Annie Leibovitz Photography MasterClass Review (2024 Upd.)

Last Updated on June, 2024

Annie Leibovitz is a WORLD RECOGNIZED name in the world of Photography and ART.

After attending the MasterClass on Photography conducted by Annie Leibovitz, this review was intended to identify whether the COURSE is worth the time and money.

Now you can take this MasterClass in the comfort of your home (Online Course). This review of the Annie Leibovitz MasterClass will provide a sneak peek into the course and a JUST critique to better understand whether this MasterClass is recommendable.

You can TRUST ScoreBeyond only to recommend the BEST!

Hence, without further delay, let’s get this review STARTED!

 Overall: 4.9/5
Annie Leibovitz Masterclass front page
Product Effectivenes
Brand Reputation
  • 15 video lessons covering various photography topics
  • Insights and experiences shared by Annie Leibovitz
  • Case studies of iconic photographs
  • Practical demonstrations with real subjects
  • Downloadable workbook and assignments
Brand Information
  • MasterClass was founded in 2015 by David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen
  • Offers interactive assignments and access to a community of learners
  • Based in San Francisco, California
  • MasterClass offers over 100 courses
  • All-access subscription costs $180 per year
Product Benefits
  • The QUALITY and content delivery SPOT ON
  • Improve your shot, even through a standard mobile phone camera.
  • Annie does an excellent job of not restricting students based on gear
  • ESSENTIAL for anyone looking into professional photography
  • You can watch the videos at your pleasure, review and replay

What is the Annie Leibovitz Masterclass?

annie leibovitz's masterclass screenshot

The Annie Leibovitz Masterclass is an EXPERT photographer’s guide. It composes of various video courses conducted and led by the world-renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. 

Through the art of telling stories, Annie offers insight into the life and journey of a photographer like herself. Through her stories, you will learn technical skills through which you can better your photography skills.

Elements such as working with Light Studio versus working with your subject at a location, you will get a sneak peek into various technical and instructional insights into camera settings, especially when photographing people. 

Much like the art of home cooking, the picture depends on the picture taker, in other words, the photographer. This digital post showcases many famous photos through which 

Annie Leibovitz TEACHES photography.

This Leibovitz Masterclass review is through the open eyes of an amateur photographer. 

The Annie Leibovitz MasterClass video lesson can turn anyone into a technical photographer. 

If you are exploring Photography and respect Annie Leibovitz’s work, this Masterclass review will tell you whether it is worth the recommendation. 

What’s Included in the Annie Leibovitz MasterClass?

When considering photography courses, you have to consider the value it could provide you. 

Further to the fact that you get to witness a LEGEND, as Annie talks about vanity fair or conceptual photography. 

Annie’s class will give you a window into the life of a celebrity photographer, someone who has photographed MANY celebrities, including Amy Schumer, QUEEN Elizabeth, Serena Williams, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kim Kardashian, Lady GAGA, Robert Penn Warren, Caitlyn Jenner, Barack Obama, JOHN LENNON and Whoopi Goldberg!

This MasterClass most certainly was long awaited by Annie Leibovitz fans.

Apart from the video lessons, the MasterClass also includes a photo index of all of the shots Annie refers to while explaining various aspects of photography. The photos are included at the end of the workbook.

You will learn the difference between a good and a GREAT photograph. In this Masterclass, Annie works to explain the role of a great photographer in taking that perfect shot. 

Apart from focusing on Mastering the ART of photographing people, this MasterClass is a window into the eyes of a CHIEF photographer – the way Annie approaches the ART of photography.

Annie Leibovitz Masterclass front page
Annie Leibovitz MasterClass
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Who is Annie Leibovitz’s MasterClass Most Suited For? 

annie leibovitz's masterclass screenshot 2

This Masterclass trailer will tell you this course is intended for those actively interested in photography. 

All the classes are EXACTLY to the quality of a FINE art institute, with the courses being better and more professional than those delivered by a local art institute.

Apart from looking at some interesting photographs, this MasterClass will help you better understand the difference between ICONIC photographs and amateur photography.

