Brandon McMillan MasterClass Review (2024) Worth Your Cash?

Last Updated on June, 2024

Training my dog, Dexter, has been a nightmare since I got him. I was pretty much lost since I knew I couldn’t hire an animal trainer.

This was when I came across MasterClass. Brandon McMillan was a familiar face teaching dog parents to train their dogs.

With him on board, why would I need an animal trainer when I have a pro on board?

At the time I was writing this review, Dexter was sitting next to me following a ‘sit’ command, and I couldn’t be happier; I want YOU to have that with your pet as well.

So, you’re in the right place to know all about Brandon McMillan MasterClass. Be sure to read everything; I trust you will find all the answers.

 Overall: 4.9/5
Brandon McMillan masterclass front page
Program Effectiveness
Brand Reputation
  • Practical demonstrations with real dogs
  • Available for downloaded offline viewing
  • Printable PDF workbook
  • Step-by-step guidance for implementing training techniques
  • Access to a community for discussion and engagement
  • Addresses common behavioral issues like barking and aggression
Brand Information
  • MasterClass was founded in 2015 by David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen
  • Has a global reach, with students from over 100 countries
  • Based in San Francisco, California
  • Offers interactive assignments and access to a community of learners
  • All-access subscription costs $180 per year
Product Benefits
  • Learn everything from scratch
  • Brandon McMillan brings the experience of training 10,000+ dogs
  • Almost all video lessons have bookmarks for segments
  • Every video is only 8-20 minutes long and very engaging to watch
  • 7 most common commands are perfectly taught
  • Completely free access to all the other MasterClass courses

Brandon McMillan MasterClass Review: A Quick Summary

What you get:

  • The most fundamental 7 commands for dog training
  • Develop a better bond with your dog with ease
  • Fix common behavioral issues such as excessive barking, housebreaking etc
  • How to have full control of your dog
  • Understand how to plan and time your training sessions
  • Fully printable and comprehensive PDF workbook with extra details on dog training
  • Access to the MasterClass community
  • Access to all the other courses in MasterClass
  • Total runtime is just under 3 hours
  • And much more

I’ll tell you the pros and cons at the end. Let’s begin!

Who is Brandon McMillan, and Why is He in MasterClass?

Bradon McMillan is a well-known American dog training expert, television personality, and author.

I don’t know if you have ever watched it, but he was a host and dog trainer on the CBS television series.

I watched it, and Brandon and the team rescued innocent dogs from animal shelters and trained them.

The end goal? To fix dog behavior issues and find a forever home. One thing I’ve noticed about his training is how compassionate and patient he is.

Brandon McMillan

I’m pretty sure the MasterClass decision-makers spotted these unparalleled skills when he was called into the team.

On top of that, Brandon is a celebrity-level dog trainer who has trained over 10,000 dogs of all kinds. The secret to his success is a widely used approach; reward-based or positive reinforcement. 

Brandon McMillan’s dog training MasterClass covers all the critical areas (which we will discuss in detail). The course will surely help dog owners and even trainers of all levels.

With that covered, let’s look at the MasterClass outline.

Brandon McMillan MasterClass: Outline

Video Lessons

Needless to say, that video lessons are the cornerstone of all MasterClasses. Unlike other MasterClasses, Bradon’s dog training MasterClass has that superior production quality.

As you may already know, this MasterClass includes a series of high-quality video lessons that are RECOGNIZED for their engaging approach.

I was NEVER bored watching any of the videos, but why don’t I explain all that when I share my experience with you?

There are 15 video lessons of about 5-20 minutes each, and the total length of these videos is 2 hours and 55 minutes.

Here’s how the interface looks:

Brandon McMillan MasterClass Lessons

But each video lesson covers specific dog training aspects; there’s no mixing up, so it’s easier to keep up. Brandon covers essential areas such as understanding dog behavior, leash techniques, and obedience training.

It’s admirable how clear these explanations are. 

Part of the reason is that he uses a lot of demonstrations and real-life examples. It’s one of this course’s most valuable unique selling points that makes MasterClass, as a platform, very valuable.

I’ll discuss the structure and each module’s content as we go.

MasterClass Workbook

The coursebook or the guide is another useful teaching element that increases the value of Bradon McMillain’s dog training course. In fact, it’s included for each course in MasterClass.

Two coursebooks don’t look the same. On top of that, these coursebooks are made with strict supervision and approval processes of the instructors. That’s why each guidebook reflects the personality of each celebrity instructor.

