11 Best & Most Popular Domestika Courses (2024 Updated)

Last Updated on June, 2024

Domestika offers fantastic courses across various topics, but what are the best ones for you? And how do you find them?

With approximately 8 million learners worldwide, Domestika is a top player in online learning. Its courses are certified, easy to follow, and taught by expert instructors.

Whether your goal is to level up as a workplace professional or develop a creative hobby, this platform has all the resources to guide you. 

Starting can be daunting, as there’s so much to choose from. This article will give you a clear picture of the platform and make things easier. 

We’ll break down the various Domestika categories and give you course recommendations based on ratings, student feedback, and instructor quality. You’ll also learn how to find the best classes for you and how to get the most value out of this platform. 

Read on for our Domestika course review! 

The Best Courses on Domestika By Category 

Here are the Domestika courses we picked from each category:

  • Illustration: Creative Drawing Techniques for Beginners – a course by Puño 
  • Photography & Video: Introduction To Adobe Photoshop – a course by Carles Marsal
  • Craft: Creating Garments Using Crochet – a course by Alicia Recio Rodríguez
  • Marketing & Business: Introduction To Community Management – a course by Ana Marin
  • 3D & Animation: Introduction to After Effects – A course by Carlos “Zenzuke” Albarrán
  • Architecture & Spaces: Interior Design from Start to Finish – a course by Ana Garcia
  • Writing: Creative Writing for Beginners: Bringing Your Story to Life – a course by Shaun Levin
  • Web & App Design: Introduction to Responsive Web Development with HTML and CSS – a course by Javier Usobiaga Ferrer
  • Design: Logo Design: From Concept to Presentation – a course by Sagi Haviv
  • Fashion: Resin Jewellery Design – a course by Mia-Winston Hart
  • Calligraphy & Typography: Animation For Typographic Compositions – a course by Holke 79

A Closer Look At the Best Domestika Courses

1. Creative Drawing Techniques For Beginners

a screenshot of the Creative Drawing Techniques For Beginners Course from Domestika

Category: Illustration.

Instructor: Puño

Length: 2 hours and 57 minutes

Level: Beginner. 

Reviews: 4.3K. 

Rating: 99%. 

This illustration course is a great entry point for people interested in drawing. Let’s be honest; it’s a skill we have all envied or wanted at some point.

More than just impressing friends and family, drawing expands your imagination, increases your patience, and massively boosts your creativity. 

The Creative Drawing Techniques for Beginners course uses a simple process to boost confidence and reignite artistic passion. If you are entirely new to drawing, it could ignite a passion you didn’t know you had!

What You’ll Learn

Through 14 easy lessons, you’ll learn all the essentials:

  • Composition
  • Proportions
  • Perspective
  • Geometry
  • Shadowing
  • Color use

There’s particular emphasis on notebooking, understanding visual weight, and creating harmony in your compositions, which will take your drawing game to the next level. The course also includes 16 additional resources. 

You don’t need any prior drawing knowledge for this class. 

About the Instructor

The instructor for this course is Puño. He has published several book illustrations for children and adults, and has professional experience in advertising, media, and animation. 

Puño has worked with many high-profile clients, including Coca-Cola, TEDx, Nike, and Greenpeace. He won the SM Foundation International Illustration Prize and the First Creacomic CAM Award in 2009. 

He is also well-experienced as a teacher, having coordinated and directed courses at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid.

What are Students Saying? 

Reviews for the Creative Drawing Techniques for Beginners course are overwhelmingly positive. Students call it simple, concise, and enjoyable. Puño’s passion, sense of humor, and easily followable teaching style are a big reason for this. 

2. Introduction To Adobe Photoshop

a screenshot of the Introduction To Adobe Photoshop Course from Domestika

Category: Photography & Video.

Instructor: Carles Marsal

Length: 6 hours and 54 minutes

Level: Beginner. 

Reviews: 9.9K. 

Rating: 100%. 

Photoshop is the most widely used tool for image editing and retouching, but the intimidation factor of learning it puts many people off.

The Introduction to Adobe Photoshop course on Domestika shatters that barrier to entry. It reveals that the software isn’t as complicated as it seems; with time and practice, anyone can master it. 

Even without prior knowledge, you can jump into this course and start learning. 

What You’ll Learn

The 50 lessons here are completely practical, and you’ll also have access to 62 downloadable resources.

