11 Best Vocabulary Apps to Learn New Words (2024 Reviewed)

Last Updated on June, 2024

Are you looking to enhance your word power? Dive into the world of vocabulary apps that make learning words a breeze! 

In this article, we’ll explore the best vocabulary apps designed to boost your linguistic skills effortlessly. Whether you’re a student aiming to ace exams or someone keen on expressing ideas more eloquently, these apps cater to all proficiency levels. 

These vocabulary apps transform the mundane task of learning new words into an enjoyable experience through interactive activities. Say goodbye to monotonous memorization and hello to a fun-filled approach to expanding your English vocabulary. 

Ready to embark on a wordy adventure? Let’s explore the best vocabulary apps that will turn you into a wordsmith in no time! 

List of the 11 Best Vocabulary Apps 

Here are our top 11 picks for the best vocabulary apps. Rest assured, one of these apps will be your perfect word-building tool. 

1. Elevate

a screenshot of the Elevate app website

Platform: iOS, Android, Web. 

Pricing: $4.99/mo or $39.99 per annum. 

Elevate stands out as one of the best vocabulary apps that is game-based and crafted to enhance various skills, including vocabulary words.

This vocabulary builder app is a valuable source for adults keen on learning new words, boasting over 40 games tailored to boost reading and memory.

The app offers a range of benefits, such as helping users express their thoughts more clearly through personalized vocabulary training. With scientifically backed-up word games, Elevate also aids in sharpening focus and memory. 

Moreover, it improves writing abilities by introducing new words and their definitions. Incorporating this vocabulary application into your routine can enhance your reading and writing skills.

Another notable feature is the app’s ability to help users distinguish between commonly mistaken definitions. 


Experience quick learning with short multiple-choice questions. 
Determine your training program through the unique “EPQ” proficiency test. 
Enjoy customized and goal-oriented learning experiences. 
Improves writing skills.
Trusted by over 200,000 users with a 5-star rating. 
Offers over 40 games for comprehensive skill improvement.
Personalized training aids in clearer expression of thoughts.
Helps users distinguish commonly mistaken definitions.


Occasional lagging and bug issues may disrupt the flow. 
Comparatively pricier than alternative options. 

Overview: This vocabulary app was crafted with adults in mind, offering a platform to enhance productivity, memory, and cognitive sharpness. It serves as a self-improvement app with daily reminders encouraging the development of positive habits. Its primary goal is to strengthen your vocabulary journey through “daily workouts,” aiming to refine articulation. Elevate caters to individuals seeking continual improvement in cognitive abilities and linguistic proficiency.

2. Word Of The Day

Platform: iOS, Android. 

Pricing: Subscription-based. 

Word Of The Day presents a straightforward yet sophisticated approach to cater to word enthusiasts. This application lets you quickly enhance your vocabulary with interesting words in under a minute and uses AI curation. 

Using Word Of The Day, you can efficiently learn and commit new words to memory for daily usage.

The app facilitates vocabulary expansion through meticulously crafted flashcard decks. It offers personalized word discovery and matching based on your existing vocabulary. 

Cognitive engagement is further encouraged with word search challenges, providing a fun way to familiarize yourself with new words. 

Additionally, the application allows you to curate word lists and delve into etymology, offering language enthusiasts a holistic and enriching experience. 


Encourages revision and review by tracking your score and streak.
Quick and straightforward approach to learning new words. 
Provides comprehensive word meanings with an example for better word understanding. 
Engages your brain with helpful vocab activities. 
Offers personalized flashcard decks tailored to your proficiency.
Meticulously crafted flashcard decks aid in memory retention.


Reliability issues with the placement test. 
Occasional unclear audio pronunciation.

Overview: Designed for students, job seekers, and vocabulary enthusiasts, the Word Of The Day app is a valuable tool to enhance language skills. Utilizing AI-tailored flashcard decks, you can improve your vocabulary daily and grasp new words effectively.

3. FluentU

a screenshot of the FluentU app website

Platform: iOS, Android. 

Pricing: $29.99/mo. 

FluentU transforms authentic, real-world videos, such as music videos, movie trailers, news segments, and inspirational talks, into personalized English language lessons. 

Its approach is natural, providing gradual immersion into the English language and culture, allowing individuals to develop their English skills as spoken in real life.

The application offers diverse and fun content ranging from popular talk shows to nature documentaries and entertaining commercials. FluentU simplifies watching English videos by incorporating interactive captions into them.

You can tap on any word to access pictures, definitions, synonyms, and relevant examples. 

One of the standout features is FluentU’s ability to track an individual’s English vocabulary and offer additional practice with challenging new vocabulary words. The app even sends reminders for review sessions. 