This 34 pages long printable PDF coursebook captures the key moments of the training videos and elaborates on them.

For example, there’s a separate page allocated for how exactly to tie different knots. That way, you don’t have to watch the videos every single time to refresh your memory.

Just to give you an idea, here’s a glimpse of the coursebook.

Brandon McMillan MasterClass Workbook
Brandon McMillan MasterClass Workbook screen shot 2

I advise you to read this book several times as you go through each lesson. What I did was read the relevant section BEFORE watching. For some, it might work the other way around.

The bottom line; the book is fascinating and educational.

Access to MasterClass Community 

The lack of a relatable community is why I didn’t want to take just about any YouTube course. MasterClass seems to have understood the need. 

They don’t have discussion threads for each course, but, get this, EACH VIDEO. Yes!

All you need to do is scroll down all the way and find this:

Masterclass discussion feature of courses

You can click the ‘JOIN THE DISCUSSION’ button there and access the community. What’s so special about it?

These people followed the same course and cared enough to get the BEST by enrolling in MasterClass. On top of that, the platform itself lets you create new discussions and join the existing ones.

You can ask a question and share your thoughts; it’s straightforward and practical. 

As I did, I’m sure you’ll also make some fantastic dog-parent friends. It’s surprising how friendly the MasterClass community is.

Access to the Full MasterClass Course Library

MasterClass courses

If someone ever tells you that the price for Brandon McMillan’s MasterClass is not worth it, you shouldn’t feel demotivated. For one, it’s perspective-based, and it’s totally worth it.

On the flip side, there’s a question you should ask.

You can simply ask the person, how is it not worth it when you get over 180 courses across 11 unique categories delivered by 50 celebrity-level instructors for ABSOLUTELY FREE?

These categories include the most popular topics such as writing, cooking, fashion, dog training, marketing, singing, business, and even space exploration. 

These courses have the same movie-like production quality with exclusive knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else.

One of the best examples is the Pout Pourri by Chef Ramsay — such an absolute delight.

Guest Passes 

On top of all this, accessing Brandon’s MasterClass lets you have guest passes. Although you have to pay to access the dog training course, you’ll have the chance to get it free for your friends.

For 7 days, your friends of choice can access the entire MasterClass library. 

After that, they have to get the membership, but hey, absolutely free access is a great deal, especially for another dog parent who’s on the fence about deciding to join Brandon McMillan’s MasterClass.

That’s the outline of the course at a glance. But before diving deeper into the details, let’s cover two important points next. 

Brandon McMillan masterclass front page
Brandon McMillan MasterClass
visa master amex paypal

Why Brandon McMillan’s Dog Training Actually Works?

I remember hesitating to purchase a particular buffy-looking dog trainer’s training package last year because he was more or less a covert bully.

You don’t want to scare your puppy into learning things. That’s limiting.

That’s why Brandon McMillan uses a reward-based method. Seeing how these dogs learn every command so quickly is such a beautiful sight. It’s because they feel safe and loved.

Brandon McMillan training a small dog

When he’s training your dog, he’s also training YOU to be your dog’s personal trainer. You’ll have a special connection with your dog at the end of the course. 

Because of Brandon’s techniques, you’ll have a well-trained dog who loves you immensely at the end of the training course.

It’s one of the best online courses.

Next, let me tell you what you should have/know before starting Brandon McMillan’s dog training MasterClass.

Things to Know Before Starting Brandon McMillan’s Course

It’s better to have Brandon’s Top Tools before you start the course. If you look back at the screenshot I have attached in the coursebook section, you’ll see what they are.

But to make things easier for you, here’s what you need:

  • A penny bottle: Take an empty water bottle, remove the cap, insert a handful of loose change, and recap the bottle.
  • Leash as long as 25 feet
  • Training clickers: These emit a unique sound when clicked, and the purpose is to condition the dog to that sound.
  • Lure stick: adjustable rods with clips at the end for holding treats
  • East walk harness: harnesses attached around the dog’s body rather than around their neck
  • Gentle leader headcollar: an alternative to a traditional collar designed to attach to the dog’s snout. The collar sits high on the dog’s neck and spares painful yanking on the trachea.
  • Martingale collar: The collar uses two connected loops to progressively decrease the size of the collar around your dog’s neck. When your dog isn’t pulling, the collar fits nicely and loosely.
  • A notebook to keep up with the progress (you can use the format in the coursebook)
  • Treat bag 
  • Toys, crates, and plastic cones for better behavioral training

On top of that, try to go through the lessons at least twice entirely, first. After that, you can follow up with each class slowly.

