11 Best Online English Courses (Virtual Classes in 2024)

Last Updated on June, 2024

Discovering the ideal online English course can be a game-changer for learners seeking to enhance their English language skills. The demand for effective English courses has skyrocketed in a world increasingly connected by digital platforms.

This is where we come into play. In this article, we’ve presented a curated list of the best English language courses available online. 

Whether you’re a beginner aiming to grasp the basics by learning English online or an advanced learner refining your fluency, our recommendations are high-quality courses that cater to diverse proficiency levels. 

Let’s get started. 

List of the Best Online English Courses 

Let’s dive into learning English with the top online courses we’ve hand-picked for you, including paid courses and free courses. One of these English classes will surely be the perfect fit for you. 

1. English for Beginners: Intensive Spoken English Course

a screenshot of the English for Beginners: Intensive Spoken English Course from Udemy platform

Platform: Udemy.

Course Length: 63 lectures. (76 hours and 59 minutes).

Standard Price: $84.99.

Level: Beginners.

Introducing themselves as the “Online School of the Future,” Logus Academy (the English teachers for this course) is committed to delivering courses with efficiency and a fun twist. 

Their English for Beginners course is fully animated and interactive, aiming to equip you with essential everyday English speaking skills. 

Throughout the course, you’ll master over 1,000 words in the English vocabulary for daily conversations, speak and think fluently in intermediate English, and understand English movies and TV shows.

You’ll also learn the correct usage of grammar and exam preparation for English language tests. 


Immediate focus on practical application, encouraging you to practice English in conversations. 
Emphasis on day-to-day English communication skills across various contexts.
Clear and straightforward grammar lessons with practical relevance. 
Adjustable pace catering to English language learners at an intermediate level. 


Lessons can feel repetitive. 
Better suited for beginners. 

Overview: Logus Academy’s course targets beginners, propelling them to the intermediate level. With lifetime access and self-paced learning, it serves as both a refresher and a comprehensive learning tool. 

2. The English Master Course: English Grammar, English Speaking

a screenshot of The English Master Course: English Grammar, English Speaking Course from Udemy platform

Platform: Udemy.

Course Length: 722 lectures (43 hours and 8 minutes).

Standard Price: $74.99.

Level: All levels.

One of the top bestsellers on Udemy, this English Master Course covers grammar, speaking skills, English pronunciation, and writing, all in British and American English, under the guidance of an experienced American professor, Scott Mendoza, who has been teaching English for over 10 years. 

In this course, you will explore a detailed grammar section with over 90 topics, progressing from beginner to advanced levels, develop native-like spoken skills and fluency through an extensive speaking practice session, hone your pronunciation and accent with dedicated training, and master professional writing and punctuation. 

Additionally, you will be able to achieve higher scores in exams such as A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC. There will also be interactive quizzes for you to engage with. 


Comprehensive and detailed explanations. 
Videos are simple and easy to follow. 
Bite-sized videos make it easier to digest. 
Has many good reviews. 


The assistant instructor does not explain things as well as the main instructor. 
Some students find that more examples need to be used. 

Overview: A comprehensive course that simplifies learning English with practice tests and many downloadable resources. Perfect for beginners and anyone looking to brush up on their English. 

3. Business Communication Skills: Business Writing & Grammar

a screenshot of the Business Communication Skills: Business Writing & Grammar Course from Udemy platform

Platform: Udemy.

Course Length: 280 lectures (18 hours and 34 minutes).

Standard Price: $84.99.

Level: All levels.

Another bestseller on Udemy and one of the best online courses for Business English. 

This Business Communication Skills course allows you to enhance your proficiency in business English and grammar for professional communication, elevate the professionalism of your written correspondence, emphasize clear and precise language, and develop essential skills In English communication, such as writing professional emails. 

You will also acquire expertise in writing business letters, meeting communication, report writing, and crafting excellent presentations. Delve into business proposal writing, master proofreading techniques for error detection, and explore effective methods for learning new words. 


Classes are broken down into 5-6 minute videos for easy digestibility. 
Content is up-to-date and presented in a precise and transparent manner. 
Provides many helpful downloadable resources. 


Some sections seem too basic for more advanced and intermediate English learners. 
Some content may feel too lengthy. 

Overview: This course is perfect for those entering the business world who need to improve their English speaking skills and other areas. 