This Masterclass is ABSOLUTE GOLD for anyone interested in photography. You will find the stories inspirational, and the Annie Leibovitz class is easy to understand and digest.

This is YOUR chance to learn from this talented photographer, who has had the pleasure of not only being recognized for the talent that she is but have had the pleasure of photographing celebrity circles.

Did you know she photographed Yoko Ono with John Lenon hours before he was MURDERED?

So, who is this masterclass for? Just about anyone interested in photography.

Anyone looking to take the more professional route to photography or even those just looking to improve photography skills, this MASTERCLASS can be a VALUABLE asset in your pursuits in the ART of photography. 

How Much Does Annie Leibovitz’s MasterClass Cost?

The Annie Leibovitz MasterClass can only be accessed through a MasterClass Subscription

The MasterClass subscription plans are priced at $10 for one account on one device! If you would like to use the same account on more devices with more people, then there are upgrades available at $15 and $20 per month, billed annually. 

Once you have accessed MasterClass through a subscription, you can enroll and complete the course. 

What is GREAT about this subscription is that it gives you access to all 180+ MasterClass courses, including this BRILLIANT MasterClass by Annie Leibovitz.

Considering the valuable content-pool MasterClass can be in teaching and inspiring people, it is a worthy investment.

How Long Does it Take to Complete the Annie Leibovitz’s MasterClass?

The MasterClass is not so long that it becomes interesting, nor is it so short that it lacks information. 

The class will take a few hours to complete, with videos played, paused, rewinded, and replayed at WILL.

For sure, this MasterClass can comfortably be completed over the course of a weekend. 

Obviously, to state, some people prefer taking their time with learning, especially when it comes to online courses.

The course consists of 15 VIDEOS, which all range in length, with some 20 minutes, while others shorter.

If you prefer, you can comfortably watch one video a day and take this course over the course of about 2 WEEKS!

That being the case, if watched at a stretch, it will take you 3 HOURS and 4 MINUTES!

annie leibovitz masterclass lesson duration and lessons

Details on the Structure of the Class

If you are a portrait photographer, the Annie Leibovitz MasterClass is a course you should consider. 

The structure of the MasterClass is initially focused on portrait photography, with elements of advice on what makes a GREAT portrait photographer. 

Further to this, Annie Leibovitz even talks about adventure photography. For instance, the effects of natural light on the shot. This would then be elaborated upon to understand natural light better to better your stance as a technical photographer. 

The class will teach you everything you need to know to conduct a PERFECT photo shoot. 

Annie sits as she speaks to YOU, opening YOUR world as a student and enthusiast of photography. 

Further to hearing beautiful stories from around the world in her pursuits of photography, she offers a glimpse into the technical complexities of photography, which can only be taught by someone with YEARS of experience, such as herself.

The Annie Leibovitz MasterClass is much like a lecture at the San Francisco Art Institute, where you can learn precisely perfect portrait photography.

To give you a better idea of EVERYTHING that is covered, here is the lesson plan for the 15 LESSONS/videos.

  • Introduction
  • Portrait Photography
  • Creating Concepts
  • Working With Light
  • Studio vs. Location
  • Working With Your Subject
  • Case Study: Angels in Ameria Photoshoot
  • Photographing People Who Are Close to You
  • Looking Back at Your Work
  • The Technical Side of Photography
  • Student Sessions
  • Case Study Part 1: Photographing Alice Waters
  • Case Study Part 2: Digital Post-Production
  • Photographic Influences
  • The Evolution of a Photographer
annie leibovitz masterclass lessons

Hence, obvious to state a great deal of subject area is covered within this MasterClass. Not only will you get a fine idea of how to best work with subjects, but this COURSE will teach you MANY things when it comes to perfecting the ART.

As an amateur photographer, I learned MUCH from partaking in this MasterClass!

Is the Content in Annie Leibovitz’s MasterClass Unique? 

