10 Best QuickBooks Online Courses (Reviewed in 2024)

Last Updated on June, 2024

QuickBooks is an accounting software package for various tasks such as business accounting, managing financial statements, bank reconciliations, etc.

Are you someone looking to learn QuickBooks? You are in the right place.

This article covers the top 10 paid and free courses to master QuickBooks. 

Whether you want to practice new skills in QuickBooks or enhance your existing knowledge, you’ll find training from this list.

Let’s dive in.

10 Top QuickBooks Courses

There are many QuickBooks courses and QuickBooks online essential training courses available. Let’s look into the best of them in detail.

1. Intuit QuickBooks Training

a screenshot of the intuit quickbooks training course website homepage

Intuit has been the only official QuickBooks Training platform for over twenty years. Intuit QuickBooks Training offers beginner to advanced-level QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks online essential training.

There are instructor-led classes and self-paced training classes (VIP).

This self-paced class includes the following courses:

  • Mastering QuickBooks
  • Crash Course In Bookkeeping
  • Mastering QuickBooks For Nonprofits
  • Mastering QuickBooks For Construction
  • Mastering Accounting Basics For QuickBooks
  • Mastering QuickBooks Payroll
  • Mastering Word And Excel For QuickBooks

In addition, there are weekly live classes on various topics related to QuickBooks.

A live class covers QuickBooks online essential training and lasts up to 2 days. The dates are listed on the website, so you can sign up as per your availability. 

QuickBooks experts conduct these classes, and they’ll stay overtime and give you a one-on-one session if needed.

The live course covers the following topics:

  • QuickBooks software fundamentals
  • Everyday transactions
  • QuickBooks payroll
  • QuickBooks online tips
  • Record transactions
  • Automating tasks on QuickBooks
  • Customizing Quickbooks
  • Working with reports
  • Basic accounting tasks and concepts

At the end of each day, you’ll have a Q&A session to clear any doubts you may have.

You can become an Intuit-certified QuickBooks user by taking an exam. This examination takes place in universities and technical colleges and costs around $125.

There are three certifications that you can earn:

  • QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Desktop
  • Intuit Certified Bookkeeping Professional Certification

When you enroll for live classes, you get a voucher for one certification. You get coupons for all three certifications if you purchase a VIP membership. This certificate helps you to demonstrate your QuickBooks skills to your current and future employers.

a screenshot of the intuit quickbooks training course plan types

Price: For self-paced training/VIP membership, you must pay a one-time fee of $999.95; the price is reduced to $599.95 for a limited time. With this fee, you’ll get lifetime access to 60+ QuickBooks courses, live help, and weekly instructor-led live classes. 

You must pay $29.95 from the second month to maintain the live services. However, this is optional. 

Live classes cost around $799.95; the price is currently reduced to $599.95 for the first attendee and a $250 deduction for each additional attendee.


Affordable prices.
Covers QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.
Contains courses for all skill levels and industries.
Flexible training options with live and self-paced classes.
Can earn a QuickBooks certification.
QuickBooks experts conduct the classes. 


QuickBooks Desktop for Mac is not available.

2. Fit Small Business QuickBooks Training

a screenshot of theFit small business quickbooks trainin

Fit Small Business is one of the free QuickBooks online training courses. It is suitable for beginners and people looking to improve their QuickBooks skills. 

Fit Small Business QuickBooks training offers forty-six tutorials, which are 2-15 minutes long.

These tutorials contain on-demand video demonstrations and step-by-step guides to master QuickBooks concepts. 

Fit Small Business QuickBooks training has broken down longer lessons into bite-sized tutorials. The tutorials teach you QuickBooks online essential training and Quickbooks desktop.

What lessons are covered by Fit Small Business QuickBooks online essential training?

  • Setting up QuickBooks.
  • Managing sales and income.
  • QuickBooks payroll.
  • QuickBooks online tips.
  • Managing banking transactions.
  • Managing business credit card transactions.
  • Driving credit card sales.
  • Setting up and managing payroll.

QuickBooks pro advisors Mark Calatrava and Tim Yoder maintain the tutorials. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the information.

Price: Completely free.


No need to spend any money.
You can study at your own pace.
QuickBooks online and desktop courses are available.
Bite-sized lessons and step-by-step tutorials help you to grab the concepts properly.
Ideal for small business owners. 


Suitable only for small and medium-sized businesses.

3. Advanced Webinars By Hector Garcia, CPA

a screenshot of the Advanced Webinars By Hector Garcia CPA

Hector Garcia is a certified QuickBooks advisor, CPA, and consultant. He creates a series of webinars to teach QuickBooks software to people in different industries. 

First, the Advanced Webinars by Hector Garcia is conducted online, and then the recorded videos are published on the website for people who want to learn on their own time. A webinar lasts for around 3 hours. 

Hector Garcia also records videos on various topics to make users comfortable using QuickBooks. Following are the main recorded webinars currently available.