4. English Grammar Launch: Upgrade Your Speaking And Listening

a screenshot of the English Grammar Launch: Upgrade Your Speaking And Listening Course from Udemy platform

Platform: Udemy.

Course Length: 78 lectures (7 hours and 50 minutes).

Standard Price: $84.99.

Level: Intermediate.

The instructor, Anthony Kelleher, holds a TESOL degree and has over half a million students enrolled in his Udemy courses. 

In this English Grammar Launch course, you will learn to boost your confidence in spoken English and enhance your comprehension of spoken language, develop a deeper understanding of the grammar structure to improve your proficiency in English and gain the ability to articulate and use target structures with confidence and accuracy in your communication. 


Well-organized and informative. 
Clear explanations that are easy to follow. 
Explains verbs and tenses in a way that makes them easy to grasp. 


No self-assessment. 
The explanations might feel childish to some. 

Overview: If English is not your native language and you struggle with speaking and listening, this might be the best course for you. 

5. Full English Course: Upper-Intermediate Level (B2)

a screenshot of the Full English Course: Upper-Intermediate Level (B2) Course from Udemy platform

Platform: Udemy.

Course Length: 156 lectures (10 hours and 24 minutes).

Standard Price: $69.99.

Level: Intermediate and Advanced. 

My Teacher Academy, home to a thriving online community of over 29,000 students, provides a variety of English courses suitable for learners at any level. 

Specifically designed for intermediate to advanced learners, this Upper-Intermediate Level course focuses on advancing English communication skills like speaking English, English listening, and English writing skills. 

Throughout the course, students embark on a journey to solidify their understanding of grammar and vocabulary structure. The curriculum emphasizes exam preparation and improving performance in English language tests. 

Moreover, the course seeks to deepen comprehension of spoken English and sharpen comprehension skills through exposure to diverse English accents. 


Strong focus on grammar rules. 
Lessons are clear, concise, and well-presented. 
Engaging and positive instructor. 
Quizzes are provided for easy measurement of progress. 


Lack of personalization to individual skill levels.
Focuses primarily on grammar.

Overview: This course from My Teacher Academy is tailored for intermediate-level students, aiming to elevate their listening, comprehension, and grammar skills to an advanced level. Each lesson is short, catering to on-the-go learners with limited time.

6. English For Career Development

a screenshot of the English For Career Development Course from Coursera platform

Platform: Coursera (offered by the University of Pennsylvania)

Course Length: Approx. 40 hours.

Standard Price: $49.99/mo.

Level: Intermediate.

Conducted by the University of Pennsylvania and guided by English teachers Robyn Turner and Brian McManus, English for Career Development stands as a professional course tailored for non-native speakers. 

Throughout the course, students learn how to craft a comprehensive resume in U.S. English, participate in effective networking conversations, convey confidence through articulate communication, enhance their vocabulary for better self-marketing, and hone their English communication skills specifically for interviews. 

This course also offers practical skills to empower foreign speakers to navigate the professional landscape confidently and effectively. 


A well-structured course featuring straightforward explanations. 
Diverse video content and quizzes enhance the learning experience. 
Direct language and easy-to-follow teaching style. 
Option for free enrollment without certification. 


Focuses only on basic English skills. 
Occasionally leans towards job-oriented content rather than purely English-focused material. 

Overview: This course offers a solid initiation into the dynamics of job hunting for foreign speakers keen on understanding the U.S. business communication landscape. However, it occasionally places a greater emphasis on the hiring process rather than delving deeper into specific aspects of the English language. 

7. Learn English: Advanced Grammar And Punctuation Specialization

a screenshot of the Learn English: Advanced Grammar And Punctuation Specialization Course from Coursera platform

Platform: Coursera (offered by the University of California, Irvine). 

Course Length: 2 months at 10 hours per week.

Standard Price: $49.99/mo. 

Level: Intermediate and Advanced.

Offered through Coursera and presented by UC Irvine, this Advanced Grammar and Punctuation Specialization, led by EFL teacher Tamy Chapman, zeroes in on advanced English grammar and punctuation.

This course focuses on refining your ability to articulate and express ideas effectively in English. 

Throughout the course, participants will learn the intricacies of advanced English grammar and verb tenses, ensure accurate sentence punctuation, and enhance their English fluency.

The course also aims to elevate proficiency tailored explicitly for academic and professional contexts. 