That’s what we will review in the next section.

An In-Depth Look at Brandon McMillan Teaches Dog Training 

Lesson 1: Meet Your Instructor

a screen shot from Brandon McMillan MasterClass Lesson 1

The first video is dedicated to introducing Brandon to you, and MasterClass is splendid.

Why do I say so? Let me explain.

This 10:06 video is worth every single moment. Although I was familiar with Lucky Dog, I had NO idea that Brandon had trained… wild animals?!

It was such a pleasant surprise nonetheless.

This introductory video takes you across Brandon’s life until the present times, since he was only four years old when he became a celebrity dog trainer. 

It’s quite sentimental how he has chosen to train shelter dogs of different dog breeds after discovering that over 2 million dogs get euthanized because they can’t find homes.

Because they aren’t trained enough.

Brandon is a charismatic trainer, and I realized how he could make you listen to what he says. I believe this is a part of his training capability as well.

There are key takeaways he pinpoints at the end of this video. Some of these are,

  • Understanding what makes your dog unique in multiple aspects
  • The importance of ideal control 
  • How technique and conditioning help you burn training habits into your dog’s mind.

It was only 10:06 minutes, but time went so fast, and it was a telltale sign that this was going to be quite engaging. I’d like to point out two crucial points that I personally loved.

The first one is: 

‘’There are no untrainable dogs but just untrained humans.’’

I think Brandon wants to showcase his talent and point out the importance of training YOURSELF as the dog parent.

The second is,

“It doesn’t matter how long but what you teach.”

Brandon knows how to show value to what he brings to the table even before starting, which was a delight.

Lesson 2-3: Build a Strong Bond With Your Puppy

a screen shot from Brandon McMillan MasterClass Lesson 3

After giving that solid entry to the course, Brandon dives a few layers deeper into the details. The 2nd lesson is named “Variables That Make Your Dog Unique,” and the 3rd is named “Trust & Groundwork for Training” — the lessons do what they promise to do.

Although many variables make a dog unique, Brandon has identified the four key variables. I felt stupid for a second, believing otherwise for so long.

But after all, he’s a pro. 

To remind you, everything builds up on his philosophy; no untrainable dogs, just untrained humans.

These key elements are breed, age, history, and imprinted DNA.

I used to own a husky, and when Brandon asked why they have so much energy, it made so much sense. I don’t think I have ever met a lazy husky. 

Then comes the age factor. Brandon explains how the dogs undergo massive overall changes in such a short period, thanks to their hormonal changes.

The history factor explains how the dog’s life before it met you could affect its personality. It made sense when Brandon equated a 5-year-old dog to a middle-aged man.

Genetic factors basically talk about unchangeable characteristics; some dogs are shy, some are born with high energy, and so on. It means that a puppy is never a blank slate.

It blew my mind when Brandon equated dogs to poker players. He means that dogs can tell when you’re being authentic and not. That’s why building TRUST is preliminary to dog training.

I’m not one to get emotional. But the story of Lulu, a rescue dog who Bradon trained, connected to his late dog, Jack, made me feel so emotional. It’s a great case study of how training dogs when they trust you is so much easier.

Some of the key takeaways from these two lessons are,

  • The importance of building the trust of your dog and how it makes everything easier
  • Why you should socialize your dog
  • How leading is always more effective than dominating 

And some more. 

The total duration of these two lessons is only 15 minutes and 28 seconds.

Lesson 4-5: Familiarizing Yourself With Dog Training Fundamentals

a screen shot from Brandon McMillan MasterClass Lesson 5

This is when Bradon gets you familiarized with a couple of crucial psychological elements. He starts off the 4th lesson by sharing an important insight:

The process is zigzag, and it’s common; one bad training session shouldn’t make you quit. 

That’s why mental prep is fundamental.

Just as much as the mental prep, having the following items with you is also very important.

Brandon then talks about three fundamental areas of dog training;

  • Control
  • Train
  • Treat

These mean exactly what they sound like. 

You first need to control your dog, and then you can train them. As you do, giving them treats helps you teach technique and do conditioning better.

The #1 secret he reveals here is how training when your dog is hungry is magically effective. When you think about it, it’s such a brilliant idea.