QuickBooks Online For Contractors And Project-Based Businesses: This webinar will teach you to work with projects, import timesheet data, complete contract method accounting, use classes, locations, and tags for construction, and construction-related tips and tricks.

QuickBooks Desktop For Manufacturers And Wholesalers: This course covers inventory workflow basics, organizing and importing inventory items, advanced manufacturing workflows, mobile warehouse management, advanced inventory topics, and many more.

QuickBooks Online For Accountants Supporting Multiple Industries: This webinar includes inventory management, real estate accounting, QuickBooks Online for legal professionals, QuickBooks Online for payroll, QuickBooks Online for e-commerce, QuickBooks Online for retail or restaurant businesses, etc. 

Most Hector Garcia courses rank top in the “best of” lists. Plus, his courses are always up to date.

Price: The course price varies depending on the topics, level, and duration. Usually, it ranges between $200-$300 per year. 


Courses with in-depth content.
Up-to-date, advanced information.
Classes are specified for each industry.
Supplemental training videos to troubleshoot common QuickBooks issues. 
Both QuickBooks online and QuickBooks desktop courses are available. 


Courses are expensive.

4. QuickBooks Online Essential Training Course By LinkedIn Learning

a screenshot of the quickbooks online essential training course by linkedin learning

The QuickBooks Online Essential Training course is among the best QuickBooks online training courses for beginners. This paid online essential training is available on LinkedIn Learning. 

A certified project management professional, Bonnie Biafore, conducts the classes. She provides many courses on LinkedIn Learning under various QuickBooks topics.

QuickBooks Online Essential Training Course has a one-hour, one-minute duration and a 4.7-star rating out of 5. The course has several short videos and exercise files lasting between 1 to 5 minutes. At the end of each section, there are some quizzes to complete. 

After completing all the online training content, you can take an exam. You can earn a completion certificate if you earn more than 70% in it. 

The course covers the following topics:

  • Manage your business finances online.
  • Double-entry accounting.
  • Adding company information on QuickBooks online.
  • Creating a bank account and credit cards.
  • Setting up customers, vendors, and employees.
  • Handling QuickBooks payroll.
  • Working with bank accounts. 
  • Handling special cases.
  • Quickbooks online tips.
  • Reviewing financial information and creating reports.

This online essential training course is ideal for people new to the bookkeeping platform.

Price: LinkedIn Learning subscription costs $39.99 per month. With this subscription, you get unlimited access to all of the courses. The single-course price varies between $35 and $40.


It is ideal for beginners to start from QuickBooks fundamentals.
You get a certificate of completion.
Short videos with clear instructions for easy learning.
Quizzes to identify any knowledge gaps.


Not suitable for advanced learners. 

5. QuickBooks Online By Simon Sez IT

a screenshot of the quickbooks online by simon sez it

QuickBooks Online course is another beginner-level QuickBooks paid course offered by Simon Sez IT. This is a 4-hour and 44-minute course with 58 video tutorials.

Cindy McGuckin conducts the classes. She is a software trainer and a QuickBooks consultant with decades of expertise. This course has many positive reviews and a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

What are the topics covered in the QuickBooks Online course?

Following are the significant functions of QuickBooks:

  • Setting up QuickBooks company files.
  • Customizing company files.
  • Adding, editing, and importing customers.
  • Creating invoices and paying bills.
  • Receiving, adding, and purchasing products/services.
  • Bank transfers, bank reconciliations, bank accounts, and setting up loans.
  • Setting up recurring transactions.

This course will teach you how to use QuickBooks online effectively and efficiently. It is ideal for bookkeeping individuals, accountants, and small business owners. You can earn a completion certificate after the course.

Price: You must purchase a Simon Sez IT subscription to access this course.

Following are the subscription plans:

With these subscriptions, you can access many other QuickBooks courses and online essential training sessions. 


Ideal for starters.
Can earn a certificate.
Affordable pricing.
Suitable for Windows and Mac users. 


You cannot buy the individual course.

6. Certstaffix Training

a screenshot of the certstaffix training on quickbooks offered in the noble desktop platform

Certstaffix Training offers courses in QuickBooks online and QuickBooks desktop versions. It’s the best QuickBooks online essential training for companies wanting to train their teams. 

Expert instructors conduct the classes, so there are no worries about the content quality. 

Certstaffix provides flexible training options. There are live sessions, group training, and self-paced courses. 

You can join the instructor-led live sessions from your home or office. These QuickBooks online classes are interactive and end in a day. 

Next, there is group training. Group training can be done online in your office or by calling an instructor there. 

a screenshot of the certstaffix training quickbook courses

Let’s discuss the courses now. Following are the instructor-led courses:

  • QuickBooks Online Edition: Basic 
  • QuickBooks Desktop Edition: Basic 
  • QuickBooks Desktop Edition: Advanced 

In addition, there’s a QuickBooks e-learning bundle with three courses: QuickBooks online-beginner, QuickBooks online-advanced, and QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021.

