Adhering to Accessibility Standards

At, our team of web developers is dedicated to ensuring full accessibility throughout the website. We aim to make it effortless for users with any type of disability to access and utilize our content.

We regularly monitor updates to the W3 Content Accessibility Guidelines to prevent the creation of any unintended barriers for users with disabilities.

Improved Accessibility Through User Input

Although the W3 Content Accessibility Guidelines offer a comprehensive framework for websites to integrate accessibility features, actual user feedback remains crucial in optimizing the user experience for individuals with disabilities.

That’s why we have always been receptive to feedback from visitors who may depend on specific accessibility features on our site.

If you have encountered any technical difficulties that hinder your use of our website, kindly use the contact page to send us a message.

Please provide the URL of the problematic page and a brief description of the issue, and our development team will promptly work towards a resolution.

Features for Accessibility

To maintain full compliance with accessibility standards, we continuously assess new web pages for compatibility with accessibility features across a range of devices including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

We guarantee that all of these features meet accessibility standards and guidelines:

  • Proper labeling of static and dynamic input forms
  • Integration with keyboard and mouse accessibility
  • Adequate color contrast
  • Accessible text zoom features
  • Descriptive captions for videos and images
  • Closed captions available on videos
  • Clear descriptions for links
  • User-friendly menu and form navigation
  • Consistent HTML heading structure for text content

Conducting Regular Accessibility Evaluations

Our development team has established a comprehensive quality assurance process to guarantee that all web pages meet accessibility standards through a combination of manual and automated testing, including evaluations by individuals with diverse disabilities.

Given the rapid advancements in accessibility technology, we continuously evaluate new technologies to maintain an inclusive website for all our readers.

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