Codegym Review (2024Updated) Worth Upgrading to Premium?

Last Updated on June, 2024

Traversing the jungle of Java coding is where the big bucks are. And learning Java has never been easier because of all the learning platforms readily available at your fingertips.

BUT, figuring out which platforms are worth your time and money is a WHOLE different story.

Which is why I’m here to make your life that much easier!

In this article, I will thoroughly review Codegym- a platform that specializes in teaching Java to students worldwide.

Find out what lessons look like, whether they simplified my experience of learning Java, what I loved about the platform, who I think would benefit most from Codegym, AND MORE, all in this Codegym review.

And stick around until the end to determine whether Codegym Premium is worth the hype! 

 Overall: 4.8/5
codegym product image
  • Engaging, game-like approach
  • Over 1200 practical Java tasks
  • Quick responses on code submissions
  • Covers essential Java topics
  • Access to a network of learners and mentors
  • Automated system for code checking
Brand Information
  • CodeGym was founded on 2018
  • Co founded by Dmytro Vezhnin
  • Emphasizes hands-on coding practice
  • Targets individuals aspiring to learn programming
  • Aims to provide effective online coding education tools
  • Combination of developers and marketing professionals
Product Benefits
  • Learning is made fun and engaging through a game format.
  • Practicing coding is given priority with over 1200 practice tasks available.
  • Has a super active community.
  • Has a very user-friendly interface.

What is Codegym?

codegym logo

Codegym is an online Java programming platform founded in 2018 by the company HiTech Rush Inc. that is designed to help beginner and average Java learners prepare for employment as Java programmers.

Codegym heavily emphasizes practical learning, with 80% practice tasks and a 20% theory ratio. The platform maintains that the most effective way to learn Java is through hands-on coding experience and practice.

The course is also gamified to help make learning Java more engaging and fun for all Java learners. You learn Java through fun stories, quests, lessons, levels, characters, and rewards. 

I would ace even quantum mechanics if that was how I learned it! Codegym also offers the Codegym University service for students who prefer learning Java with a mentor. We will compare Codegym vs. Codegym University in just a little while.

How Do You Learn Java With Codegym?

Codegym is a straightforward platform to use. There are 4 quests that each contain 10 levels. Each level comprises 10-15 lessons and 20-30 exercises covering various aspects of Java programming.

The 1200+ tasks available in Codegym means you get 300-500 hours of practical experience learning Java, which is perfect for honing your skills. The lessons are structured to make Java palatable, ensuring you won’t have to deal with a steep learning curve.

An instant task verification feature is in place that checks tasks immediately and flags any errors. This way, you’ll never be unsure whether your work is correct! Students are then advised on how to avoid these mistakes in the future. 

Throughout the course’s game format, your main aim is to ‘upgrade’ Amigo the Robot in his programming journey. As you make your way through the levels, you earn ‘dark matter,’ which allows you to unlock new levels and progress. 

Codegym doesn’t take pride in just teaching Java basics. The platform also contains motivational lectures, links to additional material, AND resources to help you prepare for job interviews. This ensures that you will be well-equipped to become a Java programmer.

A Codegym premium subscription will give you access to all 4 quests and the community forums, which you can use for helpful insights.

Lesson Content Covered By the Course

  • Java Syntax: Covers basic Java skills such as commands, methods, loops, objects, etc. (no prior experience with Java is necessary).
  • Java Core: Covers beginner content every junior Java developer should know, such as threads, interfaces, streams, etc. 
  • Java Multithreading: Covers multithreading-associated content like object organization, deadlock, inner classes, etc.
  • Java Collections: A comprehensive study of Java collections, including dealing with files and archives, Javascript, JSON, first web application, etc.

What Tasks to Expect Within the Course?

  • Code Entry.
  • Adjusting code to match the requirements of specific tasks.
  • Write code on your own to solve tasks.
  • Undertake mini projects such as creating a chatbot, an ATM simulator, a URL shortener, etc.