Here’s what they cover: 

  • Interface and main tools
  • Merging documents
  • Selecting objects
  • Using layers and layer masks
  • Brushes
  • Transformations
  • Retouching tools
  • Adjusting light, shadow, and color

This course comes with a few technical requirements, as shown below:

  • You’ll need to purchase Adobe Photoshop CC before starting the class. The software is available on the Adobe website with a license and a 7-day free trial. 
  • If you use Windows, you’ll need Windows 7 or higher; for Mac, OS El Capitan or higher. 
  • A graphic tablet is recommended but not required. 

About the Instructor

Carles Marsal, the teacher of this course, has a degree in Audiovisual Studies. He is a freelance graphic designer and an Adobe Influencer, sharing his expertise in classes and conferences. 

What are Students Saying?

Marsal’s Adobe Photoshop course has an astonishing 100% student rating from nearly 10,000 reviews. That makes it one of the best Photoshop courses you’ll find on Domestika or any other platform.

Student reviews call it accessible and thorough, highlighting the abundance of practical exercises. 

3. Creating Garments Using Crochet

a screenshot of the Creating Garments Using Crochet from Domestika

Category: Craft.

Instructor: Alicia Recio Rodriguez

Length: 3 hours and 14 minutes

Level: Beginner. 

Reviews: 6.4K. 

Rating: 99%. 

In this gem of a course, Alicia Recio Rodríguez teaches you her tips and tricks for creating colorful, homemade fashion statements using crochet.

Even if you’re an amateur, this 3-hour course provides easy learning that’ll make using a crochet hook feel like second nature. You’ll then be able to create wearable textures and beautiful, minimalistic designs for your garments using simple stitches. 

Finally, you’ll apply your knowledge to crochet a sweater from scratch to cap off the class. 

What You’ll Learn

With the 18 lessons and 27 additional resources included here, you’ll learn about: 

  • Applying proper tension with your needle
  • Taking measurements
  • Using samples
  • Creating textures that feel like knitwear 
  • Using stitches and colorwork to create attractive designs 

About The Instructor 

Alicia Recio Rodríguez is a professional crochet designer with a passion for craft. She is also a principal at a preschool in Huelva, Spain, which qualifies her as a capable teacher. 

Her style has elements of Nordic and hipster culture, and she mixes these influences with a minimalist flair when creating her fashion pieces. As a result, she has gained a strong, dedicated following for this niche on Instagram. 

What Are Students Saying?

Students find this course simple and engaging. Alicia’s enthusiasm and evident love for crochet design make for a rewarding learning experience. 

The class does skip over some basic details, like properly holding the thread with one hand and making a third round. 

Still, the results speak for themselves. Students who started as complete amateurs have created amazing crochet garments thanks to this course. 

4. Introduction to Community Management

a screenshot of the Introduction to Community Management course from Domestika

Category: Marketing & Business.

Instructor: Ana Marin

Length: 3 hours and 9 minutes

Level: Beginner. 

Reviews: 4.7K. 

Rating: 98%. 

If you want to become a community manager on social media, this course by Ana Marin provides an excellent blueprint for success. As it turns out, there’s a lot more to it than posting daily with a bunch of hashtags. 

This course will enlighten you on how to drive good branding using proven tools and strategies. It will also show you how to create compelling content plans that deliver results across all social media platforms.

What You’ll Learn

With the 22 lessons in this class, you’ll learn: 

  • The role and daily responsibilities of a community manager
  • How to generate and curate quality content
  • The tools for planning, publishing, and managing campaigns
  • Scaling protocol and crisis control
  • How to create qualitative reports

You also get access to 26 additional resources.

About The Instructor

Ana Marin has been immersed in digital content planning for over 15 years. She is the director of digital integration at McCann Worldgroup Mexico and one of the leading social media figures in Latin America.

She has also served as a jury member for prestigious creative competitions such as Cannes Young Lions, IAB MIXX, and Círculo Creativo de México. 

What Are Students Saying?

Although students agree this is a great beginner course, you’ll need cursory knowledge of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Beyond that, students say the lessons are well-structured and easy to follow.

Many found the information delivered here eye-opening, and they became more adept at forming and organizing ideas by the end of the course. 

5. Introduction To After Effects

a screenshot of the Introduction To After Effects course from Domestika

Category: 3D & Animation.

Instructor: Carlos “Zenzuke” Albarrán

Length: 14 hours and 2 minutes

Level: Beginner. 

Reviews: 4.7K. 

Rating: 97%. 

Adobe After Effects is the premiere software for 2D and 3D animation, but it’s not the kind of tool where beginners can just jump in and start creating.

You need a firm hand to guide you, and Carlos “Zenzuke” Albarrán offers just that. His Introduction to After Effects course pulls you into the world of animation and keeps you fully engaged throughout. 

The 14 hours of this course will fly by through simple yet thorough practical exercises. You will progress rapidly until you know this program inside and out. 