In 1970, Annie was still a student at the San Francisco Art Institue when she began working as a photojournalist for Rolling Stone Magazine. She became Rolling Stone’s Chief Photographer in 1973. 

In 1991, she became the first woman to hold an exhibition at Washington’s National Portrait Gallery.

When it comes to portrait photography, the list of names she has photographed is VERY IMPRESSIVE.

So, is the content UNIQUE? Obviously, the content is 100% unique, especially considering the fact that Annie Leibovitz has a UNIQUE eye when it comes to capturing moments through the lens. 

This Annie Leibovitz MasterClass is a UNIQUE opportunity to learn unique skills from a fantastic and EXTREMELY talented photographer. 

Other MasterClass reviews:

Key Things I Learned After Taking the MasterClass

Annie Leibovitz's lesson 1 screenshot

Honestly, I learned so much from the MasterClass. The information was insightful, the delivery was also SPOT on, and the explanations were all VERY clear.

Everything made sense when you thought of it along the lines of a good photograph.

Apart from the obvious of learning to perfect a picture, I learned specifically how to capture BEAUTIFUL portrait photographs, which I have started perfecting since taking this course.

The most important thing the MasterClass taught me was to keep things SIMPLE. You don’t need to buy expensive GEAR or expensive lighting kits; try to work with what you have. Use NATURAL light as much as possible and try to keep things simple.

In portrait photography, you are basically trying to tell a story. So it is essential that you understand your subject well and try to portray the story behind the image they showcase. 

What is GREAT is how you will learn INSIDER tricks. Leibovitz says, ‘I don’t believe in setting people at ease.” She says it makes for interesting photographs.

Most portrait photographers will work hard to make their subjects feel at ease and comfortable in the frame. However, in actuality, Annie Leibovitz, in this MasterClass, explains why you don’t always need to ensure that your subject is always at ease. 

My FAVORITE trick that I learned from this MASTERCLASS, when in doubt or when in need, play MUSIC during the photoshoot.

Music will not only enhance the mood; it will CREATE the atmosphere in which both the subject and YOURSELF, the photographer, would find them elevated. 

This MasterClass can REALLY offer a GREAT deal to anyone interested in photography.

Annie Leibovitz MasterClass: Pros & Cons Analysis

This Annie Leibovitz MasterClass would not be complete without a CRITICAL analysis of the class through a good PROS and CONS analysis.


This MasterClass a one-of-a-kind COURSE
Esteemed level of recognition
The QUALITY and content delivery SPOT ON
The subject matter is easy to understand
Annie does an excellent job of combining interesting stories into her teaching methodology
Improve your shot, even through a standard mobile phone camera.
Annie does an excellent job of not restricting students based on gear
The information value is IMMENSE
ESSENTIAL for anyone looking into professional photography.
The course is also split into 15 segments.
You can watch the videos at your pleasure, review and replay
Photo archive at the end of the workbook.
A subscription to MasterClass, gets you access to 180+ courses!


The primary con is the lack of technical direction.
There is very little information delivered when it comes to technical decisions.

Things I Liked and Didn’t Like About the Annie Leibovitz MasterClass

That being the case, there were certain things I liked about this course and certain things I didn’t like. 

Firstly, let’s talk about the things I didn’t like.

I didn’t like how there was no specific direction regarding gear choice. There was little information granted when it came to technical direction with regard to cameras and camera settings.

There was a lack of technical demonstration, which otherwise would have made this MASTERCLASS even more valuable.

However, it is understood that this was done to entertain the general public, assuming that interested professionals and hobbyists would have a RANGE of cameras and gear.

Now, this is coming from an amateur photographer. Though technical demonstrations were lacking, the informational content value was SUPERB!

In actuality, the MASTERCLASS will speak to anyone aspiring to further photography. Much like home cooking courses, photography DOES have a practical element; however, in art school, you will know there is a variance between theory and practical.

What I liked about this MasterClass was the GOOD mix of theoretical and practical methodology, which provided an informative and entertaining few hours of viewing.

I also liked the fact that the course was not too long. It was the right length and offered a GREAT subject breakdown into 15 segments. This breakdown of content and subject matter provided for a well-rounded course. 