What is a Lesson Like?

an example of a lesson in codegym

As mentioned, lessons are structured to be 80% practical tasks and just 20% of theory. Lessons contain a healthy mix of written content, video lessons, and practical tasks. 

You have the choice of learning the material in a way that best suits you. You can do the tasks alongside your reading, OR you can complete the tasks once you’re done reviewing the reading as a retention test. 

This flexibility means that Codegym will suit any learner. Codegym lessons work like Candy Crush levels- you must complete one level to unlock the next. Still, you can always refer back to unlocked levels.

The games available to code are also a gem for Java learners because it helps them to apply abstract ideas. You will want to check out Titles: The Hungry Snake, 2048, and the Java-based Moon Lander.

Codegym for Business

Currently, Codegym has a plan for educators that allows them to set up free access for their students. Such a setup would also be beneficial for businesses.

While it may not benefit the Gandalfs of the programming community, it can help train new hires and allow existing workers to polish up their skills or learn new programming languages. 

However, Codegym has yet to offer such a plan. 

How to Open a Codegym Account?

Creating an account in Codegym

Opening up a Codegym account is as easy as pie.

You must register through the Codegym website with your email and password. Then, you can access the basic content and forums for free.

To access further content, pick the subscription plan you want, pay, and start your Java journey!

How Much Does Codegym Cost?

Codegym is a subscription-only platform. 

While some basic content is available for free, accessing complete lessons requires you to purchase a Codegym subscription.

Two subscription plans are available- the Premium subscription and the Premium Pro subscription. 

Premium Subscription 

Codegym Premium Subscription

The Codegym Premium Subscription is priced at $29 per month and it gives you access to:

  • All 4 Codegym quests, including their levels, mini-lessons, and exercises.
  • The IntelliJ IDEA Plugin, which is a writing program used by programmers worldwide.
  • Task Requirements- Codegym will display a list of requirements your program has to fulfill. It will then show you which ones you succeeded and failed at complying with. This makes the procedure of identifying problems in your code simple and accessible to even complete beginners.
  • Task recommendations.

Premium Pro Subscription 

Codegym Premium Pro Subscription

The Codegym Premium Pro subscription can be bought at $99 per month or $999 per year.

It offers the following features:

  • All of the above facilities and content.
  • Recheck- after you complete a task, its status will remain ‘completed’ for 3 days. This will give you time to play around with your code and verify it as much as you want to. After 3 days, the task status will switch to ‘closed.’
  • Analysis of your coding style.

The Premium subscription is a great starting point for beginner programmers. It allows access to all 4 quests that Codegym offers and many beginner to intermediate content. 

All the exercises Codegym offers are also great for testing your skills.

The Premium Pro subscription is comparatively more expensive. Still, it allows you to push boundaries and experiment with your code. Being able to optimize your code is vital for any programmer looking to constantly improve themselves. 

Java programmers are one of the MOST sought-after in the industry. For example, 80% of Fortune 500 companies utilize Java in their systems, and the median annual income of a Java programmer is $102,000.

Therefore, a subscription to Codegym may be 100% worth it in the long run, despite the relative costliness. 

Codegym Free Trial 

Fear not if you are still determining whether Codegym is the right platform for you!

You can gain free access to trial-level Codegym content.

Their free trial includes the following:

  • The first level of Codegym which explains all the features of the platform.
  • The Codegym Community Content which includes blog articles and community forums.
  • A games section where you get to create your own version of classic games.

The rest of the course can only be accessed once you have purchased a subscription plan. But this trial will significantly help if you want to learn about the course format and content quality before fully committing. 

Accessing the trial content does not require you to register. The system will either allocate a temporary account for you or save your progress automatically (as long as you don’t clear your browser’s cache).

However, you will need to register to complete tasks within the lessons. I recommend you register for an account if you plan on committing to Codegym. It’s free, and your progress will be saved for sure! 


Codegym Refund Policy

The Code Gym website does not explicitly mention a refund policy. However, since the platform offers its services on a subscription basis, you can cancel the subscription any time you want. 