What You’ll Learn

This course has 61 lessons and 62 downloadable resources. They cover the following: 

  • After Effects interface and workflow layout
  • Masks and layers for 2D animation
  • Video effects and text animators
  • Lights and camera controls for 3D animation
  • Importing elements from other programs

Below are the technical requirements: 

  • Windows 7 or higher; MacOS 10.11 El Capitan or higher
  • Minimum 8GB RAM
  • A graphic card less than 5 years old, though older ones may still work
  • Adobe After Effects CC (free trial available on the Adobe website)

About The Instructor

Carlos “Zenzuke” Albarrán is an animator and artist with over a decade of experience. He is a co-founder of the motion design studio Maaambo, and has been a figure in Madrid’s most respected schools and workshops for over six years. 

What Are Students Saying?

Reviews for this course call it a comprehensive breakdown of After Effects for beginners. Students love the various practical exercises that help them learn by doing, which results in a greater understanding of the software. 

6. Interior Design From Start To Finish

a screenshot of the Interior Design From Start To Finish course from Domestika

Category: Architecture & Spaces.

Instructor: Ana Garcia

Length: 1 hour and 42 minutes

Level: Beginner.

Reviews: 2.8K. 

Rating: 95%. 

This interior design course stands out because of its intriguing approach and immaculate attention to detail. Instead of giving you a dull interior design walkthrough, it teaches you how to think like an architect. 

You’ll develop the ability to view projects and spaces through an analytical lens, allowing you to effortlessly bring your imagination in line with the client’s needs. 

A solid step-by-step course structure makes the concepts being taught easy to digest. 

What You’ll Learn

There are 22 lessons here and 47 additional resources. They cover: 

  • First contact with the client and space
  • Measurements and proportions
  • Selecting the suitable materials, colors, textures, and lighting
  • Analyzing social, family, and technological aspects 
  • Detailed prep for the final project 

A drawing or 3D modeling software is recommended but not required. A pencil and paper will do just fine. 

About The Instructor

Ana Garcia, along with her colleagues, run Nook Architects in Barcelona. With commercial and private projects under its belt, this studio is known for its imaginative approach to interior design, and ability to adapt based on client needs.

Garcia and co have been featured in many respected publications, such as AD Spain, Maison Creative, and Dwell Magazine. 

What Are Students Saying?

Students highly recommend this course. They highlight Garcia’s unique approach to interacting with clients and spaces. They also appreciate the simple and concise structure of the lessons.

Some reactions are lukewarm, calling it intriguing but basic. However, a majority of the reviews suggest that there’s great insight and value to be gained from this class.

7. Creative Writing For Beginners: Bringing Your Story To Life

a screenshot of the Creative Writing For Beginners: Bringing Your Story To Life course from Domestika

Category: Writing.

Instructor: Shaun Levin

Length: 2 hours and 2 minutes

Level: Beginner. 

Reviews: 1.6K. 

Rating: 99%. 

Creative writing is one of the most enjoyable practices that you can take up. Be it professionally or just as a hobby, it gives you an easy outlet to free your mind on the page. 

Shaun Levin teaches you how to explore your imagination and manifest your ideas in this course. Through practical exercises, you’ll discover what stories or narratives resonate with you while developing the voice to tell them. 

There are also tricks and techniques to help you become more prolific and fight procrastination. 

What You’ll Learn

With the 15 lessons here, you’ll learn:

  • How to use your influences 
  • How to write in any environment
  • How to sketch with words
  • How to edit and rewrite
  • How to deal with writer’s block

You also get access to 11 downloadable resources.

About The Instructor

Shaun Levin, a successful writer and teacher, has published several novels and short story anthologies. These include “A Year of Two Summers,” “Snapshots of The Boy,” and “Seven Sweet Things.” 

He has over twenty years of experience as a creative writing teacher, having taught in colleges, schools, art galleries, etc. 

What Are Students Saying?

Students interested in writing find this course extremely helpful. They find Shaun’s lessons to be thorough and inspiring. Not only has the course improved their technical skills,but it has also taught them ways to end procrastination and deal with self-doubt.

8. Introduction to Responsive Web Development with HTML and CSS

a screenshot of the Introduction to Responsive Web Development with HTML and CSS course from Domestika

Category: Web & App Design.

Instructor: Javier Usobiaga Ferrer

Length: 2 hours and 18 minutes

Level: Beginner. 

Reviews: 2.3K. 

Rating: 98%. 

This course is a perfect launching point for anyone interested in front-end web development. The focus here is on the basics, and the class thoroughly explores these fundamental concepts to the fullest. 