Price: A live session costs around $435, and the e-learning bundle is $250. Group training prices are customizable. 


Flexible learning options.
Provides on-site training.
Expert instructors ensure content quality.


QuickBooks Mac version isn’t supported.

7. Introduction to QuickBooks Online By CSI Workforce

a screenshot of the introduction to quickbooks online by csi workforce

The University of Southern Idaho offers an Introduction To QuickBooks Online on the CSI Workforce platform. Scott Paxton, a certified public accountant, conducts the lessons. 

There are instructor-led and self-paced classes. Instructor-led classes give you hands-on experience and interactive learning. The course duration is just 24 hours. You can cover the courses per your schedule if you opt for self-learning.

Below are some of the topics covered:

  • Accounts basics.
  • Creating invoices, receipts, and statements.
  • Tracking payables, inventory, and receivables.
  • Generating reports.

This training is ideal for starters who want to learn the QuickBooks software and accounting fundamentals.

Price: The training costs around $139


Beginner friendly.
Teaches the fundamentals of both QuickBooks online and accounting. 
Provides hands-on training.


Higher price.

8. Mastering QuickBooks Online 2023: A Comprehensive Guide By Udemy

a screenshot of the mastering quickbooks online 2023: a comprehensive guide by udemy

Bob Steele, an instructor with a 4.4/5 star rating, conducts the lessons. This has 101.5 hours of on-demand videos with many other learning resources.

Mastering QuickBooks Online by Udemy is ideal if you want to master the fundamentals or reinforce your existing knowledge through an in-depth lesson. The detailed content is the most notable feature of this training.

Some of the topics in QuickBooks Online by Udemy are:

  • Accessing a QuickBooks account.
  • Entering company transcriptions.
  • Entering budget and budget reports.
  • Using multiple currencies.

You’ll get a certificate after completing the lessons.

Price: The individual training costs $79.99. You can access this course if you have a premium membership on Udemy.


Provides a strong foundation on QuickBooks.
In-depth content.
Clear video demonstration.


The teaching style will only suit some learners.
Too much information can be confusing.

9. Intuit QuickBooks Support

a screenshot of the intuit quickbooks support

Intuit QuickBooks Support is a free training that helps you to learn specific QuickBooks tasks. 

Intuit Quickbooks Support has free video tutorials, webinars, and articles for you to learn from. Intuit QuickBooks users and expert instructors write the articles. So, they are not reliable. 

However, the videos and webinars are done only by instructors. The videos and articles cover various topics such as project management, business accounting, account management, financial statements, bank reconciliations, creating reports, etc.

Price: Free


Completely free.
Can learn specific QuickBooks tasks.
Has information on the latest version of QuickBooks. 


No live support.
No certificates.

10. UCLA Extension

a screenshot of the UCLA Extension course catalog

UCLA Extension is the best for QuickBooks online college classes. The online courses allow you to interact with the instructor and other learners.

It covers the following:

  • Set up QuickBooks access.
  • Record transactions.
  • Manage financial statements. 
  • Bookkeeping.

You can watch the lessons anytime but must complete the assignments on time.

Price: $815


Flexible learning schedule.



How Do You Select the Best QuickBooks Course?

Consider the following points to choose the proper QuickBooks training:

  • Check whether the training content aligns with your learning needs.
  • Instructors expertise.
  • Course reviews.
  • Level of the course.
  • Additional learning materials.
  • Price and your budget.
  • Do the training timings suit your schedule?
  • Refunds and free trials.

Advantages of Following a QuickBooks Course

a person learning accounting online

Through QuickBooks courses, you learn to use QuickBooks effectively, and this will help you to:

  • Manage your income and expenses.
  • Manage your taxes.
  • Makes your accounting easier and saves time.
  • Keeps your financial data secure. 
  • Create invoices, charts, spreadsheets, and business plans. 

Functions of QuickBooks

Following are the significant functions of QuickBooks:

  • Managing sales and income.
  • Keeping track of bills and expenses.
  • Reporting.
  • Payroll management.
  • Inventory management.

Skills Related to QuickBooks 

It’s better to have the following skills while using QuickBooks.

Accounting skills

QuickBooks is an accounting package. So, you must have a basic understanding of accounting. Some QuickBooks beginner courses provide accounting fundamentals, too.

Computer literacy

You must understand your computer’s operating system since QuickBooks is a software.

Other course categories you might like:


It is possible to learn QuickBooks within 2-3 days.

No, you do not need to be an expert in accounting to learn QuickBooks courses.

The cost of QuickBooks training varies depending on the platform.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Many QuickBooks online essential training courses cover topics such as QuickBooks payroll, QuickBooks online tips, financial statements, reports, etc. Consider your budget, reviews, instructor, and content while choosing a QuickBooks training.

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