Brandon also tells you how you should start from the ‘sit’ command. Before you ask yourself why you limit yourself to only seven common commands, Brandon answers that. He tells how he has come across 20+ commands and the frequency of use.

That’s why he’d rather help you perfect the seven commands instead of overloading your dog’s brain with unwanted information.

Because remember, just like you’re trying to figure out your dog, your dog is trying to get out of it; your job is to figure out how to beat that.

That’s how you get an obedient dog in the end.

Another valuable piece of advice is to join verbal commands with hand signals; Brandon dives into that in the 5th lesson. For example, look at how he specifies the ‘sit’ command.

5th lesson’s priority is given to leash techniques. When he teaches how important controlling is, he mentions the importance of leashes, and Brandon covers that well. The below image is a great example of that.

With that covered, let’s move to the next section.

Lesson 6-12: Discovering the 7 common commands

a screen shot from Brandon McMillan MasterClass Lesson 6

Before I explain the 7 commands, let me list them down for you. 

  1. Sit 
  2. Down 
  3. Stay
  4. No
  5. Off
  6. Come
  7. Heel

They’re very simple, and all dog owners will use them all the time without a doubt. 

It’s admirable how Brandon McMillan doesn’t stick to one dog. He demonstrates these commands by using three sizes of dogs. At the beginning of each lesson, Brandon McMillan gives a small intro on what he will do. 

For example, Brodie below is one.

another screen shot from Brandon McMillan MasterClass Lesson 6

The detailing of these MasterClass videos is amazing. This is merely a single moment that clearly communicates the requirement when he’s teaching the ‘sit’ command.

Brandon tells you exactly what to do and also what NOT to do; it’s a 99% clear training process.

That draws clear contrast, and for me, it immensely helped me to understand concepts better. I personally loved how to ‘resets’ each tries so that the dogs don’t even know they’re being trained.

Moving down each session, Brandon gives a clear idea about what you must have to conduct the lesson properly. 

The below image is what you need to successfully complete the ‘down’ command.

a screen shot from Brandon McMillan MasterClass Lesson 7

That gives you a clear approach for the training process. 

I trained my puppy exactly how he trained his. For example, Brandon asks you to start the ‘down’ command training, preferably somewhere like a picnic table. The reason is the role of elevation when you hold the treat.

It’s fascinating how these little details affect the overall success of dog training.

On top of that, Brandon McMillan takes that head-on challenge to train completely untrained dogs. It’s obvious, given how they learn the commands at a realistic pace.

Once again, since all video sessions have bookmarks in the slider, meaning you can know what you’re learning and can skip forward if you prefer.

The videos also come with subtitles: English, German, Spanish, and so much more. Unlike generated YouTube subs that aren’t always accurate, MasterClass subtitles are 100% perfect.

‘Off’ is another fundamental command you’ll need to keep your dog away from jumping on people and furniture.

Brandon McMillan goes out of his way to share knowledge from the Sit to Heel command. All methods are very practical to execute. I was surprised to see how fast everything was working in the first place.

Brandon gives you the key points to refresh your mind at the end of each command-based lesson. It helps you differentiate what’s important and what’s less.

Rest assured, your dog will DEFINITELY be able to follow all these commands just like that. But remember that although the lessons are under 3 hours, it MIGHT take a couple of days for YOU to complete them.

Because, let’s be honest, both you and I are no Brandon McMillan.

Now that the lessons are covered, let’s look at the last three lessons that focus on behavioral issues.

Lessons 13-15: Fixing Behavioral Issues

Even for three video lessons, Brandon teaches you how to resolve some of the dogs’ most annoying and dangerous behavioral issues.

When you train dogs comprehensively, you need to cover this too. It’s one of the best Brandon McMillan MasterClass pros.

Housebreaking is the first one, and Brandon uses a method he calls Housetraining Triangle.

The second is about how dogs dash out of the door. Similar to other sessions, Brandon is patient and trains the dog cleverly. It’s easier to follow him since he moves step by step.

Look at the high-quality close-quarters snap of the Door Dashing behavior video session.

a screen shot from Brandon McMillan MasterClass Lesson 14

For the last video, Brandon McMillan covers 3 of the most common bad habits every dog parent would want to be resolved; digging, chewing, and barking.

You’d be surprised to hear Brandon spends most time in the ‘chewing’ section.

