9 Best Online YouTube Courses in 2024 (For Beginners & Pros)

Last Updated on June, 2024

YouTube is a powerful platform where you can leverage your interests and hobbies into a mode of income. In that case, you may also seek ways to enhance your understanding of YouTube.

In this comprehensive guide, we have reviewed the top 9 courses available on various online learning platforms.

These courses will help equip you with all the tools needed to conquer YouTube from teaching how YouTube works for creating content, content marketing, and how to get more video views.

Whether you are a novice looking to start from scratch or an experienced YouTube creator aiming to refine your skills, our list of best YouTube courses covers various topics, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

So, read on!

9 of the Best YouTube Courses

Given below is a curated list of the best YouTube courses you could enroll in.

1. Tube Mastery And Monetization (Matt Par)

a screenshot of the Tube Mastery And Monetization course from Matt Par

Matt Par’s Tube Mastery and Monetization is one of the best YouTube courses available. It offers guidance that is accessible to everyone and actionable insights into the world of YouTube.

Matt Par started his YouTube journey at the age of 14. As of today, he has 9 successful YouTube channels.

Course Highlights

  • Versatility in channel creation: This YouTube course caters to brand channels, where creators appear on camera, and faceless YouTube channels, eliminating the need for a physical presence. 
  • Faceless YouTube: For those hesitant to appear on camera, this course provides a YouTube strategy for creating “a faceless channel.” You will learn how to use existing YouTube videos and images ethically to make engaging content.
  • Beginner-Friendly Training: Ideal for beginners, this online course provides a step-by-step guide covering niche selection, channel setup, YouTube SEO, keyword research, and video editing using both free and paid software.
  • YouTube Automation Expertise: Recognized as the best YouTube automation course, Tube Mastery and Monetization introduces creators to the concept of automation, where content is curated from existing YouTube videos through fair use.
  • Risk-Free Learning: Matt Par offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, providing learners with a risk-free opportunity to explore and apply course teachings.

Content Overview

The course has 10 modules which cover:

  • Niche selection and high-paying CPM niches.
  • Market research techniques.
  • Utilizing existing content ethically through fair use.
  • Channel setup walkthrough, including optimization and branding.
  • YouTube SEO and keyword strategies for improved visibility.
  • Video creating, scripting, voiceovers, and viral content essentials.
  • Video editing using both free and paid software.
  • Successful YouTube channel growth strategies.
  • Monetization methods, including Google ads, YouTube ads, and YouTube marketing.
  • Merchandising tips and tricks.


The regular course fee is $997, but a 50% discount is currently available for those who participate in Matt Par’s free webinar. A 3-month installment plan is open for anyone who wants to break down the investment.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring that learners can explore the content risk-free.


Proven success with 12+ channels.
Free updates to the course.
The strong support system in the dedicated Facebook group.
Generous 30-day money-back guarantee.
Numerous student success stories.


It is not a free course, and the potential cost may be high for some.
Additional tools may be required.

2. YouTube Success: Script, Shoot, And Edit With MKBHD (Skillshare)

a screenshot of the YouTube Success: Script, Shoot, And Edit With MKBHD course from Skillshare

Skillshare’s “YouTube Success: Script, Shoot, and Edit with MKBHD” is a crash course led by one of the most renowned and successful reviewers of the tech world, Marques Keith Brownlee, also known professionally as MKBHD.

He is an American YouTuber who does technology-focused videos. He also does a podcast called Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast. Most recently, his channel has featured influential figures like Barack Obama and Bill Gates.

Content Overview

There are 11 lessons included in this course, totaling 1 hour and 13 minutes. 

  • Strategic Video Planning: Understand how to strategically create high-quality videos, fostering a personal connection with the audience while attracting a broad viewership.
  • Optimizing equipment use: Regardless of what gear you use, this course will provide valuable insights on maximizing equipment use and overcoming limitations.
  • Masterful editing techniques: MKBHD dives into the art of post-production, learning editing techniques that transform raw footage posting.
  • Consistent audience growth: Explore strategies for sustaining and growing your audience, gaining valuable tips for creators at all levels.