What I Loved About Codegym?

core values of codegym

Practice Based Platform

As someone who finds information much more accessible to retain when I can apply it practically, I found the practical learning aspect of CodeGym to be one of the biggest Codegym pros.

The 1,200+ practice problems Codegym offers make it a great platform because I could cement my understanding of Java concepts- most of which were entirely new to me.

All the practice exercises the platform offers amount to around 300- 500 hours.

Learning is Made Fun With a Wide Variety of Tasks

Learning new things can either renew your vigor for life OR make you want to take your head off- depending on how learning platforms teach material to students. Codegym presents information to you through a variety of mediums. 

There are video lectures for when you tire of written content. You can work on mini-projects to test your skills. You can access additional resources if you want to learn Java even more. All this variety means that learning with Codegym will always be exciting!

The Course Format is Super Motivating

The game format that Codegym adopts also explains why learning Java programming becomes so much more compelling with Codegym.

My old Candy Crush addiction can testify that beating and unlocking levels will have me sitting focused for hours on end. 

So, it’s unsurprising that the game-esque format of Codegym had me itching to learn more, earn dark matter, and progress through programming levels. 

course format in codegym

The Personal Achievements feature (similar to daily quests in other games) was also a huge motivator in my Java programming journey because it gave me something to work towards every day.


The Codegym interface is super easy to use and navigable. You can also toggle between dark mode and light mode, which is great for when you have to code at night. 

Codegym is also available on mobile (unfortunately, only Android yet), so students can easily learn Java online on the go.

Has an Active Community

Codegym Community

An active community of like-minded learners is essential- especially if you want to learn Java online.

You are likely to face doubts that only discussion with peers will alleviate when learning. And as you will be learning remotely, you won’t have a classroom where you can discuss your doubts. 

But because of Codegym’s active community forums, you’ll barely register the lack of a classroom environment! 

What Could Be Improved

Course Structure Can Be Optimized

While jumping right into practice problems is nice, sometimes covering theory before the practice tasks may benefit learners. After the first and second levels, some lessons are presented in an article format. 

My understanding of those levels would have greatly benefitted if those lessons had been structured as the first lesson of each level.

Written Format Utilized in Certain Areas is Not Ideal

The course presents information through various mediums, but I wished that more of the written content was also delivered visually. This was because the written content sometimes got too wordy for my liking.

No Certification is Provided

Codegym undoubtedly provides you with all the knowledge and skills you need to become a Java Developer. However, it does not provide you with certification to add to your CV or LinkedIn to back your skills.

Advanced Level Courses Are Not Offered

Codegym is excellent if you are new to programming and want to learn Java online. It is also great for programmers looking to brush up their skills and solidify their Java fundamentals.

Unfortunately, however, experienced programmers won’t find any advanced-level courses that they can use to further develop their skills on Codegym.

The ReCheck Function Could Be More Accessible

The ReCheck function is a handy feature as it allows learners to experiment with their code and optimize it. But, this function is only available as part of the Premium Pro plan, which is quite costly.

Even after purchasing the Premium Pro membership, tasks are only open for students to ReCheck for 3 days. There may need to be more time for learners to make the best use of this feature.

Making the 3-day ReCheck feature part of the Premium plan and extending the period under the Premium Pro plan could provide students greater flexibility and more value for their money.

Who is Codegym for?

learn java online in a fun way with codegym

Experienced programmers are likely to gain little from Codegym, as it is mainly aimed at beginners to coding. People with a basic understanding of Java programming looking to brush up on the basics and improve their skills will benefit significantly from Codegym.

It is particularly great for individuals who want to learn Java in a fun, relaxed, and practical way.

To truly benefit from Codegym, learners also need to have a certain level of dedication because the course is pretty long and requires lots of hours to be put in. 

Can You Buy Codegym As a Gift?

Yes, you can buy Codegym as a gift!

To gift Codegym, you can make an account, buy a subscription, and give the login details to the receiver.

It’s a perfect and thoughtful gift to anyone interested in learning Java programming but doesn’t know how to get started.