This video takes place indoors, and he does it with Cooper, a 4-year-old Golden Retriever. Look how amazing Cooper looks.

a screen shot from Brandon McMillan MasterClass Lesson 15

It’d take so long to elaborate on each section, but I’m sure you get a solid idea of what Brandon brings.

Let’s look at the cost next.

Brandon McMillan MasterClass Cost

Brandon McMillan’s MasterClass doesn’t have a separate cost. You get the annual subscription to MasterClass, and you automatically get access to Brandon’s MasterClass.

And hundreds of more courses done by celebrity instructors.

There are 3 plans, and here’s how they differ.

Individual Plan

The individual subscription is made for those who watch things independently, pretty much for the singles. 

With this subscription, you get one account and can use one device to watch MasterClass. This is one variable of the plans. Because no matter what plan you get, you get access to ALL THE COURSES. 

McMillan dog training MasterClass with the individual plan costs only $15 monthly, which is billed annually at $180. 

There’s is one catch for the individual plan (which I’ll explain with the Duo subscription), and that’s why some seem to prefer the Duo plan.

Duo Plan

You still get access to only one MasterClass account even with the Duo plan. One difference from the individual plan is that you can use two devices simultaneously to watch MasterClass courses.

So, it could be perfect for couples in general who love to educate each other. But it also could be amazing for someone who can’t take the primary device anywhere.

Brandon McMillan MasterClass’s worth is only $5 more than the individual plan, which is $20. But it is billed annually at $240.

The best feature of the Duo plan is offline viewing. You can download videos similar to Netflix to watch offline. That’s very convenient. 

Sadly, this feature isn’t available for the individual plan, and that’s the catch I told you of.

Family Plan

The family plan also lets you download videos for convenient offline viewing. With only one account, similar to the other plans, you can watch MasterClass on up to 6 devices simultaneously.

That’s why it’s a family plan.

But a family doesn’t have to be blood-related as well; it could be your lifelong group of friends or those really tight coworkers.

Brandon McMillan MasterClass annual subscription comes at only $23/month, which is only a $3 increment from the Duo plan. The billing is done annually at $276 ($23 x 12).

What if you had enrolled in the Duo plan and wanted to upgrade to the family plan? You can do it via the platform itself very easily. You can also downgrade plans in the same way.

Brandon McMillan masterclass front page
Brandon McMillan MasterClass
visa master amex paypal

Brandon McMillan MasterClass Refund Policy

Brandon McMillan MasterClass front page after logged in

As I said, Brandon McMillan’s MasterClass refund policy is basically MasterClass’s refund policy.

So, you get 30 days to see if the MasterClass/ Brandon McMillan’s MasterClass is worth it. If you feel otherwise, you can cancel it yourself.

But remember that this only cancels annual auto-renewal if you choose to cancel the membership after 30 days; there’s no refund there.

Here’s the process:

Log into your account at and go to the profile menu to find ‘settings’ in the right-hand corner. You can scroll down to account settings after clicking on it. You’ll see the cancel membership button under the membership section of the page.

It’s very straightforward.

My Experience With Brandon McMillan MasterClass

Brandon McMillan MasterClass lesson 2 screenshot

I purchased the Duo plan for my partner and me. While my priority was training my dog, hers was to learn dog training and explore MasterClass.

I’d say I’m a bit of an old-school person since I printed the coursebook. I read it fully twice, and then only I actually began the training process. The workbook is so easy and engaging to read, and it’s a gold mine of knowledge.

Before I tell you about my practical training experience, let me tell you what I think of the content.

It’s perfect; it’s amazingly concise but not so packed with information as well. Each video has time-slider bookmarks, and there’s a gradual process. I also loved that I could adjust the video quality from 360p to 1080p was terrific.

I’m more of a 720p person myself.

MasterClass also lets you watch the video at 0.5x to 2x speed. I recommend watching the series at 1x speed for the first time, and you can go up to 1.5x or 2x after that first one. That’s what I did.

One thing I noticed in each video is that Brandon is not rushing; he’s very patient with both the viewer AND the dogs.

It took me about two and a half weeks to fully train Dexter, thanks to working hours. But my puppy is the polar opposite of how he was. On top of that, I’m a changed person too; I understand Dexter better.

The downside I noticed was that we couldn’t directly communicate with Brandon. I also wished there was a dedicated MasterClass rep for each course, but I don’t know how practical that is.