WHAT I LOVED the most about this course were the stories that Annie Leibovitz shared. These stories I found to be enthralling. I was captivated by the life that she has led as a photographer.

The world she creates through her stories is beautiful, and the photographs she shares will teach you MANY things!

I absolutely LOVE the photo index at the end of the workbook; a BRILLIANT touch to a BRILLIANTLY presented MasterClass!

Other Customer Testimonials

There are many testimonials from people who have taken part in this MasterClass. If you search the internet, you will find many testimonials appreciating Annie Leibovitz for presenting and bringing us this BEAUTIFUL MasterClass!

Many reviews left by many people express varying opinions when it comes to the Annie Leibovitz Masterclass. At the end of the day, various people will react differently to the same content. Not everyone is going to enjoy the course as much as I did. 

For instance, this person, 

Annie Leibovitz Customer Testimonial 1

Some people have left testimonials saying that it wasn’t really worth their time and money. To this, I have to state with confidence. This MasterClass is only for those interested in photography. If you are interested in photography, you will find the MasterClass to be BRILLIANT!

Annie Leibovitz Customer Testimonial 2

Is Annie Leibovitz’s MasterClass Worth the Money?

If you are interested in photography and sincerely want to perfect the art of photography, then this MasterClass by Annie Leibovitz is ESSENTIAL!

At only $10 a month, with access to this MasterClass and 180+ other courses, the subscription to MasterClass is worth the pennies it costs. 

When it comes to education, you know Universities to be expensive. Enrolling in an ART class at a local college will probably cost you more.

What is further worth noting is the fact that the information in this MasterClass is ONE-OF-A-KIND!

This is a UNIQUE course that will give you a UNIQUE perspective on photography from the eyes and words of a WORLD recognized photographer.

Annie Leibovitz Masterclass front page
Annie Leibovitz MasterClass
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Is Annie Leibovitz’s MasterClass Recommended?

Annie Leibovitz lesson 4 screenshot

To anyone INTERESTED in the ART of PHOTOGRAPHY, this MasterClass could prove EXTREMELY valuable. 

So, is the Annie Leibovitz’s MasterClass recommended? Yes, it is a HIGHLY recommended photography course for budding photographers, amateur photographers, photography enthusiasts, and even professional photographers.

At the end of the day, it is recommended for anyone wanting to pursue a career in photography and is perfect for anyone looking to get their feet wet. 

This MasterClass can be a great starting point for beginners and a window into tricks and techniques for professionals. 

Hence, in the words of this amateur photographer, this MasterClass is a valuable recommendation to anyone interested in the WORLD of photography!

Checkout our main MasterClass review here to learn more about the platform.

Final Thoughts

The Annie Leibovitz MasterClass on photography taught me many things. Not only did it help me perfect the shot, it almost inspired me to take my hobby more seriously and take better pictures.

This MasterClass is GREAT for anyone looking for inspiration and direction. It can teach you many things that you previously would not have known. I sure learned many new things from Annie through this MasterClass.

Hence, this Annie Leibovitz MasterClass review is thus concluded with the RECOMMENDATION of this MasterClass to anyone interested in Photography!


Yes, the Annie Leibovitz MasterClass is a useful resource for beginner photographers who want to learn more about the art of photography.

Through the Annie Leibovitz MasterClass, you can gain valuable knowledge on photography, such as techniques for working with natural light and creating stunning images.

The cost of accessing the Annie Leibovitz Photography MasterClass is $10 per month through a monthly subscription.

Annie Leibovitz MasterClass
Annie Leibovitz Masterclass front page
Brand Reputation




Overall Score


visa master amex paypal
This MasterClass a one-of-a-kind COURSE
Annie does an excellent job of combining interesting stories into her teaching methodology
ESSENTIAL for anyone looking into professional photography.
You can watch the videos at your pleasure, review and replay
A subscription to MasterClass, gets you access to 180+ courses!
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
The primary con is the lack of technical direction.

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