Content with context enables the understanding of new words within real-life situations. 
Ideal for visual learners as it incorporates video-based learning. 
Interactive subtitles allow access to valuable information about new words and phrases.
Offers special academic pricing for schools/institutes. 
Gradual immersion aids in natural language acquisition.
Sends reminders for vocabulary review sessions.


Specialized in language acquisition and may lack comprehensive coverage in other areas. 
Not focused on teaching cultural aspects. 

Overview: FluentU operates as a video dictionary, allowing you to search for any word and locate all relevant clips within its library. Upon completing a video, you can reinforce newly learned words through quizzes and multimedia flashcards. The videos used in this app are curated for native speakers, ensuring that you learn words in the context of their actual usage. 

4. Magoosh Vocabulary Builder

a screenshot of the Magoosh Vocabulary Builder app website

Platform: iOS, Android. 

Pricing: $39.99/mo. 

The Magoosh Vocabulary Builder app is one of the most well-received vocabulary-building apps, showcasing a collection of over 1,000 carefully chosen vocabulary words by expert tutors.

Through daily usage, you can enhance your vocabulary with concise quizzes, insightful meanings of words, and straightforward examples.

This application guides you through mastering essential words from each difficulty level: basic, intermediate, and advanced. It benefits individuals preparing for standardized tests such as SATs, TOEFL, and GMAT. 

Beyond memorization, the app focuses on correct pronunciation and usage of English words within the relevant context. Progression involves unlocking new sets, advancing through levels, and reinforcing vocabulary through fun activities. 


Fun end-of-lesson activities and opportunities for multiplayer competition. 
Tailored for test preparation and created by experts in the field. 
Specialized sections catering to high school students, language learners, and more. 
Regular updates introduce fresh content. 


Inaccuracies in some definitions. 
Occasional sluggish loading and freezing issues. 
Instances of progress being reset. 

Overview: Magoosh Vocabulary Builder is designed specifically for students gearing up for significant exams in their academic journey. Regular updates and revisions are a priority to align the app with current curricula, ensuring its relevance for test-takers.

5. Vocab Genius

a screenshot of the Vocab Genius app website

Platform: iOS. 

Pricing: $21.99/mo. 

Using the latest in cognitive science, Brainscape’s Vocab Genius facilitates a swift and efficient vocabulary builder through daily practice. Featuring a collection of over 1,300 flashcards, you can grasp new word definitions, pronunciation, and roots seamlessly. 

The application guides you in comprehending new words by focusing on learning Latin roots and prefixes. Color-coded flashcards aid vocabulary development, allowing you to set personal goals and monitor performance. 

Customized repetition ensures information retention, and including sample sentences helps you apply new words appropriately in a particular context. 


Engaging scientifically-optimized sophisticated algorithms for effective brain stimulation. 
Over 300 word elements, encompassing roots, suffixes, and prefixes. 
Browse and search functions available for easy access to desired flashcards. 
Provides continuous feedback, statistics, and visualization tools.


Audio recordings may be inconsistent and unreliable. 
Additional variety in content could have enhanced the learning experience. 
Occasional distractions from in-app instructions and ads. 

Overview: Designed with a concentration on word roots, this application benefits English learners as a second language and native speakers aiming to broaden their English vocabulary. It serves as a scientifically-optimized app prioritizing cognitive development.

6. Word Pal

a screenshot of the Word Pal app website

Platform: iOS, Android. 

Pricing: $0.99. 

Word Pal uses quizzes, games, and examples to help you learn new vocabulary words. It is crafted to expand your vocabulary through active learning, backed by scientific principles. 

With Word Pal, your vocabulary expands through daily practice, allowing you to define and incorporate new words into sentences. Daily goals improve your answer score, while the app aids you in developing a vocabulary of synonyms. 

Additionally, Word Pal encourages you to guess words by providing corresponding clues, a fun way to learn words. 


A diverse array of games ensures an active and varied learning experience. 
Every new word comes with a clear meaning and an example. 
Daily goals and reminders promote consistent engagement. 
Performance metrics and personalized programs enhance what you learn. 


Limited options to “pass” on questions during activities. 
Basic interface. 
Lack of detailed explanations for incorrect answers. 

Overview: Word Pal caters to individuals seeking to enhance their own vocabulary at their convenience and pace. If you tend to get bored quickly, this application makes learning fun through games, quizzes, and practical examples. It is a clever app that blends scientific learning techniques with well-spaced repetition, making it effortless for users to incorporate these words into their daily lives. 