It’ll teach you everything there is to know about HTML and CSS. The simple and concise coding lessons let you create smooth and errorless websites. 

Whether you’re into web design or development, you’ll find plenty of value in this class.

What You’ll Learn 

There are no knowledge requirements. With 31 lessons and 13 additional resources, you’ll learn: 

  • How to use code editors
  • How to use inspector and developer tools
  • How HTML and text tags work 
  • How to create links to external content
  • How block labels work

About The Instructor

Javier Usobiaga is a web designer devoted to UI and functionality. He says, “How fast a page loads and responds is every bit as important as the aesthetic and something that is often overlooked in our line of work.”

Javier is a specialist who has occupied this field for over a decade. He is a co-founder of Swwweet Studio alongside Marta Armada, and has taught web design in prestigious schools like Elisava and IDEP. 

What Are Students Saying?

The big drawback with this course is that it’s only available in Spanish audio. That said, there are no complaints from students about the closed captioning.

Reviews for this class call it a great starting point to learn HTML and CSS. Javier also receives praise for his clear teaching style. 

9. Logo Design: From Concept To Presentation

a screenshot of the Logo Design: From Concept To Presentation course from Domestika

Category: Design.

Instructor: Sagi Haviv 

Length: 2 hours and 33 minutes

Level: Beginner. 

Reviews: 3.6K. 

Rating: 99%. 

This course covers one of the most critical components of branding. Even the most straightforward, most minimalistic logos require much thought behind them.

Using his wildly successful approach to logo design, Sagi Haviv will show you how to achieve simplicity, while still letting your personal flair shine through. You will also develop an acute eye for understanding client needs. 

The logos you create will be beautiful and iconic, and selling them to your customers will be a piece of cake. 

What You’ll Learn

This course has 16 lessons and 12 additional resources. They cover:

  • Finding and understanding clients
  • Developing the general concept
  • Selecting the right typography
  • Presenting your finished logo 

About The Instructor

To call Sagi Haviv’s portfolio impressive would be a disservice; he has crafted logos for the US Open Tennis Championships, Leonard Bernstein at 100, Harvard University Press, Conservation International, and many more. 

He has shared his expertise on the stages for TEDx, Princeton, and the Onassis Foundation, just to name a few. He is also a partner for Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, a highly respected design firm headquartered in New York. 

Simply put, Sagi is one of the best in the world in logo design and branding. 

What Are Students Saying?

Many students have found this course enlightening, teaching them aspects of logo design they hadn’t considered before.

Sagi’s experience and professionalism keep them fully engaged through each lesson. His insight into understanding clients has also received high praise. 

10. Resin Jewelry Design

a screenshot of the Resin Jewelry Design course from Domestika

Category: Fashion.

Instructor: Mia Winston-Hart

Length: 2 hours and 54 minutes

Level: Beginner. 

Reviews: 1.9K. 

Rating: 98%. 

Resin Jewelry is one of the most popular and lucrative styles in fashion right now, and this course lets you hop in on the trend. 

Mia does a great job of relaying her passion for the craft to her students, making this course incredibly engaging. Another reason is that epoxy resin is a very versatile material. It lets you unleash your imagination, affording you limitless creativity with your designs. 

The hours of joy you spend dedicated to this craft will be time well spent. Your creations won’t just be beautiful; they’ll reflect who you are. 

What You’ll Learn

This course has 18 lessons and 5 additional resources. You’ll learn about: 

  • The different materials you need
  • Health and safety tips when creating resin jewelry
  • Making your mold
  • Mixing and pouring
  • Coloring with pigments and mica powder 
  • Using foils and glitter

About The Instructor

Mia Winston-Hart graduated from the University of Arts in London and taught herself the art of resin jewelry design to fuel her passion for creation.

She showcases her work on Instagram and Etsy. Today, she owns an accessories shop in Hampshire, England, continuing to do what she loves. 

What Are Students Saying?

Reviews for this course are very positive. They call it comprehensive and well-rounded despite its short length, and easily accessible for beginners. Students also call Mia a great teacher who knows how to explain things clearly and concisely. 

11. Animation For Typographic Compositions

a screenshot of the Animation For Typographic Compositions course from Domestika

Category: Calligraphy & Typography.

Instructor: Holke 79

Length: 3 hours and 8 minutes

Level: Beginner. 

Reviews: 1.1K. 

Rating: 97%. 

This course is about blending typography and animation to make your letters pop out. The techniques taught here will infuse new life into your designs and elevate the visuals of your work. 

With the help of tools like Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D Lite, you’ll develop the skills to experiment with different animations and apply them to the basic concepts of your projects. 

