design for the idea you want to sell. It could be physical or digital print. 
  • You must add some of your magic to make it unique and according to your style.
  • You sell the product with the design and make money. 

Even If you cancel your subscription later, you will still be able to use these designs commercially, because you added your creativity and made it your design. 

You can renew the subscription to continue producing more with the same raw design. But you CANNOT make new products with that design after canceling the subscription. 

I think $19 is a small price to pay for creating products you can sell with the design. 

creative fabrica platform logo
Creative Fabrica
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For Print-on-Demand Use

a screenshot of the basic print on demand usage

This is my favorite type of license. You can use it for both personal and commercial use. You can get a customized design for your idea from Creative Fabrica.

Print-On-Demand allows you to:

  • Upload items (fonts, graphics, or illustrations) directly to your products (t-shirts or cards). 
  • You don’t have to add anything to the design before putting it on your product. 
  • You can use Fonts to create and upload items to sell on a website.
  • You can generate unlimited sales via POD sites. 

However, if you don’t add anything to the design to make it uniquely yours, you must delete it once your subscription is canceled. 

With Etsy

creative fabrica with etsy

Etsy is a great place to start if you want to use Creative Fabrica designs to sell your products. It might get overwhelming initially, but you must stay true to your unique style. 

You can do design requests and get a print-on-demand for your product. Your product could be a congratulations card or a digital print. 

As long as you have an active subscription, you can sell your products on Etsy. 

With Canva

creative fabrica with canva

Canva is another place for you to sell unique fonts and graphics. From the POD license, you can directly upload your designs to Canva and sell them. 

Or you can add your touch to the design and make it unique. Creative Fabrica has a massive collection of graphics to choose from. 

How to Use Creative Fabrica Effectively?

Creative Fabrica can overwhelm newcomers. It has so much variety when it comes to fonts, graphics, and other crafting projects that you’d naturally feel confused. But like any other site, there are tricks to make Creative Fabrica work for you. 

These tips are from people I learned to use Creative Fabrica from. And if you use these, it will be much simpler to navigate through this mystic land of designs. 

Have a Specific Design and Be Creative With Your Work

If you enter the market intending to make sales, you have done your research and you know what want from Creative Fabrica. It will be easy to find a design if you already know what you want. 

When you find a design you want to sell on a t-shirt or mug, you must be creative with it and add something of your own. It will make the design yours and allow you to sell it more. 

To reach your specific design, use Creative Fabrica filters. 

Use Your Favorite Designers Only

Follow your favorite designers on Creative Fabrica. Once you have explored, you should have a list of designers whose work interests you. Following these designers will help you reach your desired design much faster. 

Start Easy With Logos and Graphics

Creating logos is the easiest place to start. If you are struggling with your creativity, design some logos for a mug.

Sending design requests is also beneficial if you don’t feel confident enough to start selling your design. You can print on demand with even the lowest subscription plan. 

What Other Students Have Said About Creative Fabrica?

So many people use Creative Fabrica that you will find both good and bad comments in the Creative Fabrica reviews. I will quote some reviews that I found while I did my research. 

A user on Quora said, 

“I absolutely think Creative Fabrica is worth it. For $20 a month, you can make hundreds of designs with their elements and graphics and as long as you make $20 a month from the products you create it is 100% worth it.”

Another user sheds some light on how Creative Fabrica is leading the creative industry,

“Creative Fabrica has emerged as a leading platform that offers a vast array of design assets, ranging from fonts and graphics to craft templates and illustrations.”

Another user review I found on Reddit was about their on-and-off deals, which you can keep an eye on, too,

“I started testing it out with the $1 deals and it made Creative Fabrica worth it for me. Then they had a special last summer for the subscription for $10/month and I’ve been subscribed ever since. Love it.”

An Overview of Creative Fabrica: Pros and Cons

Everything I found in the reviews made Creative Fabrica legit for me. Your research should be completed with knowing the pros and cons of Creative Fabrica. Only then can you know whether Creative Fabrica is ideal for you or not. 