Skillshare is a subscription-based platform. To access this course, you must subscribe by paying $2 monthly.


You get to learn from MKBHD, a respected figure in the tech review space, offering insights that go beyond generic advice.
The course caters to creators with varying budgets, making it accessible to a broad audience.
MKBHD’s approach to planning high-quality videos ensures a personal touch while capturing widespread attention.


The course may not provide sufficient foundational guidance for complete beginners. The course assumes a certain level of familiarity with video creation.

3. Mastering YouTube For The Busy Professional: Erika Kullberg

a screenshot of the Mastering YouTube For The Busy Professional course by Erika Kullberg

Erika Kullberg is a lawyer turned successful YouTuber who achieved remarkable success, growing her channel from 0 to 70,000 subscribers and earning $100,000 in under a year.

Her course, “Mastering YouTube for the Busy Professional,” caters to individuals aiming to start a YouTube channel on the side.

Content Overview

The course comprises 15 modules and 94 lessons, covering essential aspects of building a successful YouTube channel:

  • Learn how to discover and define your niche.
  • Understand the key elements in setting up your channel to attract and engage viewers.
  • Dive into the details of planning, creating thumbnails and titles, and crafting the perfect script to create professional YouTube videos.
  • From budget setups to professional gear, explore options for recording equipment suitable for your needs.
  • Tips on editing your own videos or how to hire someone to edit videos if on a budget.
  • Discover techniques to reach 1000 subscribers, create viral content, and foster sustained growth.


The course costs $497 but can be paid in three installments of $185.


Erika’s course accommodates a wide range of interests, allowing individuals to create diverse YouTube channels.
You will gain insights into tried and tested success strategies used by Erika herself.
This course is ideal for beginners or creators at any level. The course breaks down complex concepts into understandable modules.
The course offers a “no-questions-asked” refund policy within 14 days.


Some people may consider the course to be more expensive compared to others.
Additional tools may be required.

4. YouTube For Beginners – How To Start & Grow Your YouTube Channel (Skillshare)

a screenshot of the YouTube For Beginners - How To Start & Grow Your YouTube Channel course from Skillshare

Ali Abdaal, a former doctor turned full-time successful YouTuber, brings his expertise to the table in the course “YouTube for Beginners- How to Start & Grow Your YouTube Channel” on Skillshare. 

He dives into the holistic understanding of content creation, overcoming fear, and effective growth strategies.

Content Overview

  • Explore the reasons for starting a YouTube channel and overcome the fear of getting started.
  • Learn to beat perfectionism, a common hurdle for new creators, fostering a mindset of consistent content creation.
  • Understand the art of creating videos, scripting videos, and delivering content effectively to captivate the audience.
  • Delve into practical aspects like filming with your phone, perfecting the background, and other technical fundamentals.
  • Gain insights into growing your channel.


Provides valuable insights and guidance, allowing learners to benefit from their practical experience. 
This course takes a practical approach, covering not only technical fundamentals but also addressing psychological barriers, making it accessible and relatable for beginners.
The course covers comprehensive content that covers motivation, scriptwriting, filming techniques, background perfection, and channel growth.
The course has an engaging and entertaining teaching style.
Ali Abdaal focuses on effective yet affordable methods to create videos that look professional, making them accessible to a broad audience.


The course does not dive deeply into advanced camera or editing techniques. Learners seeking more technical depth may need to complement this course with additional, technically oriented content.

5. Video Editing With Final Cut Pro X – From Beginner To YouTuber (Skillshare)​

a screenshot of the Video Editing With Final Cut Pro X – From Beginner To YouTuber course from Skillshare

“Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X- From beginner to YouTuber” is another comprehensive course by Ali Abdaal. 

His YouTube journey which started as a personal blog in 2017 has grown rapidly and now mostly features broad topics like productivity, wealth, and life lessons. More recently, he also started a podcast and he is currently working on a book.