Teaches basic grammar to foreign speakers. 
The content is enjoyable and easy to comprehend. 
Serves as a beneficial refresher for those at an intermediate level. 
Provides clear explanations for specific grammatical terms. 


Lacks discussion forums for interaction. 
Tends to cater more to beginners and intermediates than advanced learners.

Overview: This course is best for foreign speakers or individuals who speak English as a second language and aim to articulate themselves professionally or academically. The instructors inject fun into a mundane subject, although the slightly theatrical style may not resonate with everyone. 

8. Improve Your English Communication Skills Specialization

a screenshot of the Improve Your English Communication Skills Specialization Course from Coursera platform

Platform: Coursera (offered by the Georgia Institute of Technology).

Course Length: 1 month at 10 hours per week. 

Standard Price: $49.99/mo. 

Level: Beginner. 

This Communication Skills Specialization encompasses four courses presented by Georgia Tech and instructed in three languages. 

Students will develop the skills to express their proficiency in Business English, in written and spoken English, throughout these courses.

You will also learn to draft and edit professional emails in English, engage confidently in meetings and interviews through practical English communication skills, deliver English presentations with finesse and clarity, and network effectively, both online and in person. 


Guides learners through the course materials in a step-by-step manner. 
Centrally focused on business applications. 
Imparts practical knowledge with tangible real-world outcomes. 
Pay close attention to both spoken and written English. 


Involves student evaluation of each other’s work. 
Primarily concentrates on U.S. English and work-related contexts. 

Overview: This course is designed with business students in mind and is tailored to refine spoken and written English skills. It is ideal for foreign speakers navigating a business setting. 

9. Speak English Professionally: In Person, Online & On The Phone

Speak English Professionally: In Person, Online & On The Phone

Platform: Coursera (offered by the Georgia Institute of Technology)

Course Length: Approx. 16 hours. 

Standard Price: $49.99/mo. 

Level: Intermediate.

This 16-hour Speak English Professionally course is the second part of the “Improve Your English Communication Skills” specialization. 

It focuses on conversational English, specifically in sales and business interactions. The course emphasizes pronunciation and fluency, and explores the cultural aspects of language.

The syllabus covers networking, presentations, sales pitches, body language, and knowledge assessment through quizzes, practice, and performance. 


Effective for improving pronunciation and speaking rhythm. 
Highlights the cultural significance of language. 
Offers a 7-day free trial. 


Lacks opportunities for interaction with native speakers. 
Some may find the tips basic and irrelevant. 

Overview: This course is designed for students aiming to enhance fluency in business conversations. As the second part of a series, having some language experience is beneficial but not mandatory. 

10. English For Career Development

a screenshot of the English For Career Development Course from Alison platform

Platform: Alison (offered by the University of Pennsylvania). 

Course Length: 5-6 hours. 

Standard Price: Free. 

Level: Beginner.

Alison courses are free, with over 20 million learners and 3.5 million graduates. This English for Career Development course, designed for English beginners, is led by University of Pennsylvania instructors who teach fundamental job search, application, and interview skills in the U.S. 

Students complete the course with a professional resume, enhanced networking skills, cover letter writing ability, and improved language fluency and vocabulary. While the course is free, certification, attainable with 80% or higher on assessments, costs $30. 


High-quality content is offered absolutely free. 
Flexible self-paced progression for students. 
Includes resume building and networking skills. 


Printed certificates come at an additional cost compared to digital certificates. 
May not be suitable for advanced learners.

Overview: This course is tailored for those learning English and seeking employment in the United States. It is well-suited for beginners in terms of both materials and instruction. 

11. Upper-Intermediate English: Business And Modern Life

a screenshot of the Upper-Intermediate English: Business And Modern Life Course from EDX platform

Platform: edX.

Course Length: 4 weeks (3-5 hours per week). 

Standard Price: Free with an optional upgrade. 

Level: Intermediate. 

One of the free English courses on edX with an optional upgrade, this Upper-Intermediate English class allows learners to enhance their skills through activities such as rephrasing exercises, reading and listening comprehension, and comprehensive grammar explanations. 

Throughout the course, students will develop the ability to compose formal and informal letters, apply verbal tenses accurately, refine English vocabulary and grammar, articulate ideas more effectively through sentence rephrasing, and prepare for English job interviews. 