So here are the pros and cons I’ve gathered in my journey of foraging for the perfect place to get my hobbies started. 


Several Tiers of Subscriptions: This allows you to get the kind of subscription you need. You don’t have to spend anything extra; nothing from your subscription is wasted.
Quality Classes: All the classes have well-experienced instructors who give you step-by-step instructions to create the project you want.
The Wide Range: The range even Creative Fabrica free allows you to explore enough before you get unlimited access. There is no need to pay full price before you know what you want to achieve.
Massive Library Of Fonts, Graphics, and More: The massive amount of downloadable elements is so helpful that anytime you change your mind, you can choose from thousands of fonts and graphics. 
Immediate Response From Instructors And CF Team: It is so helpful when you have a question, and it gets an answer without sending follow-ups. Their support team is also very responsive.


Not Intuitive Enough: While Creative Fabrica Reviews in most places are mostly praise and good comments, it is not intuitive enough for beginners. It can get confusing even in the Creative Fabrica free version sometimes.
Not Enough Course Reviews: You will find many reviews of Creative Fabrica good for fonts and graphic design. But if you’re here to create a crafting project from classes, there aren’t many reviews about them. So you can’t be sure of the quality.
You Have To Keep An Active Subscription: Some graphic designers have reported that keeping a subscription active is unrealistic if you want to sell the exact design you made during the subscription. 

Alternatives to Creative Fabrica 

Considering the cons listed above, if you find yourself second-guessing whether Creative Fabrica is worth it or not, here are some alternatives that you can check out.


udemy online learning platform banner

If you are more of a high-quality classes kind of student, Udemy is a better option for you. Their classes are heavily reviewed, and with their extensive library of courses, you can easily find a class for yourself.

Udemy also has a range of classes in traditional crafting categories like journaling, sketching, etc.

Want to get to know more? Learn more in our full Udemy review or,


skillshare online learning platform

SkillShare is another site that gives you a fair bit more than Creative Fabrica. Like Udemy has a larger audience than Creative Fabrica, but their unlimited access is $29 per month, more than Creative Fabrica. 

SkillShare does not have any tools like Creative Fabrica either, and it doesn’t have extensive collections of graphics for graphic designers. 

Want to get to know more? Learn more in our full Skillshare review or,


craftsy logo

Craftsy is an excellent alternative that offers classes about many crafts but does not have the same variety for designers as Creative Fabrica. If you are looking for a pattern library for crochet or embroidery, this is an excellent option. 

However, for crafts, you can get 3 monthly subscriptions for $12 on Creative Fabrica, while Craftsy gives one month for $11.

Want to get to know more? Learn more in our full Craftsy review or,

Is Creative Fabrica Worth it?

What makes Creative Fabrica worth the money are the pros that heavily overshadow the cons.

You get more to create at full price than on any other site. Designers get to enjoy millions of designs in one place, and they get to modify them according to their style. Crafters get Crochet, Embroidery, Knitting, and Resin Art classes. 

Creative Fabrica is for people with a goal in mind, and a vision they want to breathe life into. The free version of it allows you to explore and decide what you want from such a site. 

creative fabrica platform logo
Creative Fabrica
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Other e-learning platforms reviewed:


Yes, Creative Fabrica offers options for E-Book graphic designs, such as Kindle Direct Publishing from Amazon. However, they require that you be the creator of the content in the book. Additionally, their CF fonts and graphics can be used for kids’ books or novels.

No, setting up a shop and listing an item on CF is free.

Yes, you can sell fonts downloaded from CF for free.

Conclusion: Start Using Creative Fabrica With a Free Trial

It is a site worth checking out. 

For Designers and small business owners out of ideas who are looking for an unlimited amount of graphics and fonts for their work, Creative Fabrica is the place for YOU

Even if you’re not, you could be looking for technical information. Maybe you’re a crafter, and you hate videos on the same crochet pattern by 5 different people on YouTube. 

Here is a site that has instructors with expertise in their field who will take you step-by-step from the beginning of your project to the end. 

All you have to do is start with a Free Trial!

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