By the end, you will create stunning typographic designs from scratch. 

What You’ll Learn

The 20 lessons and 8 downloadable resources in this class will cover:

  • Installing and preparing Adobe After Effects
  • Interface and essential functions of Cinema 4D Lite
  • How to work according to a concept
  • Experimenting with moving typography
  • Designing animated posters

Although this course is marked for beginners, you’ll need knowledge of graphic design, 3D software, and the Adobe suite to get the most out of the lessons. 

About The Instructor

Borja Holke, better known as Holke 79, has over a decade of experience in graphic and motion design. Along with animation, he is also an expert in digital composition, storyboarding, and styleframes.

Because of this, he has attracted numerous high-profile clients–notably, punk rock superstars Green Day. 

What Are Students Saying?

This course has fewer reviews because of the knowledge requirements needed to enroll. People who have taken the class describe it as practical, helpful, and a great reference point when working on typography projects. 

Our Criteria for Picking the Best Domestika Courses

This was our methodology to select these courses. 

Using strict criteria to filter through Domestika’s twelve learning categories, we’ve compiled a list of the best and most useful classes for each. 

Every course you see above has a 95% or above student rating. We’ve narrowed it down even further by only choosing courses that have over 1,000 student reviews.

You’ll find that most of our selections are well past that threshold, ranging from 2,000 to 9,000 reviews. 

In addition, we’ve considered what students have said in their reviews. Specifically, how easy the learning process was, their thoughts on various modules, the overall course structure, and the benefits they gained.

Finally, we’ve checked the background of the teachers. Our picks are based on experience, qualifications, and reputation.

How to Find the Best Domestika Courses for You?

domestika learning platform logged in a laptop

Domestika makes it extremely easy to select courses based on your needs and preferences. 

Often, the most popular courses are the best, so you can use that as your primary metric. Domestika gives the most popular courses in their respective categories a “Best Seller” tag, making them easily identifiable. 

After that, you can filter the best-selling courses based on ratings. When doing this, take note of how many reviews the classes have. Prioritizing the number of reviews over the student rating ensures the best quality.

A 98% course with 2,000 reviews is superior to a 100% course with only 200 reviews. 

If staying updated is your main concern, you can use your chosen category’s “New” filter. This filter will show you the most recently uploaded classes for that topic. 

How to Get the Most From Domestika?

To get the best value from Domestika, consider what you want from the platform. 

Some Domestika courses are for people looking to go pro, while others are for people looking to be more productive with their free time. So, ask yourself whether you are seeking a job skill or a hobby. 

Paying for a 14-hour After Effects class is not worth it if you’re looking for a hobby. Similarly, a 2-hour creative writing course may be helpful, but it won’t be enough if your goal is to become a full-time published author. 

Identifying your learning goals will help you immensely as you move forward with this platform. 

As for the educational aspect, Domestika lets you consume the lessons at your own pace, so learning on this platform is tremendously easy. The courses are also wrapped up with a final project that lets you apply everything you learned. 

Once done, you can share these projects with your instructor and fellow students. Their thoughts and feedback will show you how much you’ve progressed. 

Read this article if you want to know more about the Domestika Platform.

How Much Does Domestika Cost?

You can purchase individual Domestika courses for $59.99. Once bought, you can access them at any time. 

If that doesn’t suit you, you can subscribe for a Domestika Plus membership. This subscription gives you thousands of courses across all Domestika categories, and costs $8.33 monthly or $99.99 for a single annual payment. 

Domestika lets you try out courses for 14 days to see how you feel about them. If you are dissatisfied with the class, you can remove yourself from the course within the 14 days and receive a full refund. 

Final Thoughts 

We hope this article has given you a clear idea of the best Domestika courses.

Domestika is one the fantastic online learning platforms, and the courses we selected tick all the boxes. They all have perfect or near-perfect ratings aggregated from thousands of student reviews. 

Instructor quality was also a big part of our criteria, and all these classes are helmed by top-tier professionals who are experienced and talented in teaching. 

If you are just starting on the platform, you can’t go wrong with our recommendations! 

And don’t worry if the platform doesn’t click with you, as Domestika’s refund policy covers you. There’s no risk. So sign up and dive in! You’ll find plenty of reasons to stay. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Domestika courses offer a downloadable certificate of completion for each course.

Domestika’s courses include units, main lessons, downloadable resources, and course projects.

To get your Domestika certificate, complete the course, then download it as a PDF from the “Certifications” section in your Domestika profile.

The best music & audio course on Domestika is “Introduction to Music Production” by Nicolas Astegiano.

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