7. Vocabulary.com

a screenshot of the Vocabulary.com app website

Platform: iOS, Android.

Pricing: $12.99/mo. 

Vocabulary.com commits to providing a lasting vocabulary learning experience by merging the most intelligent dictionary with an adaptive learning game; according to their assurance, mastery of new words is achievable quickly. 

This app allows individuals to search for, comprehend, and apply new words in their daily contexts. The app encourages the creation of personalized learning programs through active engagement with words. 

Vocabulary improvement is facilitated through interactive word-based activities, allowing individuals to earn achievements by themselves or by engaging in friendly competition. 

This application also introduces a unique approach by determining words through visual references, offering a diverse and engaging method for language learners to expand their word knowledge effortlessly. 


Test preparation resources for middle school and high school are included. 
Ability to organize learning by adding word categories. 
Motivational leadership boards to encourage engagement. 
Incorporation of visual clues and a real-world example. 


Limited variety of activities compared to alternative apps. 
The interface appears dated and requires maintenance. 
Absence of an option to create a custom list. 

Overview: Vocabulary.com is suitable for individuals who thrive on game-based learning with a competitive edge or visual aids. The application caters to a broad audience and includes dedicated sections focused on middle and high school literature, making it a valuable study resource. 

8. Quizlet

a screenshot of the Quizlet app website

Platform: iOS, Android, and Web. 

Pricing: 7-day free trial, then $35.99 per annum. 

Quizlet stands out as one of the best vocabulary-building apps, with over 90% of students reporting improved grades.

This app offers a user-friendly platform where you can access millions of flashcards, test your knowledge in various ways, and tailor sets to your specific requirements. 

Learning involves expanding your vocabulary through synonym tests, guessing and revealing word meaning, and strengthening vocabulary memory using flashcards. 

Additionally, you can assess your skills through multiple-choice quizzes and track your progress with detailed round-by-round metrics. 


Tailor-made flashcards for convenient on-the-go revision. 
Personalized study paths are designed to assist in achieving individual goals. 
Practice tests help you remember words effectively. 


Limitations of the free version’s features. 
Ads can be distracting to students. 
Occasional bugs and challenges with downloads. 
Revision methods may not align with everyone’s preferred learning style. 

Overview: Quizlet caters primarily to school and college students preparing for exams. However, it extends beyond traditional curricula resources, offering various subjects, including vocabulary lessons. It is one of the best vocabulary apps that has evolved significantly in recent times. It provides customized flashcards, unlimited rounds, and diverse question types.

9. Vocabulary Builder

a screenshot of the Vocabulary Builder app website

Platform: iOS, Android. 

Pricing: Free. 

Vocabulary Builder by Galvanize focuses on making acquiring new words enjoyable. Individuals can enhance their vocabulary by engaging in different activities and unlocking new sets, acquiring over 1,800 new words. 

This app allows you to improve your vocab, specifically for relevant tests, and build a repertoire of words to make a positive impression on employers. 

Additionally, you can assess your knowledge through “fill in the blank” tests, aiming to reach new milestones and succeed in college-level exams. 


Specialized services tailored for Campus Placement Exams, GRE, SAT, and other exams. 
Smooth progression from fundamentals to advanced levels. 
Emphasis on refining grammar, pronunciation, and reading skills. 
Commences with a placement test at the beginning to assess individual skill levels. 


Reliability concerns with the placement test. 
Limited diversity in answer options during activities. 
Complexity in the interface poses challenges for individuals. 

Overview: Galvanize’s Vocab Builder app accommodates a diverse audience, making it suitable for various students, including those pursuing self-directed studying. The app provides additional resources specifically beneficial for students aiming for higher studies and preparing for exams like TOEFL and IELTS.

10. Vocabulary

a screenshot of the Vocabulary app website

Platform: iOS, Android. 

Pricing: Free. 

Monkey Tap’s Vocabulary app features a sleek design and widget options, ensuring easy usability and promoting straightforward engagement with new vocabulary. 

Using this vocabulary builder app, you can progress your vocab in alignment with your current skill set.

The app facilitates comprehension of new word meanings, grammar, and pronunciation, with an example for each word. Individuals are encouraged to draw connections between similar word types and meanings. 

Additionally, the app allows for exploring new words based on their parts of speech. You can also curate your personalized word list.


Clean and simple design. 
Quickly discover new English words through category searches. 
Ability to create your own word list. 
Excellent word meanings, examples, and emphasis on grammar. 


Limited in scope compared to more comprehensive vocabulary apps. 
Lacks interactive activities. 
Some words may not have direct relevance to daily life. 