Codegym Course Vs. Codegym University Courses

If you need one-on-one support from a mentor to learn Java, Codegym has still got you covered.

Suppose the idea of having to learn Java through online learning platforms with no mentor support sounds awful to you. In that case, you should check out Codegym University!

Codegym University provides learners with a hands-on learning experience with experienced mentors that’ll enable you to obtain a solid foundation in Java programming.

Codegym University offers two types of courses:

  • The Java Fundamentals Course
  • The Java Developer Profession (for India).

The Java Fundamentals Course

java fundamentals course

This course at Codegym University will teach you the basics of Java such as Java Syntax, data types, arrays and object oriented programming. If you are entirely new to Java and looking to try software development, this course may be just the thing for you. 

It comprises three modules: Java Core, Java Syntax, and Final Project. 

Each of the three modules is designed to be completed over three months. They all contain lessons, homework, and practice problems. By the end of the course, you will have completed 576 practice problems.

This course costs $99 per month, and it also includes a free subscription to Premium Pro.

You will receive step-by-step guidance from an experienced Java developer and support via chat. You can question them regarding any Java theory you don’t fully understand, and they will promptly respond- even on weekends!

Java Developer Profession

java developer profession course banner

The Java Developer Profession course is exclusively offered by Codegym University India.

It offers 6 modules, and the course can be completed over 12 months.

The 6 modules the course consists of are Java Syntax, Java Professional, Java Core, Working with Databases, Hibernate, Spring+ Spring Boot, and a final project.

Like the Java Fundamentals course, this course also involves lessons with an experienced mentor and support via chat. You also receive a course completion certificate. In addition to these amenities, the course offers support with job placement.

Codegym’s career center will assist you in polishing up your resume, preparing for vacancies, and acing all those interviews. You can enjoy all these benefits for INR 6,700 per month (applicable for Indian students). 

Which Course Should You Go for?

Now that you know about all the courses offered by Codegym, the next big question is, WHICH ONE DO YOU PICK? If you are still deciding which course to go for, here’s a quick guide on which would suit you best.

If one-on-one mentoring isn’t essential for you, I highly recommend the Premium subscription course. It presents learning in a fun and engaging way at a comparatively cheaper price!

If you’re someone who is looking to improve and experiment with your code, a subscription to Premium Pro is worth considering. Both options will vastly improve your self-learning abilities, which is always a valuable skill to have under your belt.

You will still receive ample support from Codegym in completing these online courses. However, you won’t have the live mentoring, job placement assistance, or certification you are entitled to with Codegym University.

Codegym University is perfect for anyone who wants to learn Java programming with live mentoring. Signing up for Codegym University also comes with a free subscription to Premium Pro, which would otherwise cost you $99/month. 

The Java Fundamentals course would be the right choice to strengthen your Java foundation.

But the Java Developer Profession course would be perfect if you’re from India! It’s priced lower than the Fundamentals course while covering a more comprehensive syllabus, including job placement assistance. 


What Other Users Think About Codegym?

The user reviews of Codegym are like an assorted chocolate gift box. Some are glowing reviews, and others are more nit-picky- which is to be expected because not everyone can be pleased all at once.

I have scoured the internet for everything people have to say about Codegym. Their website has both success stories and negative reviews that allow you to see the whole spectrum of the experience. 

Here are some examples of success stories and reviews people have shared;

Absolutely love this website and its tutorial! I used to have a C class in university, but the professor is too dull and boring to pay attention to, I just skipped the whole course. But I passed the exam cuz I practice a lot, so I know that in programming, practice matter. And when I want to learn Java and found here…jeez, 80% practice, that’s what makes you success, couldn’t agree more.
I have visited numerous websites and applications that claim to teach Java in the best way possible. But Code Gym stands out of all those websites; because it does what it claims to do. The simplest to the most complex of topics of Java are explained in layman terms so that anyone irrespective of their educational background can learn, practice, and master Java. A major thumbs up to you, Code Gym!
The only thing I would recommend codegym for is the practice exercises. If you basically skip all their ‘teaching’ and just focus on the practice problems and google your questions when you are stuck you will learn Java. Some of the test cases on the practice problems are a bit wonky, but it’s a test suite so it is what it is. Overall I would not recommend it to someone at full price. If you are looking for something that provides structured practice problems that gradually lead you through the language, then go for it, when it is on sale.
I have tried a few platforms to learn code, but i find the only one that worth the money. I’ve got an offer for a whole year, but now, after i’ve tried, i would also have paid the full monthly price. Until now, is the only code learning platform that didn’t made me feel that i have wasted my money. Also funny lesson and clearly explained, with practice challenges. The lesson are made in a way, that hard principles are repeated through more than 1 lesson, and in different context with different examples