Content Overview

The course is 3 hours and 16 minutes long, and includes:

  • A-Cut Assembly: Ali Abdaal dives into the initial edit, where common mistakes are addressed, and students learn to adjust footage to a set timeline. Essential keyboard shortcuts are introduced to enhance efficiency.
  • B-Roll: The course progresses to more creative aspects, guiding students on working with transitions, animations, tiles, and images, elevating the overall quality of video content.
  • Coats of polish: The final section focuses on finishing, teaching students how to master sound and visual elements to refine and polish the final product.


Skillshare is a subscription-based platform. To access this course, you must subscribe by paying $2 monthly.


Excellent for learning video editing concepts and tricks, particularly for beginners and intermediate users of Final Cut Pro X.
Includes practical projects.


Some sections of the course may sometimes feel repetitive, potentially impacting the learner’s engagement during those segments.

6. Bye 9 To 5 (Jordan Mackey)

a screenshot of the Bye 9 To 5 course by Jordan Mackey

“Bye 9 to 5” is also known as “Tube Monetization and Automation 2.0” and explores the world of YouTube channel monetization and advertising revenue without revealing your face through Jordan Mackey’s course.

Jordan Mackey is a YouTuber who currently has 3 million subscribers when combining all his channels. His strategies have attracted many people and helped them, causing him to win multiple awards from YouTube. 

Content Overview

  • Learn to create various channels, including faceless, list, personal brand (on-camera), and combination channels.
  • Gain insights into niche selection and channel setup, covering the entire process.
  • Explore diverse monetization strategies, with a particular focus on YouTube marketing.
  • Access over 300 videos offering extensive training, catering to beginners and those without prior YouTube experiences. 
  • Bonus content includes personal branding, Shopify Dropshipping, and insights from Jordan’s previous YouTube classes.


The course is priced at $997 with no monthly subscription option. However, they do offer a 120-day refund policy. 


Benefit from training with Jordan Mackey, an accomplished YouTuber, adding credibility to the course.
It provides comprehensive training for beginners, with practical tips on creating their first video in an easy-to-understand manner.
It has supplementary content, including bonuses covering personal branding and Shopify Dropshipping.
They also offer access to an exclusive VIP private student group where the student receives individual guidance from the instructor.


It may be too expensive for certain learners.

7. YouTube Masterclass – Your Complete Guide To YouTube (Udemy)

a screenshot of the YouTube Masterclass – Your Complete Guide To YouTube course from Udemy

This YouTube Masterclass is led by top-rated instructor Phil Ebiner and professional YouTubers like Michael Moyer and Lauren Moyer.

Phil Ebiner has been on YouTube since 2013 and has been growing his brand since. He is currently a teacher to over 110,000 students on Udemy and his courses cover all aspects of content creation.

Michael and Lauren Moyer achieved their YouTube success by posting videos on personal finance, early retirement, and DIY projects. Their viewer base has grown rapidly and they now assist other people with their YouTube growth.

Content Overview

The course is 5 hours and 35 minutes long with 67 lectures. It covers:

  • Basics of a YouTube channel, understanding the platform, and the importance of having a Google account.
  • Step-by-step guidance on creating a YouTube channel from scratch without the need for a budget.
  • Insights into digital marketing strategies relevant to maintaining a YouTube channel, emphasizing effective ways to reach and engage with the target audience.
  • Overview of monetization methods, teaching how to earn money from videos.


This YouTube masterclass is priced at $74.99. Also, a 30-day money-back guarantee is available.


Tailored for beginners.
The course gives a detailed breakdown of YouTube algorithms, offering a step-by-step blueprint for your own channel creation.
Great tips for organic viewership growth are provided.
Purchasers gain lifetime access to this Udemy course, eliminating the need for a subscription.
Students receive a certificate of completion.
Lifetime access to the content is available.


While beneficial for beginners, the course may lack the depth and advanced strategies required by more experienced content creators. 
The course offers a 30-day refund option, but the absence of a free trial might be a limitation for those seeking to explore the content before committing.

8. YouTube Academy 2023: Complete Beginner To Pro Step-By-Step (Udemy)

a screenshot of the YouTube Academy 2023: Complete Beginner To Pro Step-By-Step course from Udemy

YouTube Academy 2023 is led by video production expert and YouTube consultant Dan Britain.