Overview: Monkey Tap’s Vocabulary is tailored for individuals aspiring to learn vocabulary daily. Featuring widget options, daily reminders, and notifications, this app actively motivates you to explore new English words and their meanings each day, fostering the development of a proficient vocabulary. 

11. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

a screenshot of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary app website

Platform: iOS, Android, Web. 

Pricing: Free.  

Browsing the dictionary remains an often overlooked but reliable and straightforward approach to enhancing vocabulary.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, however, goes beyond the traditional method, offering a built-in dictionary along with engaging features to captivate its users. 

This vocabulary builder app allows you to expand your vocabulary and partake in various word activities. Weekly challenges provide learning opportunities to assess and reinforce learning. Additionally, time-sensitive activities test the ability to recognize and define words swiftly. 


Incorporates the famous “Word of the Day” feature. 
The bookmarked section is for easy tracking of learned vocabulary words. 
Offers various game types to maintain an engaging learning experience. 
Flexible options to play against a timer or at a self-paced rhythm. 


Lacks a placement test or comprehensive tracking metrics. 
Experiences occasional crashes. 
The free version is heavily loaded with ads. 

Overview: The Merriam-Webster Dictionary app is a convenient resource for swiftly finding the meanings of new words and offers an enjoyable method for expanding vocabulary in a manageable and entertaining manner, proving to be more than a traditional dictionary. Its user-friendly search format makes it particularly beneficial for students and casual learners alike. 

How Do Vocabulary Apps Help You Enhance Your Vocabulary? 

Here are some ways in which vocabulary apps help you develop your vocabulary: 

Interactive Learning

Vocabulary apps use interactive features such as quizzes, games, and flashcards, engaging individuals in a dynamic journey. This interactivity enhances retention and comprehension, making the experience more enjoyable. 

Contextual Exposure

Many vocabulary apps use new words within the context of sentences, phrases or real-world situations. This contextual exposure helps you grasp the meanings and usages of words in a practical context. 

Personalized Learning

Vocabulary apps often offer personalized learning paths based on individual proficiency levels and learning goals. The tailored approach ensures that individuals focus on essential words and progress at their own pace. 

Repetition and Reinforcement

These apps incorporate spaced repetition techniques, reinforcing the learning of words at intervals. This repetition aids memory retention, helping you internalize words over time. 


Gamified elements, like challenges, rewards, and progress tracking, make vocabulary learning more engaging. These features motivate you to consistently engage with the app, turning the learning process into a game-like experience. 

Multimedia Integration

Some apps use multimedia elements like videos and audio pronunciations to provide a multi-sensory learning experience. This approach caters to different learning preferences, accommodating visual and auditory learners. 

Accessibility And Convenience

Vocabulary apps offer accessibility, allowing you to learn anytime, anywhere. This convenience promotes consistent and flexible learning, fitting into busy schedules and facilitating regular practice for optimal results.

What to Look for in a Vocabulary App?

Selecting the right app can pose a challenge, particularly given variations in skill levels, qualification types, and app features. 

To aid in your decision-making process, consider the following factors: 

Developer’s Expertise: Assess the developer’s expertise before investing time and money in a vocab app. Ensure they understand the specific criteria and goals aligned with the app’s intended purpose, mainly if it targets exams like TOEFL. 

Skill Development: A quality app should go beyond covering basics, providing a continuous learning experience that fosters skill development and expands your vocabulary words.

Accurate Definitions: Verify that the app offers precise and accurate meanings of words, including pronunciation and grammar elements. Learning new words correctly is crucial; the apps’ content should reflect this accuracy. 

Syllabus And Skill Alignment: Tailor your choice based on how well the app’s syllabus and 

learning path aligns with your goals and current skill level. Native speakers may require advanced content, while beginners need comprehensive coverage of basics. 

Affordability Vs. Value: While considering the app’s price, evaluate its value. A slightly more expensive app with a more extensive vocabulary and expert curation might offer more excellent long-term value and effectiveness in your language learning journey.

What are the Advantages of Using a Vocabulary App?

Vocabulary apps offer various benefits. Here are some of them: 

  • Enhances your articulation.
  • Impress employers. 
  • Test preparation. 
  • Mental stimulation. 
  • Boosts memory and cognitive functions.

Other course categories you might like:


The time to learn new vocabulary varies individually, but daily practice for several weeks can yield noticeable improvement.

A vocabulary app can cost between $5 to $40 per month, often including a 7-day free trial.

English has the most words, approximately 171,476.

Final Note

That’s our list of the best vocabulary apps. They empower you to express yourself better, make a strong impression, and continuously improve. 

Happy learning! 

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