This comprehensive program offers a platform for advancing proficiency in English across various dimensions, equipping learners with practical communication tools applicable in formal and informal contexts. 


Self-paced modules. 
The course is free, with an option for an upgrade. 
Varied content, including videos, reading materials, and exercises. 
Offers preparatory materials for the FCE exams. 


Requires basic to lower-intermediate proficiency. 
The free version lacks instructor feedback.

Overview: Tailored for interview preparation, this course is ideal for students or aspiring professionals. Participants will enhance their ability to articulate thoughts clearly in various settings, making it a valuable stepping stone for advancing English proficiency. 

What to Look for in an Online English Language Course?

When looking into online courses in English, here are some key factors to keep an eye out for: 

Interactive Lessons: Look for courses that go beyond static course content. Interactive lessons, quizzes, and activities keep things engaging and help reinforce what you learn. 

User-Friendly Platforms: A course platform that’s easy to navigate can make your learning journey smoother. Intuitive interfaces and clear instructions save time and frustration. 

Varied Learning Resources: A rich mix of video lessons, audio clips, and written exercises helps cater to your learning style. This variety keeps the learning process fresh and exciting. 

Flexible Scheduling: Choose a course with flexible scheduling options to fit your daily routine, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl. 

Feedback and Assessments: Regular feedback on your progress and assessments to measure your understanding are crucial. Look for courses that provide constructive feedback and graded assignments to help you grow. 

By considering these factors, you’ll be better equipped to choose an online English Language course that aligns with your learning preferences and goals. 

Strategies for Excelling in an Online English Learning Course 

To excel in your English Language learning journey, follow these practical strategies: 

Consistent Schedule: Set a regular study routine to maintain momentum. Consistency helps reinforce what you learn.

Active Participation: Engage actively in lessons, discussions, and activities. The more you participate, the more confident you become in your English language skills. 

Effective Time Management: Break down your online learning into manageable chunks. Short, focused study sessions are often more effective than marathon sessions. 

Use Supplementary Resources: Explore additional resources like podcasts, movies, or books to enhance your English language exposure and understanding. 

Regular Practice: Learning English is a skill that improves with practice. Regularly practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening. 

Seek Feedback: Don’t shy away from feedback. Embrace constructive criticism to identify areas for improvement and refine your English skills. 

Connect With Peers: Join forums or study groups to connect with fellow English language learners. Sharing experiences and tips can be motivating and helpful. 

Review Regularly: Periodically review previous lessons to reinforce concepts. Repetitions help solidify your understanding. 

Set Clear Goals: Define achievable goals for your English language proficiency. Break them down into smaller milestones to track your progress. 

Stay Positive: Learning English has its ups and downs. Stay positive, celebrate small victories, and learn from challenges. 

By incorporating these strategies into your online learning routine, you’ll excel in your English fluency and enjoy mastering the language. 

Advantages of Taking an English Class Online 

There are many benefits to opting for an online course in English, as opposed to traditional classroom learning. Here are some of them: 

Flexibility: Online courses allow you to learn at your own pace, fitting lessons into your busy schedule. 

Accessibility: Learn English from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating the stress of commuting to classes, and saving time and energy for focused learning. 

Diverse Resources: Access a variety of multimedia resources that are available to you 24/7, including video lessons, interactive quizzes, and downloadable materials for a richer learning experience. 

Cost Effective: Online courses often cost less than traditional classroom settings, saving you money on commute and materials. 

Global Community: Connect with English language learners worldwide, providing exposure to different accents and cultural nuances. 

Other course categories you might like:


The cost of English courses online can range from free to $700.

The duration of online English classes varies based on each individual’s learning speed, but on average it takes approximately three hours to five months.

To learn English quickly, surround yourself with English content, practice daily, and engage with native English speakers. Consistency and exposure are key in accelerating language learning.

Taking an English course can lead to careers in content writing, editing, translating, teaching, international business, customer service, and communication-focused roles across various industries.

Yes, learning the English language can be challenging, but many people successfully learn it through consistent practice, immersion, and perseverance.

An online English course is absolutely worth it as it enhances communication skills, opens up career opportunities, and boosts confidence. It is a valuable investment in personal and professional growth with long-term benefits.

Final Note 

English courses online offer a gateway for accessible, engaging learning. These courses cater to diverse needs, from interactive lessons to flexible schedules, making English fun and enjoyable. 

Happy learning! 

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