Dan Britain has early experience in the film and TV industry but he transitioned to online video creation 5 years ago. After his massive success on the platform, he now assists others with their YouTube journey.

Content Overview

The course is 5 hours and 55 minutes long with 71 lectures covering:

  • YouTube fundamentals.
  • How to build a YouTube strategy to maximize reach.
  • Equipement essentials.
  • Channel setup.
  • Studio navigation.
  • Video production techniques.
  • Filming advice.
  • Live streaming insights.
  • Monetization strategies.
  • Analytics mastery.


It was originally priced at $74.99 but is currently available at a discounted rate of $9.99. 


The course offers a thorough understanding of the creative and analytical aspects of maintaining a YouTube channel.
It is led by a YouTube consultant with over 130,000 students on Udemy.
The course undergoes regular updates to keep the content relevant and aligned with evolving trends on YouTube.
Students receive a certificate of completion.


Some learners may find the content to be relatively basic.

9. Build A Fanbase On YouTube (Creative Live)

a screenshot of the Build A Fanbase On YouTube course from Creative Live

“Build a Fanbase on YouTube” dives into YouTube growth strategies and is led by Sunny Lebarduzzi, a seasoned digital marketing master with a decade of experience in video marketing and expanding social media platforms.

It is one of the most useful YouTube marketing courses with many actionable insights.

Course Content

This course contains 13 videos spanning 2 hours and 43 minutes, which cover:

  • Identifying and connecting with your audience.
  • Learning YouTube SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Achieving remarkable milestones, like increasing followers in a short time organically.
  • Optimizing your channel to attract devoted fans.
  • Creating engaging content that resonates with your audience.
  • Navigating filming, editing, uploading, and sharing processes.
  • Analyzing YouTube success metrics for continual growth.


It is available for $49 and offers lifetime access to the YouTube course.


It has precise and engaging instructions.
The course is led by an experienced instructor with real-life insights.
It has bonus resources to enhance the learning journey.
Has a very user-friendly interface.


Some learners might find the course overly focused on digital marketing strategies.
This course has a limited emphasis on passion and misses highlighting the intrinsic benefits of YouTube as a platform for sharing one’s passions.

What Should You Look for When Selecting a YouTube Course?

Before selecting an online YouTube course, the following points should be taken into consideration:

  • Verify the instructor’s YouTube channel success and experience.
  • Check the curriculum for comprehensive coverage.
  • Read student reviews for feedback and success stories to judge whether it is a good YouTube course.
  • Ensure the course aligns with your YouTube channel goals.
  • Choose a format that suits your preferred learning style.
  • Assess the course cost and additional benefits.
  • Review the refund policy for flexibility.

What are the Advantages of Following a YouTube Course?

Here are a few advantages of following an online YouTube course before starting your YouTube channel:

  • All the YouTube courses on this list provide organized, step-by-step learning that saves time by avoiding trial and error with its structured approach.
  • You can gain expert guidance and learn from individuals with proven success.
  • It keeps you updated with the latest YouTube trends and strategies.
  • You can engage with a community of learners for support and networking.
  • All of these courses can be completed at your own pace.

Other course categories you might like:


The best YouTube training course varies based on individual needs, but notable options include “Tube Mastery and Monetization” by Matt Parr and “YouTube Success” by MKBHD on Skillshare.

YouTube course costs vary; Skillshare subscriptions are about $2/month, and standalone courses like “Tube Mastery and Monetization” are priced at $997.

YouTube courses can range from just over an hour to several weeks in length, offering flexible scheduling options.

No, specialized training is not mandatory for YouTubers, but online courses on content creation, audience engagement, and monetization can be beneficial.

Yes, YouTube can be a rewarding career with opportunities for creativity, income, and global audience reach, but requires dedication, consistency, and adaptation to platform dynamics.

Final Thoughts

Starting and building a successful YouTube channel is an exciting endeavor.

The courses mentioned on this list cater to various needs and preferences. Therefore, choosing the right YouTube course that suits your needs is important.

Weigh the pros and cons of each YouTube course against individual goals and preferences before making a choice.

Remember that success on YouTube is a blend of skill, dedication, and adaptability. 

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