I also think it would have been better if there were more behavioral issues fixed too.

Even with the downsides, Brandon McMillan MasterClass is 4.9/5 for me; it works like magic.

Other MasterClass reviews:

Brandon McMillan Masterclass: Customer Testimonials 

Brandon’s MasterClass is one of the best classes available on the platform, and quite rightly so, look, just take a look at the reviews from the individuals who’ve used it. 

The first comment is from a recommendation review by Creator Louis here.

Brandon McMillan Masterclass Customer Testimonial 1

Ana sums it up perfectly; Brandon’s MasterClass is awesome and does the work.

Val gets it and recommends it.

Mumba understands the value when he specifically uses the word ‘insightful.’

*Profile pictures and @s will be covered for privacy reasons.

Is the Brandon McMillan Dog Training MasterClass Worth it?

If you wanted a straightforward answer, yes, it’s definitely worth buying.

Brandon is not book-smart; he has trained over 10,000 dogs of different breeds with temperaments. He knows what works and what doesn’t, and that’s another training feature that stands out. On top of that, Brandon’s teaching style covers EVERYTHING.

Considering current dog trainer costs, you’ll save at least $1000-$1500.

The most impressive part of Brandon McMillan MasterClass is that he trains YOU, while he trains your pet. That gives YOU the power to handle your dog at your pace once his MasterClass concludes.

With all the reading materials, the access to the complete course library of MasterClass, the community, and so much more, Brandon McMillas MasterClass is a worthy bargain.

Pros and Cons of Brandon McMillan MasterClass


Learn everything from scratch
Brandon McMillan brings the experience of training 10,000+ dogs
Everything is covered in under 3 hours, and 15 video lessons
Train dogs at your own pace
Easier to resume every video from where you left off
Almost all video lessons have bookmarks for segments
Adjustable video quality and playback speed
Demonstrations are done using untrained dogs
All the training steps are clear and easy to follow
The printable PDF workbook has so much knowledge for them
Every video is only 8-20 minutes long and very engaging to watch
7 most common commands are perfectly taught
Ability to fix serious behavioral issues at the young age of your dog
Completely free access to all the other MasterClass courses
Available for downloaded offline viewing


You cannot question Brandon directly
It would have been better if there were more behavioral issues
Some instructions aren’t very clear at some points
There is no course reps from MasterClass

Want to know about the overall MasterClass platform? Read this honest review.

Brandon McMillan MasterClass Review: Conclusion

Is Brandon McMillan’s MasterClass worth it? Yes, it is.

Dog training on your own is a big challenge, and hiring personal dog trainers can deplete your wallet. For that price, it’s a steal to train your dogs WHILE bonding with them.

Brandon brings a lot of value to your investment with all the extra teaching material and descriptive instructions based on years of experience in training animals — it just works like a magic.

Rest assured, you can have a 100% trained dog with Brandon McMillan dog training MasterClass.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your access, and transform your pet into a well-trained dog.


Brandon McMillan is a celebrity professional dog trainer and animal behaviorist who is featured in the Emmy-winning series “Lucky Dog” on CBS. He is well known for his expertise in rescuing and training shelter dogs.

Brandon McMillan has trained more than 10,000 dogs of various breeds.

The Brandon McMillan MasterClass has a total duration of 2 hours and 55 minutes, consisting of 15 video lessons.

Yes, you can get a refund for Brandon McMillan MasterClass if the request is made within 30 days of purchasing the MasterClass.

Brandon McMillan’s MasterClass costs $15 per month, billed annually.

Brandon McMillan co-founded the Argus Service Dog Foundation, which matches service dogs with disabled veterans.

Brandon McMillan’s MasterClass is not hard to follow; his instructions are straightforward and simple to understand.

Brandon McMillan uses reward-based positive reinforcement as the training method in his MasterClass. This method is the antithesis of the dominant and punishment-based approach.

Lucky Dog is a TV show hosted by Brandon McMillan, where he takes rescue dogs and trains them with the goal of finding them new homes.

Brandon McMillan masterclass
Brandon McMillan masterclass front page




Overall Score


visa master amex paypal
Learn everything from scratch
Brandon McMillan brings the experience of training 10,000+ dogs
All the training steps are clear and easy to follow
Ability to fix serious behavioral issues at the young age of your dog
Completely free access to all the other MasterClass courses
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
You cannot question Brandon directly
It would have been better if there were more behavioral issues

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