Pros and Cons of Codegym


Learning is made fun and engaging through a game format.
Practicing coding is given priority with over 1200 practice tasks available.
Has a super active community.
Has a very user-friendly interface.


The Codegym subscription plans are pretty expensive.
No certification is provided upon completion of the course.
Advanced level Java courses are not available.

Codegym Alternatives

Codegym is not the only platform that will help you learn Java. 

If this Codegym review hasn’t fully convinced you that Codegym is how you want to learn Java programming, here are some other learning platforms you can check out.


Codeacademy is one of the best Java programming platforms.

Apart from Java, it has courses in various coding languages such as C++, HTML & CSS, Python, Ruby, Bash/Shell, etc. 

You can access around 60 of its courses for free, but there is also a paid version.

Codeacademy Pro provides you with continuous guidance, certificates of completion, a more comprehensive range of content, etc. 

codeacademy logo


Udemy offers many courses on Java programming in the form of both written and video content. 

However, countless individual instructors upload their lessons onto the platform, so it can be dizzying if you have no idea where to start.

But there are enough and more beginner courses to support you in your learning journey, AND you receive lifetime access to all the courses you purchase.

udemy logo


Coursera is a wonderful learning platform that sets out to help you learn skills that will help you progress in your career tracks.

Its courses are offered by prestigious universities and companies, and most of its Java programming courses are offered by Duke University.

coursera logo


Udacity offers a variety of courses on programming languages.

To learn Java on Udacity, you must take their Java Developer Nanodegree course.

But something to remember is that Udacity is more suited to learners with an intermediate knowledge of Java.

If you are entirely new to Java, this is not the platform for you.

udacity logo

Other e-learning platforms reviewed:

My Thoughts: Is Codegym Worth it?

Finally, it is time for the million-dollar question of this Codegym review;

Do I think Codegym is worth it?

And my answer is…*drumroll please*

Yes, I do believe Codegym is worth it!

In particular, I think beginners to programming who need structure in their learning journey would benefit from Codegym the most. The structure of the course, along with the engaging learning format, will keep learners motivated throughout their learning journey. 

Its high content quality and abundant practice problems make learning Java a piece of cake. But suppose you are someone who thrives on learning in a more formal and theoretical manner. In that case, Codegym might not be the ideal platform for you.

It all depends on your personal preferences! At the end of the day, I hope this Codegym review has helped you decide whether Codegym is the learning platform for you.

Codegym has undoubtedly improved my programming skills, and I wish you the same success in your programming journey, too!


Codegym offers 40 different levels and over 1200 coding practice tasks distributed among 4 main quests: Java Core, Java Syntax, Multithreading, and Java Collections.

Yes, you can buy Codegym as a gift. To do so, create a Codegym account, purchase a subscription, and provide the login information to the receiver.

Codegym has no refund policy, but you can always cancel your subscription with them if you decide it’s not for you. 

Yes, Codegym offers free access to some content such as online discussion forums and the first level of the course. To access further content, you must purchase one of the two subscription plans that Codegym offers.

Codegym provides language learning in various languages, including Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, and more.

codegym product image




Overall Score


visa master amex paypal
Learning is made fun and engaging through a game format.
Practicing coding is given priority with over 1200 practice tasks available.
Has a super active community.
Has a very user-friendly interface.
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
Has a very user-friendly interface.
No certification is provided upon completion of the course.

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